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  • Ramanisky26

    are you back from timeout? Nice.

    • No, Hacker outbreaks are like herpes. But trolling can be a great investigative tool.
      not back. how you been?
    • Solid yuri thnxRamanisky2
    • just couldn't stay away, couldn't resist coming to a board that hates you, just to be a condescending asshole ... let the good times roll, bitchmonospaced
    • i don't hate yuri... and it would appear ram doesn't hate him (too much)... ... mono... ever thought about therapy or perhaps a nice cup of chamomile?PonyBoy
    • I don't hate yuri either.. good morning by the way, time to go to work.oey
    • I don't hate any of you QBN'ers.Ramanisky2
    • the people who call you troll are the real trollers yurihotroddy
    • therapy or tea? why?monospaced
    • I'm not a troll either.monospaced
    • yuri refers to himself as a troll. part of his pee-wee herman "i meant to do that" defense.scarabin

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