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    It makes obvious and perfect sense, in and of itself, meeklo, as well you know...
    All of the conditions that you've applied to the argument must of course, apply equally to both sides, in that.....(ok, lets make it real simple..)

    Consumption of an average western meat diet produces more net CO2 than the difference in the average output of CO2 between a hummer and a prius.

    The production of meat produces vast quantities of CO2, so cutting this from your diet reduces the amount of CO2 for which you are responsible by a large amount. Period.
    It does not make you a better person.
    What would make you a better person is not being disingenuous about your understanding of what is evidently a disarming fact for you.
    If you honestly think that your carbon footprint is a moral issue for you, then I can understand how that might be at odds with your reasons for eating meat, especially given your attitudes to the concepts of vegatarianism and veganisam, in that you are confusing the activties of both with the political movements of the same names.
    Not eating meat doesnt really 'make' you a 'vegetarian', anymore than not eating plastic makes you a 'non-plasticarian', it's a labelling trick - there are an infinite amount of things we don't do, yet we aren't labelled by them..

    I totally agree with you about the meatless products travelling across the country, though - one thing that really irks me is travelling along any highway you follow trucks full of products whilst on the opposite side of the freeway there are similar trucks carrying exactly the same stuff, going the other way - until we have a political motivation for reducing waste and pollution (let alone money), then little will change in this regard.
    You want to think you're making a difference to the world by reducing your carbon footprint ? Stop eating meat. You don't have to call yourself a vegetarian, you can still go out and hunt, dress, cure and cook a deer if you like. You don't have to put string in your hair, or start cooking tofu, or preaching to your friends about the poor poor animals, you just have to make another choice about what you buy and eat, it's really simple.

    • you said we shouldn't worry about c02 though, right?DrBombay
    • I think so...did I say that ?
      Yeh, yeh that's right.

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