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    Beef and barley in the slow cooker, now to shower and head to Ikea. The freelancing life!

    • you're better than IKEAmonospaced
    • Not when I'm on an Ikea budget. And craving meåt bälls.i_monk
    • I've recently turned myself off the idea of getting a slow cooker — going to buy myself a stove-top pressure cooker instead.detritus
    • I use the slow cooker only for ramen soup preparations, for the rest, the express pot... included when i do oxtail stewOBBTKN
    • I use my slow cooker for chicken chili and other stews, and sometimes a pulled pork or beef.monospaced
    • ...this was one of the articles that changed my mind: http://www.seriousea…detritus
    • (I've basically spent the last 6 months hovering around the idea of getting a slow cooker. Was about to Do It last week, then read the likes of the above there)detritus
    • That guy is deliberately making the dishes bad in the slow cooker though. It's easy to use it to make great food. I cook with all 3 and have for decades.monospaced
    • But if you're already good at making stews and soups in a dutch oven, then you probably don't NEED a slow cooker.monospaced
    • That was just one article on the subject, there were a few that agreed with it. I'll get a slow cooker eventually, I'm just going to start off with a pressure odetritus
    • My only problem with the slow cooker is the size. Never get the dull-looking muck he's posted pics of.i_monk

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