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Illuminati invites???



Hey, just checking if anyone might have one? Eager to try the site out.


Good animation shows

Online, offline, WHATEVS. What's your favourite animated stuff?


Al Jazeera Bombed.


QBN drug survey

Just curious as to the average drug take of QBN.

And also trying to justify my habits through normalcy.

If you care to reveal, what drugs have you done in the last month, and how many times?


MDMA - 1 time
Cocaine - 3 times
Marijuana - 5 times
Alcohol - 12 times


interesting emojis?

Has anyone done an updated set of emojis? As in - emojis for more depressing, adult, funny modern situations?

I feel like this has been done somewhere but can't find it.


Daily Meltdown

Maybe I'm in need of some catharsis but I've reached a point where I can no longer stand all the bullshit I hear everyday about social media, design, apps, fucking social media, fucking programming etc.

Revolutionary? Distruptive? Marketing disruptive marketing tools to marketers for revolutionary advertising UX? Optimizing disruptive thumbnails for TED talks about solar highways?

Post everything you hate about our industry here.


Obama on Between Two Ferns…


Help me furnish my apartment

Ok, so here's the dilly - I just moved into a new apartment and need to fill it with stuff. Please post objects that you've purchased so I can get some inspiration and move past sleeping on a blanket on the floor surrounded by nothing.


NHL 13/14

So many good rookies and the resurgence of Canadian teams. This is going to be a great year.


Decriminalize all drugs

New report from Canada says all drugs, hard and soft should be decriminalized:…



I got 99 problems but

A girl is one.

I think my GF is gonna dump me, what do I do?


Snowboarding Cops

"Snowboarding cops, armed and in uniform are patrolling Canada's ski hills for casual cannabis use."…



Beyonce PSB



examples of awesome drug-related graphic design? Show em if you got em.


Type Present

Buying some fonts for a friend for her birthday (print designer) Any suggestions?


Sex, Booze > Kids, God

Kids are said to fill our lives with poignancy and inexplicable joy, yet it appears many parents would rather be tossing back some bourbon and rolling around in their skivvies than taking care of their beloved offspring. A new study by Carsten Grimm from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand has found people rate sex as the top activity that brings them happiness, followed by drinking alcohol or "partying." Caring for kids (yawn) fell down the list at number five. God also got the cold shoulder, with people rating meditating and religion at number four.…


America is dead

Long live America 2.0
Y'all is gonna get Canadianized.


dwelling/hideout design

Looking to build a secret fort in the woods, basically, a little hidden spot on government land that would be nice enough to sleep/camp in but small enough to not get noticed by anyone.

Anybody get up to weird shit like this?


Sex Advice Column

There should be thread dedicated to people with girl/boy problems so that we can all pitch in and help out. This is that thread.


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