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    I just put online the music i've made from 22 to 28 years old. I never made music again since. I dont have the pretention to be a musician, I'm not at all. I was just expressing myself in a very creative part of my life.

    Its ambiant twisted experimental weird music. Its fuckin dark by moment. The track called "Self-conscious" make me feel super down, specifically at the 47sec mark. Maybe it triggers weird feeling in my brain of what i was feeling at the time. it was a weird part of my life...

    I dont remember if i've ever show you this on QBN. For the curious, its over here on Soundcloud >

    I'd be happy to have feedbacks since almost nobody ever listen to this. Its kinda personal stuff.

    • interesting - what did you use to make it? I noticed a guitar, was that sampled or played?fadein11
    • I'd dismiss any music that wasn't kinda personal stuff, it's why we love it, to share it.robthelad
    • Electric guitar, keyboard, a mic, Propellerhead's Reason and Adobe Audition or something similar. it was fun :)Bennn

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