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postscript to webfont converter?

Can anyone recommend how to convert a postscript font for web use?

Timeline me if you must.


Portfolio / Producer / Video Sites

Hey guys, wondering if any of you could help me out. I'm looking for some website design suggestions / inspiration for sites that feature video.

- sexy / minimal
- Clear entry points for different genres (Film / Commercial / Documentary)
- Some sort of project carousel like itunes etc. which profiles the film posters (I'm just thinking banner here)
- Still looking to control the content in the backend (wordpress?)



above the fold - website height

Im designing a desktop site for a client and was just wondering what the average height for a site is now days. Is 1400px wide by 800px high to small / large / disproportioned?

Thanks in advance!


another boring font suggestion...

Hey guys, been a while. Kinda took a break from designing but I'm rebranding a company thats Sports/Active Lifestyle related and I've been out of the font loop.

Im trying to stay away from that Nike / Gatorade feel and Im targeting the people that don't want junk in their system / maintain an active life styles.

Any clean, legible font choice suggestions besides the usual suspects (helvetica, trade, avenir etc..)?




I remember there being a thread on here but I can't seem to find it.

Can someone timeline it for me? Or suggest some interesting docs relating to travel / adventure / culture / or anything visually captivating?


Columbus Ohio

Taking a little drive down for some business but Im there for 4 days so what should I check out? Any Nightlife/ Areas/ Arts/ Food?



Anybody using one? Which of the 3 models would you recommend?…


Vector Resources?

Looking for Canadian provincial flags, more specifically the provincial coat of arms. Can't seem to find these anywhere for free.

Anyone have these they could link me?


Last Meal on Earth

What would your last meal on earth be? Someone asked me that recently and I found it to be one on the hardest things to answer.


Naming a Company

Where do you start? The naming seems to be the hardest part of it.


epoxy resin coating photos Toronto

Just doing some searching and haven't been able to find many places that offer this in toronto.

Wondering if anyones knows any places that can mount on wood and coat my photos in epoxy resin like in the pic

Muchly appreciated


Anyone speak french?

I need quick translation but don't trust the google.

This is what I need if any of you fine peoples could help me out:

performance • health • results
drug tested & certified


Similar logo

I came across this on someones site and immediately thought of another logo that it was similar to. Except the used a skull as one of the icons.

I didn't bookmark the site where I saw the original but do any of you recognize it?

It was on one of those design/inspiration sites like graphic exchange or something.


lifestyle blogs geared towards men

Know of any? Fashion, lifestyle, Gadgets?


CS5 to CS3... possible?

Im trying to open an InDesign CS5 file in CS3 and it aint happening... did a bit of research and apparently you can't save inx files... wtf is this??

Tell me it ain't so. I just copied the file I was working on over to my laptop because I'll be out for the day and the happens.

Anyone have a solution... not involving CS4




Im leaving Saturday and was thinking of exploring the island but everyone I talk to is saying not to leave the resort because "its way too dangerous".

I just came back form Tunisia and I was fine there on my own. I doubt Jamaica will be all that bad if you keep your wits about you.

Just wondering if any of you have gone and have any suggestions on what to see & do. Keep in mind I'm looking to take pictures while Im there.


is apple effing with me??

Im just now trying to upgrade my mac pro to snow leopard but everytime I click install and start the process, the computer restarts after about 5 mins and ejects the disk. I had no problems when I upgraded my macbook pro.

Is it possible to create a disk image and upgrade using that?

... and if this topics been posted before I apologize.


font help

Anyone know the name of the font used for the title? or something similar?


Tunisian Desert

Anyone ever been? Im planning to go on Tuesday because Im about 4 hours away but don't have any travel plans.

Any advice?


Ontario HST

Does anyone know if us designers here in ontario have to charge HST if we're freelancing?


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