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    "Consider the "taking it out of your pocket" use case: If you're good, you'll stick your hand in your pocket and grip the phone so your finger lands on the fingerprint reader. Touch ID works as both an "on" button and an "authentication" button. In one touch, you've turned on the phone and logged in. You haven't even fully taken the phone out of your pocket yet, and it's already on and unlocked. By the time you bring the phone to your face, the unlock process is finished and you're looking at the home screen.

    To use the iPhone X's Face ID, you have take the phone out of your pocket, lift it up to your face, swipe up to turn it on, and only then can can you start the unlock process. The difference is probably one or two seconds, but for something you do 80 times a day, having the fastest possible unlock system really matters."

    • what person is able to unlock the phone in their pocket, lets not go exaggerate here hahaMiguex
    • err, everyone? you put your finger on the sensor and it unlocks. This new UX adds 2 steps and a new delay to the process.zarkonite
    • maybe you're thinking of the old phones where you had to swipe the screen?zarkonite
    • no, I have that touch system on my phone as well. I guess if you really practice it can be done. but lets face it, majority of people don't.Miguex
    • it's better than the face recognition thing though, for sure. Let's just leave the hype out for objectiveness sakeMiguex
    • am I the only one that thinks that this face thing is interesting? I never liked Touch ID - especially at the gym or when cooking.inteliboy
    • The fave thing is interesting. But not so much for what they're using it for right now. I can see it evolving into something coolmonNom
    • Face unlocking is a little awkward especially in public, makes you look like you are taking a selfie.yuekit
    • The Apple Pay setup is going to be incredibly awkward. Now you just hold your phone, with X you're going to have position yourself correctly, swipe, tap.face_melter
    • Unless the tech is incredibly on point it's going to cause fuck ups when people are at the checkout.face_melter
    • If they hadn't taken away the touch ID it would be a nice secondary option.zarkonite
    • You don't have to swipe to activate it. It turns on when it detects the movement when you pull it out of your pocket. Like the other iPhones do.mekk
    • Feeling around in your pocket to hold it by the home button to save time? Never done by anyone ever.Hayzilla
    • Yeah, that's silly. I have the 7 and can't do that unless I'm actively trying in slow motion.fyoucher1
    • Ya... I don't reach for my phone by holding it on the home button...ever...pango

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