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    I write this with an over-abundance of politeness, because you asked a question, so here is a response: if you aren't sure why Orazal was banned, you were not spending enough time here. Our moderators are not going to rehash old news and waste time re-litigating the ban of a member who was clearly told that he is not welcome, under that screen name, or under any of the 20 or more other screen names he created and continues to create. He is not welcome here.

    That is all.

    • I spend all my time here...
      Orazal was banned?
    • maybe it's because 100% of your time is spent in chick of the day, boobs of the day, and nsfw threads. branch out a bit drgs.kona
    • Butt of the day, here I comedrgs
    • ^^^^
      hahaha drgs just won comment of the day!!!
    • LOL!!! Well played!!kona
    • Seriously, can you blame me? Thats 80% of QBN contentdrgs
    • LOL @drgsmg33
    • lolset
    • I thought he was an huge asshole.sureshot
    • I come here multiple times a day but never know why people are getting banned, I just see the drama after.i_monk
    • stay away from the quarrels, my and i_monk's advice to you peopledrgs
    • drgs' response "Butt of the day, here I come" is comment of the year! LMAO!chukkaphob
    • i'm with i_monk and drgs....come here multiple times a day.. stay away from 'teh drama' ;)exador1

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