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    The door is wide open for a competitor to come in and steal some of the market share.

    Sketch has already done it with interaction design.

    • good luck paying the patent fees.sted
    • there are competitors for most of them - it's the fact you get the whole suite of apps for peanuts that makes them hard to beat.fadein11
    • steed's right. the biggest barrier to competition are the patents.Gnash
    • Does Affinity use their patents?i_monk
    • not sure, but it's not just the software they have patents on, it UI as well.Gnash
    • ie., Adobe's got a patent on Tabbed Tool Palettes.Gnash
    • Patents expire... I think adobe was fighting macromedia about the tabs 20years ago... that patent is probably done now.monNom
    • Funny how Adobe have ripped off Sketch. I wonder if Adobe have patented producing bloated over priced software.Chimp
    • Ripped off Sketch?? He?sted

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