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font suggestion

can you guys suggest some fonts that are contemporary but tasteful. I promised a friend that I'd design her wedding invites a while ago and now I've only got a few days to come up with something.

Remind me never to do pro bono work for friends.

Much appreciated.


photoshop battle?


Bar fight music...

.... and go


I dont have photoshop

Well i have it but a firend of mine doesnt and I don't want the hassle of helping him out.

Someone told me about a web based photoshop program, or something similar.

Does anyone know what its called?

(sorry if this has been discussed before)


Best Commercials of 2010

This one gets my vote. Saw it last night at thought it was pure genius.


Facebook Fanpage PSD

Was wondering if anyone had any links to the new Facebook Fanpage psd template or if any of you have created one... I was using this one before which was pretty good…
but since they changed the layout I haven't been able to find anything online...


Powerful Chongs

forgot to post this last night


Powerful Dongs


Powerful Wongs

Grandmaster Wong


Happy 90210!


Lost Season 6 Teaser


Can't. Wait.


Recording Streaming Radio

illegal? If not, anyone know if there's a way to do it?


social media badges

any resources to nice looking badges?


Good DJ sites...

looking for some examples of well designed DJ sites... preferably non flash

aaaand go


Brand Guidlines

Anyone know of a site that has downloadable brand manuals/guidelines which I can use for reference?


Origins of the Mullet

Beastie Boys were responsible

As detailed in the Oxford English Dictionary, the term mullet as derogatory slang for a mullet wearer was "apparently coined, and certainly popularized, by U.S. hip-hop group the Beastie Boys", whose 1994 song Mullet Head uses "mullet" and "mullet head" in contemptuous reference to mullet wearers,[4] and whose fan publication, Grand Royal Magazine, featured a reference to the mullet in a 1995 edition as the first published use of the term.

thats it.... Im clockin out for the day


good bands coming to Toronto?

is there anything good happening in toronto i the next little while?


C argo portfolios

Someone posted a link to a site with the best c argo portfolios a while back. Couldn't find it in the filter though. Anyone recall?


Google phone vs. Iphone toolbar

the battle continues


shortest year

just though about it... 2010 (twenty ten) is the only year in the next thousand with 3 syllables. the last this happened was in 1910 but the next time will be in 3010.


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