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  • Bennn1

    iOS is the worst thing ever. Once you adopt Android its almost impossible to go back to iOS.

    • Every time I have to use my ipad for stuff other than the only reason I bought it (music apps, for which it's great) I want to tear my hair outset
    • Not really if you're a cognitive human being with working eyes, brain, and hands. It's not something to get het up about, to be honest.face_melter
    • ^ Fanboy alert.set
    • If it's something I have to use, any time, let alone every single day... I want it to work, and work nicely and intuitively.set
    • iOS does not do this.

      Android does.
    • ‘Cognitive human being with working eyes, brain, and hands’ sound like a lot of requirements.sr_rosa
    • It's ugly. It's unintuitive. It's buggy. It lacks many very obvious and useful options which android has.set
    • It's become the same as the difference between using mac and windows was 5-10 years agoset
    • Amen Set - loving your work today ha. Whenever I use an iPad for testing it's painful... but yes better music apps.fadein11
    • Personally, I really don't like android, it drove me nuts. Though you don't see me (or others) choking up android threads ranting about how great iOS is.inteliboy
    • ios has totally become the Windows of 5-10 years ago. a bloated, unintuitive mess.fadein11
    • how do you know if someone uses android? they'll tell you.inteliboy
    • lol - like apple fanboys didn't do that for yearsfadein11
    • I was on ios way longer than Android. I prefer Android. For lots of reasons.section_014
    • Once you have a BACK button, you can't go back. I toss my ipad aside after the first time I have to close/open to get anywhere.formed
    • is android the new, vegan?Gnash
    • I'm just trying to empower people to live a healthier, easier, more intuitive, apple and cruelty free life.set
    • There's really no need to kill and eat dead animals anymoreset
    • What are we talking about againset
    • hahaGnash
    • Its obvious iOS users will defend iOS, if you dont know Android you'll defend what you know and use. I was defending Apple and iOS when I was using Apple stuff.Bennn
    • @formed SO true, the back button is a bliss. Impossible to work without it once you get use to this.Bennn
    • Like it matters which OS you prefer - an endeavour almost as pointless as counting rice.face_melter
    • I used and enjoyed iOS when it was better than android, many moons ago. I have zero bias... and why anyone would is beyond me...set
    • Yep - I have used both. Android overtook ios a long time ago.fadein11
    • One thing that annoyed me was trying to connect my iphone to my mac and it said it was out of date and incompatible. Went on a forum for help and everyone...PhanLo
    • ..just kept telling me to buy a new phone and stop being such a tramp. I like using mac stuff but the consumer cult thing is weird.PhanLo

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