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  • desmo0

    The dip at the top of the screen is annoying. I understand that the space is needed for all the lenses to watch your every move, but really, that dip makes the screen look unfinished and poor.

    • Innovation always sleepsutopian
    • I dislike the claim that it's an edge-to-edge display. Nope, there's a bezel.mg33
    • Agreed, Samsung phones are a lot nicer in terms of the lack of bezel.yuekit
    • Agreed. It's clearly NOT bezel-less...I don't understand how/why they could say it is.MondoMorphic
    • they should have just kept the top bezel, right?monospaced
    • FUGLY!utopian
    • Yes, mono, it would look much better. This just looks silly, like two dept couldn't communicate w/ each other.formed
    • prediction: iOS 11.1 - that part of the screen becomes permanently black.monNom
    • I agree. It bugs me.dbloc
    • The carriers will have to find a new place for their name.dbloc
    • Someone pointed out that in the game demo they did part of the UI was covered by the black cutout.yuekit
    • I'm going to create an app that makes the top part of the corners black at all times, so white info icons on black and make a million $$ off you OCDing mofos_niko
    • ^I'd buy, no shame in public ocd'ing hereArchitectofFate
    • fuck that, looks ridiculous.grotesk_neue
    • Niko, DO IT!dbloc
    • another thing to account for when designing.bklyndroobeki

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