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alternative to Facebuster

can any recommend an alternative to Facebuster.

I'm looking something like this with a lot of character but a bit more white space in the counters.


Attn: French Speakers

I'm looking for examples of wordmarks or titles (books, film posters, logos, anything) where the title leads with an article like "Les Blah Blah".

I want to see examples of how designers handle the article comparatively to the rest of the title.

I'm trying to work up a bilingual wordmark where the English doesn't have an article and I want to try to balance them with each other.



Does anybody have good examples of beautiful or even decent websites that are accessible to people with disabilities?


name that font

does anyone know the name of the font used in the title ' brand new conference"?


Univers 85 Extra Black

So this is the deal....

I have this installed with the other Univers faces and I can see it in Font Book. But in Illy and IND that face doesn't show up but the rest do.

anybody have a clue as to why I can't see that one only?


brainstorm methods

i was wondering what method most people use (if any) to brainstorm for ideations.

I personally use mind maps. sketched and on comp using Freemind.


swap it

I came across this today

a simple concept where you can swap artwork with other designers/artists


"scandinavian modern" graphic design

i'm looking for stuff from the 1930s onward.
like ads, posters type etc.

I can't find a good source online from this region.

tons of stuff on furniture but that's it.

no ikea refs please.


Maya font?

does anybody know what this is?


smart music video



just watch it!


awesome highlighter…


Clever Little Bag_PUMA

I like.…


Fish Burger Logo
worth every penny!


City Logos

Post your city's logo here...good or bad.


html5 browser slidshow

I found this from a blog I thought the web designer here might care (in case you haven't seen it).

i like it's potential. Mind you I don't understand this stuff but considering you don't have to use flash i think is huge.

I think it works best on OS snow leopard.
use you arrow keys to navigate.



Tufte Library Auction

Edward Tufte is auctioning his rare books from his collection.

In case anybody can afford them.

The catalogue has price estimates.…


how to spend it site

i like the design. clean but they still manage to drop in tons of ads throughout


food photographers

I'm looking for amazing food photographers/stylists that really do avant garde kinda stuff?

All the stuff i see online is pretty much the norm.

(NB. looking through the countless pix of food is making me hungry.)


Monet website

I thought these were really nice.
a lot of tricks but still neat.……


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