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names for bike shop

any and all ideas welcome... changing name of a local bicycle shop in Atlanta GA.

These are the rejects so far:

Cycle Therapy
Smokin’ Spokes
Two Guys Bike Shop
The Bike Monkey
The Crank House
Spin Doctors
Chainlink Cycles
Crank peddlers
Cycle Solutions
Two Wheels One Saddle
Chattahoochee Bikes


menu minimal

...doing a menu for a coffee shop.

Any favorites? (Mostly chalk-board scribbles in this town) Cell phone pics? Thanks!


EFFICIENT communication

have you read any good articles on the time it takes an average person to view and process information? (film, tv, digital, etc)

are there any standards for motion design regarding communication of information? (ie. how long does this word or number have to be on the screen to insure the audience will receive the message.)

I am having some trouble convincing the team that the tempo of a project shouldn't be slowed...

thanks! :)


best remixes of 2010

lets compile a list of the best remixes of the year



how the fuck do I delete this program!!!

this screen pops up once a day and I can't get rid of it!!!!! help plz.


gift idea - bday+xmas

i need help finding a gift for my girlfriend of one year... her birthday is this weekend and christmas is next week!!!!(*$*))%(_%

what should i do.


FTW confusion

1. for the win?

2. fuck the world?

its important that we clarify this ASAP

please discuss.


oh SH!T - net neutrality

what you know about it
"Before Tuesday's midterm elections, there were 95 House and Senate candidates who pledged support for Net neutrality, a bill that would force Internet providers to not charge users more for certain kinds of Web content.

All of them lost -- and that could mean the contentious proposal may now be all but dead."

It seems like this should be a big deal for me but I don't understand what net neutrality means. Why doesn't Facebook like the FCC? It seems like some big changes are coming in the ways that we access information.


critique - mrghost

doing some graphic work for a friend.
(listen to the music here)

would LOVE to have your opinion.


RIP E-Pill


another new logo

43 years without a change, but this was too good to pass up?


help / watch SEC online?

does anyone know how to watch or listen to college football online? free, cheap, easy?

Military friend in german hospital asked me to help him find a way to watch the UGA game tonight...



logos around town

who makes them?


title sequence

... of recent film about drug culture, all of the titles were signs, vivid colors...

Anybody know what I'm thinking of?


glitter doesn't hurt

only if it gets in your eye..

what you think of this logo? I made it, for me.


money and CHURCH$

how much money do you spend at church?



buy stock now? is it too late?


Digital Due Process

love how they ref Taylor fucking Swift.…


infinite USB

can this really be infinite?


thumb drives

make me think less about data (or communication) and more about assholes.

seriously... a client just told me "its technology... its useful" whatever happened to putting shit on the internet?

this guy actually wants to give a thumb drive to his patients with a video on it. wow.


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