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GTD setup?

anyone into GTD (getting things done... david allen)? i've been following this for years, but am always evolving my system.

i used to use evernote for everything, but just switched to omnifocus for task tracking, which i like... contexts are nice.

what's your setup?


conference tables?

so, um, conference tables... anybody bought one recently that they like? i'm finding it to be quite the challenge.


nicaraguan designers?

hey guys,

does anybody know of any designers who are stationed in nicaragua? or any design firms that are down there? i've seen some interesting stuff from there lately, but can't find out who's doing the work down there.


illustrators like tavis coburn?

hey guys, does anybody know of any illustrators with styles similar to tavis coburn?

painterly... using the vernacular of mid-century advertising etc.

any help would be appreciated!


moldero of the day

well done, sir.


crazy japanese site

hey guys, does anyone remember that crazy japanese flash site that had a turtle with an island or a world on its back?


dear boobs, it's time for an intervention

we're here for ya, my man...


design rules

hey guys,
i'm trying to come up with a list of maxims that relate to design or advertising like:

sex sells
less is more
the medium is the message

do any come to mind?


risograph printers?

does anyone know of any companies that use risograph machines?


symphony ad

hey guys,
does anyone have a link to this ad for a symphony that showed like the actual music score being animated? i think it was all black and white... if so, i have a spool of thread and a stapler with you name on it.


kind of amazing.





business card is crap

please tell me that someone else saw that "looks like crap, is crap" business card douche on fantasy factory last night:…

and, for the 2 people who don't know this guy:


nitro circus

anyone else into it? new season starts tonight!



job posts today

what's up with all the engineering and cooking posts in nigeria on the job board today? "global consulting limited" is the shadiest sounding thing i've ever heard. anyone know what's going on here?


damn monkeys…


eternal moonwalk...


adam carolla

anyone else listening to the adam carolla podcast? i wasn't a huge fan coming into it, but he's really grown on me. funny stuff...


rodney mullen – most underrated skater ever

easily the most innovative skater who gets no respect. that is all.



does anyone use growl?

anyone use it?


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