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iOS Dev for a gig

I'm looking to connect with an iOS developer with killer skills for a project. Help.


looking for a frontend dev

I have a lead on a front end dev position working interactive ads at USATODAY (McLean VA, btw). Just sayin. Hit me up and I'll pass your shit up the chain.


USA Today rebrand


Game ON!

Fanged Frogs wtf.




any idea what this guy used?


designing crime

Anyone know of any beautifully designed sites for crime/mugshots or somewhat related content? I need some inspiration for a project.


Using photoshop to prototype

I've spent some time designing a web interface and it's many interactions in Photoshop. My boss wants them in a presentation. Ideally we'd like to animate the interactions to better illustrate how the site works.

I know you can prototype in Fireworks but not familiar with it. Ideas?


flash gig(s)

I know, it's dead.

But I have a client in need of some flash work for a project I helped with a while back. Completely freelance, but I'd like to get them in touch with NYC based flash developers. Getting details for the job shortly.

Anyone interested? They're friends of mine and they pay on time.


sweet ride. what the fu...…



Not having a really good day, for lots of reasons. But it got me focused for a short bit. Just sat back and listened.

Recently we hired a developer aged between 65 and 75. He's a chipper fella. Nice to work with and full of stories.

I guess it's my mood but as he walked by I felt a small panic sweep around me, like a wave or cloud of heavy air. Something that said this is you, here, somewhere in the future.

What am I doing? What do I do? Who am I? What have I become? What can I do? It's all rushing on me at once and hard to digest, but I think I know something for certain. I need to change something, and change it fast.

Life is too short to be that guy, here, now.


Mood of the Day



sharing creative files

I'm trying to come up with a way for two of our offices to share creative files without having to get IT involved, which would take, like forever.

Any ideas or preferences that could help?


Insane Request

I just got asked by an old co-worker if I could provide HTML and CSS for a news site consisting of 30 templates of which more than half are custom layouts, not shared by any others.

His deadine? One week from today.


gmail account hacked.

I hate all these return mails.


ripping the president's brand

How many politicians rip the Obama brand to get traction for their own campaigns? Rahm Emanuel is one. The company that did his site seems to like the look a great deal.

Any others?……



I potential client has the following needs:

Site wireframes

The above are for a web application. The programming is being done on his side and requirements are in progress.

My projected numbers are starting to look really high, and I'm worried about it.

Based off of this little info, anyone have a large scope web applications they've worked on that I can get a comparison from?


Time to move. somewhere...

I've spent far too long in the suburbs. Far far too long. So now I've started looking for the next place to live. NYC was an obvious choice but I don't want to live in a shoe box.

Somewhere up and coming that's got flavor and spirit. Not much crime and definitely urban. Any ideas?


Job Heads Up…

Some web producer positions, if anyone is or knows of anyone looking.

You're very welcome, you ingrates.


verizon and the iphone…

"unnamed sources"


Android/iPhone UI Designer

Anyone have experience designing for mobile? I'm looking for an extra set of design chops to help me with interface designs for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. Hit me up.


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