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30 something brits

Totally random question (QBN is obviously the best place for it). There was a television show I used to watch growing up in London that I'm trying to remember the name of. A group of kids (typically three) would try and navigate a quasi-digital world, a weird hybrid between a platform game and a Dungeon & Dragon set. One of the kids, presumably off somewhere in a green-screened soundstage and blinded by a giant helmet, would be given instructions by the other tow kids in order to negotiate "rooms" that had an array of obstacles. The kid wearing the helmet would enter a room and say, "where am I?"

I'm writing a brief paper on the implications of Augmented Reality for Architecture and I was hoping to reference this show.




sifting through the dusty archives of dafont, it occured to me that someone here may know.



Can anyone point me to some interesting collage styles. I'm helping an friend with some boards for her thesis and need to represent different types of cultural zone (theatre, natural science...) through collage. Cheers!


curvature of the earth

If i had a knife that was, say... 140 miles long. Could i stab someone with it or would the curvature of the earth make that impossible?


Things to do in Mayfair

Any cool shops or things to do in Mayfair? We'll be near Bond St. station for the day.


Client Review Site

Anyone have any interesting examples of how you show your clients comps for sites? I have a little time on my hands and thought I'd spruce up the way I do it.


British Dress Codes

What does "smart" imply?


Rhythm and Visual Composition

I need some examples of Artist and Designers that use musical rhythm as an aide to composition. I remember once doing a project in school that revolved around this idea. I'm pretty sure the designer that we looked to was a member of the Bauhaus. Any suggestions of artists/designers that fit this bill - contemporary or not - would be greatly appreciated. I'm coming up blank.


Showing Websites In A Print Portfolio

Anyone have any interesting ideas on how to display web work in a printed portfolio?


Site Feeback

We recently launched this site:

I'm curious what you guys think. Cheers.


Housing Crisis

I listened to this over the weekend. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants an objective, thorough break down of how we got in the mess that we are in.…


FF short cut keys

any way to disable them?

I'd like my client to be able to apple-b and apple-i in a WYSIWYG editor.


Logo Crit

Which direction is the most compelling?


Booklet Pricing

20-25 pages, new managers guide to a (large) company. Curious what other people would charge. Cheers.


Wood Cut Logos

Anyone have some examples of logos inspired by the wood cutting process?


too narrow?

does this comp seem too narrow/compressed to you guys?…


Search Boxes...

Search boxes without submit buttons (return to activate form), good or bad?



what sauce should accompany pan roasted halibut with braised chard and jerusalem artichoke puree. I think it needs something acidic



... I got it bad


ACL - get your tickets!

Best line up to date.…


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