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LA Feb 2015

Yo fellow QBN'ers

I'm heading for a road trip in LA to SF this feb. (14-22 feb)

Any tips on what to do at the city of lights all by my self?

Already reserved a convertible mustang-o to drop off in SF

Would love to meet some LA QBN bros...

Definetly goin for some good weed, running away from Brazil's carnival week.


Terminator Genisys


dare: bill gates and obama

I dare you guys to find a single picture featuring bill gates meeting obama.
Its a silly thing but it seems there is no photo of both together, shaking hands or just in the same picture.
can you guys find it?


R.I.P. Roger Hill (Cyrus)…


obama on NSA data collection…


brazil riots

if you want to understand whats going on, check it out


offf 2013 bcn



New Alice In Chains lyric video

finally! i'm loving this song…

Good lyric video also, very simple and beautiful


John Mayer's 'Born & Raised' Artwork

check this out


Sonar São Paulo

Yo my fellows qbnners, id like to share with you some footageo of the show tonight, i did my best to capture the sound without the bass ruining it, so after 0:24 i tried to do a shield with my hand to record it better, check it out a bit of hudson mohawke at sonar sp 2012, sad thing it was a dj set, not live:

if you were there pls share anything you have xD

on to squarepusher tomorroww!! ye!!!


PRIMUS SUCKS! @swu2011 são paulo

was there yesterday! my first primus show, sad it was too short, but maaaaaaan how i love this shit

and now me doing the homeless guy dance for sonic youth!!


200 ways of creativity

hey guys

I remember one time there was a list (kinda scientific aproach) on how to create, it was about 200 things in the list... do anyone remember it?


fl studio for ipad/iphone/ipod touch

loved this app to make some tunes, now I can make them while I do my shit!…


i'm a little princess

heya, anyone remeber this meme?

I don't remember it right...but it ended with a meme (i think it was forever alone) saying "I'm a little princess!"

i guess it was something like... there was a kid playing with something, then a cop come over and take the thing away from the kid... and then, when theres no one around he wears the toy (probabbly a princess crown or something) and say I'm a little princess!! hahah

i can't remember where i saw it, probabbly on PotD, couldn't find it on google too, help?


can you identify this song?

I've tried some song id's but nothing worked.

so I recorded a little bit to search later, and haven't found anything yet.... sound like ceelo.. but i'm not sure if it's him… 171652.m4a


cs5 designers


I saw one video talking about the creative process behind those "5" on CS5 campaing. Anyone knows who did it?

I'm looking for the animator/motion designer that worked with them. He does some cool 3d stuff with colorfull spheres and stuff.


animals saying fuck fuck fuck!

hey, i remember i saw this video here, there was a bunch of animals chase and the chased one goes saying "fuck fuckk fuck!"

i've tryed searching here and youtube and couldn't get anything...

does anyone remember this?


OS interface design styles?

yo everyone

I would like to hear from you guys what design styles the OS interfaces we have noawdays follow... i mean, the mac osx interface and windows xp interface... or linux... it would be fun to associate them to some design style... like bauhaus etc.. heheheh

can't wait to see what you guys have to say =D



nt refresh song…


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