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  • set0

    • so deep. ugh.robthelad
    • Sad times when the problems in the world become cliche's people roll their eyes at, eh?set
    • - apostropheset
    • It is gash tho, bro.detritus
    • If by gash you mean by far and away the most prudent and relevant point in our whole wide world, then sure.set
    • *wonders what magic the alien civilisation used to successfully transition between stone age and automated utopian future*detritus
    • ..bro.detritus
    • all the best science fiction reveals truths about our current condition as well hypothesising the futureFax_Benson
    • downvote?? someone is having a really grnarly daymaquito
    • I think a bunch of these poor chaps have a pretty gnarly lifeset
    • "Bless".detritus
    • My thoughts exactly ;)set
    • Really jazzercises my synapsesPeter
    • It jizzercises your flapses?set
    • It really does fire up the neuronsPeter
    • Hey @set - everything will be fine once people drop the shitty rhetoricrobthelad
    • That's your solution is it? What a cunt.set
    • "Prepare the Ghetto Blasters!"microkorg
    • Our civilization, or lack thereof, is absolutely worthy of satire. This just isn't funny.jagara
    • Aliens are totally ghey anyway bro.robthelad
    • I didn't think it was supposed to be funny..set

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