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  • mekk-1

    The iPhone will be a decent machine, everyone can decide if its worth to them or not. Most will be sold in contracts anyways. But What I will not do, is put an always on infrared night vision camera in my fucking sleeping room.

    I can turn off touch ID if I want. I can be sure that unlocking Touch ID takes some effort. But all it takes to unlock my hypothetical iPhone X is steel it from my desk and pretend to take a selfie with me. This is going too far for me.

    - No always listening speakers in my living room like Alexa
    - No laptop cameras pointing at me all the time
    - No night vision camera in my bedroom (wtf apple)

    I'm not paranoid. Its been known for several years that basically any government is able to access any of your hardware.

    • yeah but ar!!!! animated turds!!! new gesture control!!! zomg how can you not???¿¿¿¿?hans_glib
    • ar has been proven to be useless and shitty in 2012 alreadymekk
    • I wonder if the FaceID only works on faces - is it capable of ID'ing your foot, hand, or, even... wait for it... waaaait...

      Your ear!
    • ^ HAHA. Yea AR is a parlour trick that wears off after 13secs.Hayzilla
    • that ar game they showed was total pants. wandering around an empty table top like a moron. ffs.hans_glib
    • You can always get an 8 that doesn't have that stuff.monospaced
    • or just stick with what you have alreadyhans_glib
    • Fuck, that reminds me - whilst clearing out for my recent move I found my old iPhone 3G - fucking tiny wee thing. Need an old-style cable to charge it though :/face_melter
    • Most won't be sold in contracts. I don't know if any carrier in the US even offers that anymore. It's payment plans now.formed
    • in my opinion, these payment plans are just a new name for contracts ... the idea is pretty much the same baking the phone cost into the monthly chargesmonospaced
    • yep - I haven't paid more than handset RRP on last 3 plans. Don't get this moaning about paying way more on contract - o2 changed it years ago now. I only payfadein11
    • the RRP of handset spread out with call plan.fadein11

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