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  • Bennn4

    bought earbudz on Amazon.

    didnt like 'em.

    leave a bad review.

    company contacted me asking to change my review and give 5 stars.

    told me to choose any model i want for free in exchange.

    received new earbudz 3 days later.

    i like the new model.

    that means, dont believe the hype when a product have 5 stars on Amazon. #lol

    • oooohhhhhhh snap! good call Benn. Did they even make you ship the old ear buds back?capn_ron
    • I'd go back and change it to how it was now you have the free earbuds, fuck them.set
    • rotflsted
    • Shill. =)DRIFTMONKEY
    • And this is why Amazon's a shitpit.detritus
    • wait for alibaba and the 1millon jobssted
    • No I kept the first one :) I sold 'em to someone :)Bennn
    • the brand is Mpow if you're interested. First model I bought was really shitty, the new model I asked is good.Bennn
    • i hope that your sales pitch included that it has 5 stars on amazon :)sted
    • Heh, same thing here. Mpow. The new ones they gave me are superb though, def 5-stars. They're a good company.fyoucher1
    • haha :DBennn
    • I really like the new model they gave me tooBennn
    • Should have bargained with them, see how much they are willing to give you for a review :)yuekit
    • >dont believe the hype
      The 'trend' is to write that you "received them for free" in the review.
    • Go back and give 2 stars on the new ones. When they contact you, give them my address for the next pair. Then change your review back to 5. Thanks, Benfal!chukkaphob
    • hehe :DBennn
    • I should write this review to piss them off: "The first pair was shitty, the pair they gaveme for free in exchange for 5 starts is shittier. dont buy"Bennn
    • what set and chukka saidmonospaced
    • #fakenewswhatthefunk
    • congrats! ... weren't you the one that got adobe half price as well?mugwart
    • yeah its me :)Bennn
    • What review?Hayoth
    • Excuse me, what model?Hayoth
    • ya which one was the bad model?pango
    • those were shitty…Bennn
    • got those for free, like em…Bennn
    • their photoshop skill is amazingpango
    • K i'm getting that shitty one.pango

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