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Safari Cache

Does Safari have a cache for submitted forms? Not autosave or anything like that but... I just entered a few sentences into an essay form for a school app and it didn't save it. So it's gone, I have 11 minutes to submit, and I'm trying to rewrite it but if there is any other way it would be super helpful. Back button couldn't get it.


The Stone

The Stone is a not-for-profit performance space dedicated to the

All expenses are paid for by the MUSIC itself - through the online sale of special Limited Edition CDs released yearly on the Tzadik label. Each month a different musician is responsible for curating the programs with 100% of the nightly revenue going directly to the musicians.


is located at
the corner of
avenue C and 2nd street

tuesday thru sunday
8 and 10pm
closed on mondays

$10 per set
unless otherwise noted

students 13 to 19
admitted half price
children 12 and under free

there are no
advance ticket sales
all admissions are at the door
prior to each performance


Finding an image...

I need to find a medium to high-res image of marbles scattered on a floor, at least 4 or 5 would be nice. A floor or surface completely covered by marbles is too much. I can't seem to find anything decent on Google.

Thanks :)


Bonnaroo 2010

Who will be going?


Color question.

I'm not at school so I have no access to a Pantone swatch book so if someone here could help me out it would be great.

On your monitor in Illustrator, if you fill a box with Pantone Black C, does it look beige/khaki-ish when you bring it down to 10%? Is it supposed to? Better yet, what Pantone color is closest to the background in this:

^ That's not the final version but I don't feel like uploading a new image. I don't have direct contact with the printer so I'm trying to find out if I can get the image printed on shirts approximately that color (which I foolishly set as Pantone Black C 10% when I started working). I have never printed anything like this and it's frustrating because I have no time to think about it right now really.


Perspective drawings.

Can anyone think of any innovative perspective drawings? Not traditional 2/3-point exercises but something at least mildly innovative and more interesting. I'm in a bind and need to see something new.


The Heart Is A Drum Machine


They finally announced a release date! The cast list below is taken from Invisible Movement, I haven't seen the poster myself. I know I posted something about this on here before but I couldn't find the thread or post so all related discussion can go here (though I'm sure I will probably just be talking to myself). They just announced the release date.

John Frusciante
Ann Druyan
Maynard James Keenan
Juliette Lewis
Wayne Coyne
Elijah Wood
Matt Sorum
Milford Graves
Jason Schwartzman
George Clinton
Kurt Loder
Bijou Phillips
Bob Ludwig
Kimya Dawson
Fairuza Balk
John Doe
Nic Harcourt
Gene Hoglan
Becky Stark
Ivan Bjornson
Morton Subotnick

* This is the order of appearance from the film's poster. There are more people featured in the movie.


Regenerative Medicine……

Does anyone have more info on this? Instead of music I've been playing various TED Talks while I'm working and this one gave me a sudden holy shit moment. The video is from 2006 so I'd really like to see what (if any) new developments have come of this.

He has a number of videos (on TED, YouTube, etc) but so far I haven't found much else online, aside from "spiritual regeneration" and things of that nature.


Rotterdam 2010


Did anyone here go? I'm curious to hear what anyone wight have to say about the films this year (I'll spend tomorrow digging through all the film sites, but it's easier to ask here).

Also specifically as a musician I'm particularly interested in hearing about how Omar Rodriguez's directorial debut was... the Sentimental Engine Slayer. My best guess so far is that the feel will be very similar to Vincent Gallo simply because of their mutual friends and what I've gathered about Omar's taste, but that's merely speculative. (I'm hoping to hear it wasn't complete shit, but I'm not placing any bets...)




Australia doesn't like tiny tits.…

Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. They banned mainstream pornography from showing women with A-cup breasts, apparently on the grounds that they encourage paedophilia, and in spite of the fact this is a normal breast size for many adult women.


Associate to Rhythm


Trashy pop.

I need more. Lady Gaga (think Lovegame), Ke$ha, all that stuff. The more autotune, appalling beats, and all that shit the better. Preferably hot, but hyper trashy and energetic works too. It needs to have a girl singing though.

Everything I find has this sentimental shit on it– I want none of that. I want it to smack me in the face with throbbing synthesizers, blatant sexuality, and all the stupidity imaginable at any party dominated by 16-year-old girls who rolling on e and writing degrading terms on their friends' pelvic bones...


Intermediate disk?

This is on OS X by the way... is there any sort of filesystem (think MacFUSE perhaps?) or app that will give a virtual "intermediate disk? What I mean by this is like a virtual disk image that acts as a middleman between my laptop and external HD– what I want it to do is copy all the files being accessed from the external onto this virtual disk (which is contained by my internal HD) basically so that I can eject my external without shutting down Transmission or Cog (which accesses my music directly from my external).

The reason it's so annoying is because I'm seeding a good 1500 torrents or so in Transmission so while I could pause them all, it would take a while, lock up Transmission, and I'd have restart all of them and then pause the few I want to remain paused. Also I only have several albums in my playlist at a time, but I want them to be automatically stored in a temporary directory on my internal drive so I can just unplug and go with whatever's already loaded up.

I know it's a little weird, but it just seems like something MacFuse would be perfect for. Also, there are no plans to support features for externals in Transmission or Cog and no other apps are efficient enough to replace them for me.


Associate to Duality


Japanese typefaces

What are there? I've had some issues with my system fonts so I can't go through them just yet but I remember there being plenty. Still, what else is out there? From Adobe et al, whoever's big with this sort of thing.

This was the best I found:



Any great ones? I'm looking for things that are highly regarded more for the author's prose than the content. I've read so many biographies but, as I'm here doing yet another personal essay for colleges, it just seems so bizarre to write about myself that I'd like to see how others have done it. Most autobiographical text I run into (cover letters, about sections, etc. not included– I mean books or articles) is by ego-freaks or pseudo-intellectual types who offer so many details that are frankly inconsequential.



So, what does everyone think? I don't watch either that much (hate Leno, Conan is ok by me) but this is pretty big considering how much effort was put into the last switcheroo NBC pulled...



Go China…

Official Wang Zheng told AFP news agency the car park was meant to cater to women's "strong sense of colour and different sense of distance".


External HD

I know there a ton of threads about this but I've read them all (and contributed) and I want to get some specific advice. I've got next to no money so I need something cheap, but I need around 1TB. I've got a Lacie that I've had for 5 years strong now without an issue but aside from needing more space, I'm anticipating some kind of failure not too long from now. I know Lacie only makes the enclosure, but I heard that the model I was looking at ( has a Samsung drive. Most of the other threads end up with people arguing Seagate vs. WD, but the SeaGate FreeAgent had a ton of reviews saying it was dead-on-arrival.

So say you peeps on Samsung drives, whether from experience or stats. I looked but could not find the failure rate of Samsung drives vs. others. Also if you know of any super good discounts around I'd be glad to hear about them...

Thanks and happy new years still!


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