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All these new faces around. Anyone still around from way back whenever?


Help Find Nicholas.

Hey Guys,
This is mainly for QBN'ers living in the Northwest US. but please pass it along.

An ex-coworker of mine from Publicis Seattle has been missing since Feb 13th.Nicholas is an amazing designer and art director, i worked with him when i was an intern and he had been very helpful and is an all around great guy. He is married with 2 children and his wife is pregnant with the third. He talked to his wife and kids before leaving work on Feb 13 that around 6 p.m and he never made it home. Initially there was no trace of his car either but since it has turned up in a Condo parking lot but police is still stumped about his whereabouts. I 'm attaching a few links, please pass it to your friends living in the NW. I hope he turns up safe and sound.



someone over at Typophile is wondering about the font used in Georges logo.



It's been "days" now!
You promised! :)


Why Bembo Sucks…
Great article by Kris Sowersby.
What do you guys use when setting text?


$1250 worth of Fonts.

if all goes right agencyw ill finally listen and sanction $1250 fo update our type library which starts with pee pee and ends with poo poo.

so help me build a list of fonts that will make a well roundered lib.



Broadcast help

hey guys need your help on this.
A friend is working on a television logo. She is using "Futura" as the type. They've been testing it to see how it appears on screen and for some reason the legibility is horrible. She's tried different resolutions and sizes but it always appears fuzzy and broken. The production people say its got to do something with the font, which i think is not the problem. She even tried different fonts but the result is the same.

This is the first time she is working on broadcast and i also do not have much knowledge about it. I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to let me know what steps she should take to resolve the problem and any other pointers when designing an identity for a television station. cure my ignorance!!


Jeremy Clarkson, You Idiot.

Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter for Top Gear on British TV, wrote a newspaper editorial that accused privacy activists of being hysterical over giant data-leaks (such as the British government repeatedly losing CDs bearing the financial details for 25 million households). To prove that identity theft wasn't a big deal, he included his bank account details in the article.

Whereupon someone promptly began making fraudulent withdrawals from his account.……


Eye Magazine

who all reads the Eye?the quality just keeps getting better with every issue.


Happy New Year

blah :)



whoa i come back a week later and not only is NT gone its all shiny white and codified

how is everyone doing?


Mr Crouwel

So after almost a yr of wandering (moving, countries, then cities and apts..etc....) i was finally opening up some of the boxes and i found some old letters and stuff amongst them a New Years card for the yr 2005 (damn time flies) that a certain Mr Crouwel sent when i had moved to Seattle...

its a silver card with nice use of slab serifs :) ring a bell?

anyways..just got me nostalgic.

thanks for the card J :)


Song ID

can anyone please please tell me the song used in the advert?…



any links for cool takes on pharmacy/medical retail and packaging?


cabinets by pete

i know there is a thread about his cabinets
but imagine my pleasent sueprise to find this while on my daily blog rounds...…

congrats peteski!



hey anyone got a login for


New Job, Bombay

hello boys n girls.
it seems i've bluffed my way into a kickass job,yet's a place called Contract and its part of the WPP and JWT worldwide...its one of the grt creative shops in in India..and one of the few agencies with an integrated specialized design cell and a web department ... i'll be with the design department but working across the board with the web and the main agency people....i start on monday.
i'm so friggin stoked about working there. The philosophy of the company is progressive and i'll be working with some of the best creative people in the country and learning a lot.

and best of all it's in bombay. this ciy rocks.




alright tis the season of updates...
here' what i've been upto.…



Punk This.

"I mean where does it stop? What if I was wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, what if I was wearing odd socks, you know.

"I mean obviously the political climate these days is like walking on egg shells, but I mean there's caution and then there's taking it to the point where it's absurd and ludicrous."…

All i can do is laugh about it. Our world has truly become a bad sitcom....just waiting for someone to pull the plug..



what a crock of shit.


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