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Large window display Q.

Say there's a glass wall, approximately 20' x 9'. First of all, what would be a good DPI for a photographic background (not a lot of detail is necessary) and text, primarily to be seen from about 15' back? Second, aside from simply printing on clear vinyl, what would I have to do so that people on the other side would see right through it (think window wraps on commuter buses)?


QBN/NYC [04/10/10]

QBN/NYC [04/10/10]

What: drinks and smokes presumably, in order to celebrate digdre's Excellent US Adventure.

Where: Dunno. Somewhere that doesn't suck and doesn't mind just a couple college kids *cough cough*


Walmart Fixie…




Post. It's just one of those days, you know?



I'm looking for a new bank to open a savings account. My current one has been unsatisfactory and quite nefarious if not incompetent. Something with no/small minimum that I can access easily around the country with no fee. Also that doesn't require a permanent address if possible (or need to know your address at all).



What kind of comb do you use? I'm having trouble finding a decent place to buy another afro pick but they're either junk or super expensive novelty items. I might just recycle the teeth in mine and make a new wooden base.


Poster crit/ideas.

The Assignment
Create a poster for the 31st annual Student Art Show at Tunxis Community College. Must use all provided text. 18" x 24"

My Goals
Not use literal imagery to suggest any of the six categories (photography, 3d, etc...). Keep the background as dark as possible since it will stand out more where it's meant to be displayed.

I just wanted to add something really basic and couldn't think of much... the things with X over them are lame... everything with a star is stuff I might want to use except the peeking guy, but the teachers liked it too much to exclude, meh. Note that the thumbnail sketches are inverted so I could scribble on them. The first image is the 'base' layout I created and am sticking with, save for some minor tweaks.

My idea...
Using the upper right from 3.jpg, fill each layer with black and the faintest dark-colored glow on the inner half of the edge. Lines would be traced white. I'm just posting this here because honestly I if I don't hear some other opinions I'm going to end up doing something stupid that I don't want and just starting over with a different one– more time than I can afford to put in.

So, thoughts?


Chapter symbol?

Is there a symbol or icon that represents a chapter? For example footnotes are easily understood by adding a superscript number, *, †, etc... I want to indicate chapters without referring to the word every time and without just using (1) (2) (3) etc because I am already using this for an inline list.

Does § do this? I know I've seen the symbol used before for something I just can't remember what for or what it's called.



This works.
This does not.
Neither does this.
<u>Or this.</u>


Bitch please.……

The letter

Sent: Tuesday, February 9, 2010 7:15:11 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Brand Strategy Feedback

Prof. Galloway,

I would like to discuss a matter with you that bothered me. Yesterday evening I entered your 6pm Brand Strategy class approximately 1 hour late. As I entered the room, you quickly dismissed me, saying that I would need to leave and come back to the next class. After speaking with several students who are taking your class, they explained that you have a policy stating that students who arrive more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class.

As of yesterday evening, I was interested in three different Monday night classes that all occurred simultaneously. In order to decide which class to select, my plan for the evening was to sample all three and see which one I like most. Since I had never taken your class, I was unaware of your class policy. I was disappointed that you dismissed me from class considering (1) there is no way I could have been aware of your policy and (2) considering that it was the first day of evening classes and I arrived 1 hour late (not a few minutes), it was more probable that my tardiness was due to my desire to sample different classes rather than sheer complacency.

I have already registered for another class but I just wanted to be open and provide my opinion on the matter.


MBA 2010 Candidate
NYU Stern School of Business

The Reply:

—— Forwarded Message ——-
To: "xxxx"
Sent: Tuesday, February 9, 2010 9:34:02 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Re: Brand Strategy Feedback


Thanks for the feedback. I, too, would like to offer some feedback.

Just so I've got this started in one class, left 15-20 minutes into it (stood up, walked out mid-lecture), went to another class (walked in 20 minutes late), left that class (again, presumably, in the middle of the lecture), and then came to my class. At that point (walking in an hour late) I asked you to come to the next class which "bothered" you.


You state that, having not taken my class, it would be impossible to know our policy of not allowing people to walk in an hour late. Most risk analysis offers that in the face of substantial uncertainty, you opt for the more conservative path or hedge your bet (e.g., do not show up an hour late until you know the professor has an explicit policy for tolerating disrespectful behavior, check with the TA before class, etc.). I hope the lottery winner that is your recently crowned Monday evening Professor is teaching Judgement and Decision Making or Critical Thinking.

In addition, your logic effectively means you cannot be held accountable for any code of conduct before taking a class. For the record, we also have no stated policy against bursting into show tunes in the middle of class, urinating on desks or taking that revolutionary hair removal system for a spin. However, xxxx, there is a baseline level of decorum (i.e., manners) that we expect of grown men and women who the admissions department have deemed tomorrow's business leaders.

xxxx, let me be more serious for a moment. I do not know you, will not know you and have no real affinity or animosity for you. You are an anonymous student who is now regretting the send button on his laptop. It's with this context I hope you register pause...REAL pause xxxx and take to heart what I am about to tell you:

xxxx, get your shit together.

Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a live/work balance...these are all really hard, xxxx. In contrast, respecting institutions, having manners, demonstrating a level of humility...these are all (relatively) easy. Get the easy stuff right xxxx. In and of themselves they will not make you successful. However, not possessing them will hold you back and you will not achieve your potential which, by virtue of you being admitted to Stern, you must have in spades. It's not too late xxxx...

Again, thanks for the feedback.

Professor Galloway


Conan tour.……

Someone here should go.


Jay Nolan Classic LA

Jay Nolan Classic: Blood & Steel

Everyone is invited to the Jay Nolan Classic, a fencing tournament to benefit Jay Nolan Community Services, a non-profit agency supporting over 500 children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities,…

June 5, 2010

Spectrum Athletic Club
2400 Willow Lane, Thousand Oaks, CA 91361


Font sync

I use Suitcase Fusion and it's what we have at school. They usually don't have whatever font file I'm using and sometimes I forget to throw it onto my flash drive. The way I sort stuff now is I have a new library for every foundry, so I assume there is a file for each one in the application support folder. Is there a tool for syncing font libraries or am I going to have to make an Automator action to do al this and backup my font libraries on my server?



I've only had a few and most were homemade so I don't know any brands or whatever. Recommend a) something affordable or b) something to wish I could afford. Preferably more of a.


Sexting the only form of cellphone communication worth acknowledging. Discuss.


NYC Mini-QBN drinks?

Thursday (2/25)? I have to come in and drop off some stuff at Cooper Square and then I'll probably just hit some bookshops.

I also want to go to either the 8p or 10p show at the Stone ( but I doubt most of you would want to come, especially drunk.

My birthday is today and Jose's is on Friday, so we could buy each other a beer... haha. just a thought

SPECIAL NOTE: this would be a mini-event! the next REAL qbn drinks nyc is when digdre comes!


Brain map help...

I'm looking for some kind of visual map of the brain in regard to the senses... so an image that basically says stuff like auditory with an arrow, visual with an arrow, etc. Obviously the systems are more complicated and some would be processed maybe in the same region but perceived by a different one or whatever. I'm just pretty sure I've seen something like this and I'd really like to find it again.


Quote of the Day

Yeah there are a few but they all suck and/or didn't capitalize the 'd' in day. So here it is, new and improved! Post a quote, maybe a picture, and commentary if you want.

I'll start:

“I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vaginas. But I can’t say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours...Thank God I was hungover.”


The Snuggie Sutra

This too. It's just... I have to post it. Then I won't make any more threads tonight.


Seig Miaow


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this isn't a timeline...


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