terrorist attacks!

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    After going to drink with the Borough market traders on Saturday night, guess who went to Finsbury park for a picnic with some of that group yesterday evening with some of that same group?

    When the helicopters whirled overhead and sirens all about, we all checked our phones, but it was too early to report.

    When we eventually left and got buses from the station a couple of hours later, we were utterly oblivious to what had transpired a very short distance away.

    Fun times.

    • Damn phone editingdetritus
    • Lol -1detritus
    • All the rules of Muslim religion, and it being quite an alien custom for the general UK population, is just creating a divide.fruitsalad
    • Throw into the mix some terrorism from a very minor muslim fraction, and a general lack of willingness to assimilate,fruitsalad
    • and you've got a two tectonic plates in friction, something going to snap on either side...fruitsalad
    • If you welcome a stranger into your home, you're willing to hear their story and hear how they live, but they a guest must quickly adapt to your customs...fruitsalad
    • otherwise it's just bad manners.fruitsalad
    • assimilate your own cock hole you racist prick. out of the blue justifying a terrorist attack because they haven't taken up the customs of your shithole?kingsteven
    • don't feed the fruity troll - he spouts his bile at any opportunity.fadein11
    • Idiots, I'm not justifying it, I'm trying to "zoom out" and look from afar and guess what is causing all this nonsense.fruitsalad
    • the problem with guesses is they are often wrong.lowimpakt
    • zoom out and look at the real causefadein11
    • ok, I'm mistaken, which makes sense seeing the extent of the Police involvement - this happend about an hour after we left last night.detritus
    • What doesn't make sense then are all the helicopters and sirens beforehand, and how my partner seems to manage to miss these things by about an hour...detritus
    • (not implying conspiracy, just weird coincidence... and perhaps a little bit of conspiracy where my partner's concerned...)detritus

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