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  • Miguex1

    In regards of the face recognition scam, here's my experience with it. Like 6 years ago, my buddy bought a windows based netbook that thad this exact feature. You could insert a password or just look at the camera and the computer will unlock itself.

    So he brought it to my place and he was showing me how it worked, I tried getting in front of the camera and fair enough, didn't worked.

    Out of curiosity I said let me try something. I opened facebook on my phone, I searched for his name. I picked one of the photos where he was looking dead front to the camera.
    I zoomed on his face and placed my phone in front of the camera.

    It worked.

    I was able to unlock his computer with absolutely no passwords, it was hilarious. This camera thing is the lamest way to secure your phone, probably ever.

    • This is a different tech that scans in 3D space, it's a hell of a lot more sophisticated than just colour recognition.zarkonite
    • time will tell. Hopefully they fixed the 2d recodnitiondbloc
    • yeah I wouldn't put my money on an Apple feature V1 =)zarkonite
    • you could just cut someone's face off and use that to get into their phone. so easy.sarahfailin
    • or just kill them, that would be easierformed
    • Apple wouldn't allow that nonsense they're very serious about not letting that kind of thing happen. Same with their fingerprint thing. None were leaked ever.monospaced
    • lol sarahfallinMiguex
    • It would not have stopped Nicholas Cage in Face/Off.yuekit
    • Mono:I love how you say that as if you can personally assure everyone of Apples integrity."Trust me fellas, I give you my word, no such BS will come before you"sofakingback
    • lol. Mr. Know-it-all over here.
      *mono nuke, in 5, 4, 3, 2....
    • Great story BTW Miguel, only you would be so clever. amazing.sofakingback
    • lol @ sofa, I love how you can personally assure everyone of Apple's corruption. I'm not a "know it all" but I do base my statements on what's actually happeninmonospaced
    • They are "late" to the tech because they wanted to avoid exactly these issues. They wouldn't come to market unless they had avoided them.monospaced
    • And just like the fingerprint encoding, none of it is accessible by the NSA or hackable by any of the methods outlined here. That has been proven time and againmonospaced
    • At least, I mean, it hasn't been shown to be. Of COURSE I can't say for sure. Nobody can.monospaced
    • hmmm... normally I would agree, but Apple hasn't exactly been at the top of their game for the past couple years. I guess, it just feels unsafe for now.sofakingback
    • Also, I didn't say they were corrupt. I didn't claim anything. I was just calling you out. thats all. troll level 2. maybe 3. Light braise, thats all.sofakingback
    • But your assumption is telling ;)sofakingback

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