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nyc hits

Going rates for some blotter, where and how much is good?

Also, since nyc is in the title I might as well ask if there's anything cool to do uptown? A friend and I are going to see Satch at United Palace Theater on Saturday night and since I always spend time downtown I don't really know if there's anything to do nearby.


Quirky serif...

Kind of like this (where it says Hullabaloo), although I do wish that H was a little different... I like the proportions too, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share thoughts on a similar font (or the actual one, but I'd want to modify it).


Apple Mail q

I pollute the blog thread enough so here's a new thread for it...

Is there any way to change the font and color for a message when it's received? In the rules preference I can only set the message background, wondering if there's more I can do.

i.e. when I get a message from Facebook, I'd like the background blue and the text to be white.


We're not cool enough…

Unfortunately, we're not cool enough to run on your OS yet. We really wish we had a version of Photosynth that worked cross platform, but for now it only runs on Windows.

Trust us, as soon as we have a Mac version ready, it will be up and available on our site.



Actually looks like some pretty decent software.



Did you ever go to the Stony Brook School?


QuinnBN Scoreboard

Post up your Quinn high scores and player profiles here (easiest way to prove your score). When you first launch Quinn it should ask if you want to store your high scores on their server, I recommend it.

Download Quinn for free here:…


Mindfucked by Tetris

So about a year ago I got really hooked on Tetris... (Quinn for OS X, actually...) and I played it probably for around 6-8 hours a day religiously for an entire week. I would wake up around 4am to play for a half hour just to stay sharp or something. During (and a little after this time) reality started getting really dreamy and distorted. Everything started fitting like tetris pieces, it was real strange. Every object in sight had to be organized to fit and whenever I walked it was on carefully planned paths to weave through an imaginary crowd. I had Riiiiight/JamalJenkins/JesseJens... revelations with everything I saw and did, and it was really fucking weird because I felt just like a machine processing everything I sensed. Every time I wanted to draw, everything would end up being evenly spaced block forms or else I'd get a headache. Even when I ate, I had to read the nutrition info to bring all of the parts to odd ratios. Just wondering if anyone else has done this or what, it's got to be the most innocent thing I've ever done to have such an extreme effect. I try not to bring on the weird here, but someone else I know was talking about it last week and was relieved that someone else had the same thing :P

P.S. Don't try it if you're afraid of migraines.


Eizo Monitors?

What's the deal with them? I'm looking to get the most accurate colors I can, not necessarily size. I don't think I'll be buying soon, but I'm looking at either these, LaCie, or maybe the other obvious ones (Apple/Dell).


Learning Arabic or Japanese?

Any native English speakers here have experience learning either of these two languages? I'm just wondering what the difference in learning curve is between speaking it and writing, and if there are any good resources for learning more technical terms in either of these languages.


Oh my god. (NSFW?) LOL

P.S. Isn't it ironic that at the bottom, this site was "made on a Mac"?


NY law Q (with alcohol)

I'll spare you all my personal thoughts right now (not so fun talk with my dad), but was wondering a very simple question:

In New York state, what are the laws for a minor being in a location where alcohol is served? i.e. at 16 is it legal for me to go to parties and the like where there is alcohol? Also, how does the law change per situation (if the alcohol was free for instance)?

I've never had a problem being in bars or at any parties before as long as I didn't try to buy anything at the bar itself.

I'm asking because I don't have a car yet so if my dad gets into a little pissy fit about a party, I've got no real way of getting there. I figured it could be alright, since shit definitely won't be free, they'll probably want ID, and I don't feel like getting drunk this weekend anyway.


Dear hedge (and only hedge)

First of all, FFS please don't reply if you're not hedge. I'd do this in an email, but I doubt he's using the one in his profile.

I understand your views. Honestly, I do. They're very similar to mine two or so years ago. I have nothing against you. I don't see you really as such a dick as others might. I really have nothing against anyone on this board, no matter what their views on politics/culture/whatever. The problem is that everyone else does, and they can't stand you. Now, you have every right to continue posting like you do and unnerving them even more. But, I think you should respect the bias. I keep my political views mostly to myself because I realize nobody here will agree with me (left wing or right wing). As an American, I'm sure you're somewhat averse to other people coming into your space and upsetting whatever ideological balance there may be. The same is with QBN. Obviously, there is a significant left wing bias. Even though I might agree that some people are overly sensitive to your opposite views, I think we can all agree that QBN is not the place to change (or improve in some opinions) one's character. These are the kinds of things that are usually a waste of time on the internet, and should be saved for personal confrontations with people you genuinely care about or believe are being misguided in some way (just remember this works both ways). I think the best thing you can do is accept the bias here on this modest web forum, and go about your business in a much less exaggerated manner. That means feel free to critique the design of "your" latest Maybach. People will get over your shtick and either ignore it or join in on the conversation if it's interesting. But think twice when you're posting chain mail style messages about Social Security and things of that nature, because you know good and well that it's flame bait. Things of a more acceptable nature are news stories, linking to CNN/MSNBC/FOX/etc for example (and for the record, since I know people other than hedge are reading this, Fox is a credible news source for many things, just like CNN despite their hosting Glenn Beck). Obviously they all have their biases too, and like all things in life it's your job to filter out the good and the bad (not just what appeals to you) and determine what's best to share with who. The way everyone else sees it, you're coming here and for the most part just disrespecting the QooB and its culture. I doubt you'd want the same thing happening in your own circles.

Ultimately, what I'm asking is that you take a mature step and talk a little bit more about your fancy gadgets and diamond rides, since at the very least design can be discussed by anyone regardless of political/religious beliefs and so on and so forth.

P.S. I realized I forgot to mention religion in this thread, so here's what I have to say about that: It's been debated to death, please everyone just shut up about it or take it to a dedicated thread or something. You''re beating a dead horse, just one of you sees the dead horse as god and the other sees it as Darwin or Caesar or whoever one could possibly want to blame for modern secularization.



I would like to commemorate myself on this hour for reaching exactly 1000 posts and 50 topics. Sadly, I am 29 profile views short of an even thousand. I hope this will be fixed soon enough.


Photographing Secret Satellites…

Anyone seen the exhibition and know if it's any good? It looks interesting.


sticker shops

Where can I buy some cool stickers?

And there are a few things in UrbanMedium's and Space Invader's shops, but I don't really know of any others. Sticker Robot's sticker packs have been sold out since before I can even remember...


Paint markers

What do you all recommend? I was thinking of ordering some POSCAs, but every store sells DecoColor so I figured I'd give them a try as well. Any suggestions/comments?


Film opportunities in NYC

Just wondering if anyone knew of any. I'm chillin in Philly with my friend who's going to UArts now and looking into film related jobs, especially stuff like production assistant, in NYC.


Phocus from Hasselblad…

Anyone given this a try? It's only available to people who've registered Hasselblad products on the site (until it gets on BT, that is...).


Classical fonts?

Something like FS Rome, but maybe available in more than a single weight... Preferably OpenType.


Find me a font

I'm looking for some font ideas for a project. I need a font that looks good in very heavy weights... Slab serifs are a bit too chunky for my purposes though.

Something like Clarendon Heavy, but if I don't see anything better it's what I'll be using.

The thing I like about Clarendon are both 'c' characters. I know I'm kind of stupid and all but if you guys can think of anything let me know.

Also if you hate me asking questions, tell me and I'll try to wait until I have actually meaningful ones.


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