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  • shellie16

    I just can't understand why people care either way. Who cares how someone else wants to classify themselves? I certainly don't. WTF does it even matter? It has nothing to do with any of us what someone else wants to be male, female or other. I feel the same way about people who against other people wanting to marry who they want. Who cares? I'm not gay, but it wasn't long ago that black people and white people couldn't marry. My own parents were raised in a time where it was still illegal in some states. Interracial marriage was still illegal in California when my dad was born. Random fucks need to back up out of people's personal lives imo.

    • +1 - I wholeheartedly agree.fadein11
    • < thiskona
    • I couldn't give a shit either. Just don't expect me to jump up and down in joy.
      Let people be; Non/Hyper-binaries and misanthropes alike.
    • I can't say I'm 100% everyones lifestyle choices but it's still none of my damn business and there's no reason to be upset. Its a waste of energy.shellie
    • *100% behind.shellie
    • Samesame with polygamous (or even non-amorous!) marriage, I've always thought - why on Earth is it any of my business what people do behind closed doors?detritus
    • Personally im not interested in conservatives forcing Christian values on anyone -- as if they're all sinless angels.shellie
    • drugs should be legal as long as the risks are clear, youre not operating machinery, are pregnant or in the current care of a dependant.shellie
    • Drugs should certainly be decriminalised. I'm not sure how wise it would be to give capitalism free reign over meta/heroin or synth cannabis sales, for example.detritus
    • But sure - sell weed, shrooms, etc. plants and maybe even coke (as much as I hate the stuff). 'All' Drugs though? No.detritus
    • sure maybe not all drugs, but that synthetic weed for instance exists bc accrual weed is still illegal most placesshellie
    • Yup. Don't we know it here in Blighty!
    • kids are dying because they'll find a way to get lifted one weary or another. i agree herion shouldn't be a commercial drug but mass incarseration is a problem.shellie
    • how much does the public at large need to be involved in someone else's SELF identity?imbecile
    • until it makes that person feel important.sted
    • Personally im not interested in gender fluid babies forcing their identity on anyone -- as if they're more important.imbecile
    • You realize that's a libertarian point if view right? Own it.Hayoth
    • @hayoth who me? I registered as a libertarian in high school but it's a wasted vote in practice imo.shellie
    • Ya, your stance "let people be who they want to be" is a libertarian stance. It's not wasted, it's a belief. Rand Paul and US Constitution are almost libertarinHayoth
    • well said, shelliehans_glib
    • classification leads to self segregation, bias and social issues. i say remove them all. #youarenotaspecialli...trooperbill
    • Not much of a personal life if you enter my life and demand particular treatment. Fuck off with your thoughts like the rest of society does.imbecile

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