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  • yuekit6

    • hahahahaha sort of like this, in a twisted way. takes a level of scumbag to right this. if he wrote it of causemugwart
    • He did write it, then replied to himself and quoted it, then deleted the original. The man is a walking Brains Trust.face_melter
    • never forgetmonospaced
    • he made a bunch of bullshit claims from that day, too, none of which he's bothered to prove, and all as despicable as the lastmonospaced
    • Right after the attacks happened, Trump bragged that his building on Wall Street was now officially the tallest building in Manhattan.yuekit
    • which of course was a blatant liemonospaced
    • There's so much so wrong about that claim. For one, 60 Pine St. is around the block and taller than 40 Wall St. I pass 40 Wall St. everyday and I'm sickened byCyBrainX
    • his tacky golden name across a classic NY art deco skyscraper that was built before President Mussolini was born.CyBrainX
    • There are also a few other buildings taller than 40 Wall St. The story of its race and loss to the Chrysler Building for one, then the newer bldgs. in Times Sq.CyBrainX
    • this man totally insane. "special date"? "haters and losers"? wtf?renderedred
    • is this real?bklyndroobeki
    • bklyndroobeki
      I ask myself that everyday
    • "Happy 9/11" - Don the Conutopian
    • great ratings!renderedred

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