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We are seeking at least 18 (hopefully around 40 or more) entries from around the globe to join in creating a community "Qookbook".

We hope to cover all facets of eating throughout any particular day. We understand that most recipes are derived from others while some are handed down throughout the family's history. We are asking that no direct recipes be copied from an existing cookbook, and we are also not asking that you divulge grandma's secret ingredient. ;)

Our proposal is that you be able to provide one photo of print quality (7"x7"), list of ingredients, dish name, preparation instructions, approximately how long it takes to prep & cook, as well as how many it will serve. Upon doing so, we will compile the book via region, meal type, or whatever the final chosen submissions will best lend themselves to.

Printing will be done through blurb and cost approx $20 depending on paper stock and number of final contributors added to the book. Pricing…

So if you enjoy cooking & photography, we urge you to sign up. Hopefully, together we can collect a few new meals to taste.

Also, you can email to have the above information automatically sent to you.


born from:…


NT - Poste 'em if ya got 'em


need random numbers

please help, google isn't

any 30 random numbers in random order between 15 and 60


any 30 random numbers in random order between 35 and 70


Google Search Stories…


Happy Birthday Goog11e


Sell your logos on iStockphoto

We're excited to announce a whole new product coming to the iStock collection in just a few months: logo designs. Our clients will be able to download a unique logo to brand their business or organization right here at iStock from designers like you.

As a designer, you've probably created hundreds of different logos over the course of your career and we're offering you an outlet to start selling new logos to the world’s largest community of creative buyers.

If you create one of the first 10,000 approved logo designs for iStockphoto by January 1, 2010, we’ll pay you $5 per approved logo and another $5 if we reach 10,000 approved logos by that date. So fire up Illustrator to create some amazing logos or dust off all those much-loved logos that never made it past the third round with a client.

We will begin taking applications from potential iStock logo designers soon. There will be a Logo Training Manual made available before we begin accepting files. In the meantime, please join the discussion about logos here.…


iTunes file naming app

So i took all the songs off one ipod and moved them to a new one, about 20-30 of the songs list the strange iNames XHSDT.mp3 or MGHUT.mp3

are there apps for the pc that will scan and auto name these abandoned files?



Sculptor Sues Postal Service

...Over Stamp With Photo Of His Sculpture

Welcome to the "ownership" and "entitlement" society, where people feel that you can't do anything without paying everyone. The latest such example is a lawsuit against the US Postal Service over a recent stamp that is a photo of part of the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC. The Postal Service licensed the actual photo, but the sculptor who made the memorial itself claims that his copyrights were violated. Yes. Copyrights. On his sculpture. On a public memorial.……


Town to cut down 'Hitler's tree'

"The towering tree is believed to have been Adolf Hitler's gift to the occupied town of Jaslo – planted to the sound of a Nazi band during the Second World War"…

Now that's hate, like the tree had any real affiliation?


Python Kills 2 Year Old Girl

A strange and very sad story out of Florida today. A Burmese Python killed a 2 year old florida girl today after it escaped from its aquarium and attacked the toddler in her bedroom.


Keep it in the family…

An Argentine man accused of incest fathered seven children with his daughter, officials have said.


Letter to a Client

To whom it may concern,

Due to unfortunately avoidable circumstances your account has been set to "Frozen"

If you feel this has occurred in error, to have your account "Thawed", please contact xxxxxx xxx at xxx/xxx.xxxx.

Currently your hosting charges are xx days past due.

The original invoice has gone unpaid since it's originating date of xxxxx xx, xxxx in the total of $xx.xxUSD for hosting services covering xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx.

An additional reminder sent xxx xx, xxxx has not been paid as well, including a $xx.xxUSD/month late charge totaling $xxx.xxUSD for hosting services covering xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx with a late fee for the dates xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx.

Until the past due invoice of $xxx.xxUSD is paid in full (if paid within the month of xxx. An additional $xx.xxUSD fee will be incurred if the account goes unpaid past xx/xx/xxxx), your account will remain "Frozen". "Frozen" being defined as the following; 1. All content will not be accessible until invoice is paid in full. 2. Site will not be publicly available to website visitors until invoice is paid in full. 3. Your data has not been removed or deleted, only "Frozen" until invoice is paid in full.

It should be noted that no communication has been made by xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxx xxx in reference to the past due account, during which time xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx has been in communication for the ability to access the account via FTP. Any information provided to gain access is now outdated, incorrect, and will not grant FTP access.

It should be noted that the following address was used in efforts to obtain payment as the Client (xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx) has specifically requested mailed invoices as opposed to e-mailed .pdfs.

xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xxxx x. xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx

Attached for reference, you will find a copy of the Original Invoice & First Past Due Notice sent to xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

I apologize for any inconvenience "Frozen" status may cause you or your organization.

xxxxxx x xxx



You are the man very much big time! I just got a soft package in the mail from LV,NV and I would like to say that sir. Awesome.


What is people's problem?

Good Morning me


why isn't this punctuation mark abused here‽
I mean, WTF‽



I just got married and now I can't stand her but she's madly in love with me. I stay at work late on "big projects" just so that I don't have to come home. I wish the sex wasn't so good.



Have you seen this 'stache?


First ever published thread

QBN approved but not endorsed...…

Own a piece of time through these humorous comments with author & time/date stamp followed by their respective notes in this easy to read day captured chronologically in high contrast black & white print!

Included foreword by QBN!


Coudal Partners' Layer Tennis

Welcome to today’s Layer Tennis Match between Jillian “not Jill” Tamaki and “Sir” Jennifer Daniel....


The Hugo Awards……

What a joke


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