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Live Music NYC

if you are doing nothing, come see us play at the underscore / bar east at 8pm!…


Wave Picture ?

Does anyone have a picture they can donate to my cause of not being able to find a nice picture of a wave? needs to be all water/turbulance, no scenery, no caps, just all wave/bubbles sort of thing.

I'm trying to find one for a bag I'm working on for Alvin's Island if you're familiar. I would appreciate it SO much and for your kindness I could send you something.



who has them?

how do you deal with roommates that are anti-social?



anyone here ever worked for them?…


Tonight @ the Annex

we're playing at the Annex tonight at 1045, $10 cover. come out and get your face melted!…


Thunderbird floating white bar?!

what the FUCK is this thing? it floats over all my applications, and when I click it it takes me to my Thunderbird app which is open, and I hate to then hide the app to get rid of the bar.

WHAT THE HELL!? anyone else notice this?

osx, 10.4.11


Queer Font Ident.

Anyone know what this is? or close?

Bauhaus LT is similar, but the o's and r's aren't right.


Design Reps

Who do you use? Who do you like? Who's good? I'm with Aquent now, looking to do some freelance carpet bombing.

(thanks for the term)


NYC Job Leads?

I know krop, and creative hotlist, been looking for something for quite some time now. Anybody know of someone in need of an illustrator/brand/logo guy?


grid-like sites

I'm looking for sites that are set up on strict grids, display text information rather than images, and are simple & clean.

anybody have some nice examples?


Jeff Koons = why

I honestly don't understand this shite.…


How Do I Design?

I need help being a designer, can anyone do my work for me?


How Design Can Save Democracy…


iPhone Email Issues

I cannot send, I'm being told my ports might be blocked? I know that sounds like a personal problem, but have any of you guys had this problem? If so, how'd you fix it?


NYC Sign Maker

Can anyone recommend a sign maker here in the city that could do metal + enamel, silicone, vinyl/plastics??


Purple Magazine Font

Does anyone know what that serif font is that they use?



You can't spell, but you have a brilliant future waiting for you here.


Printer + Mailer

Can anyone recommend a nice printer that can also mail the piece out and meter it and everything in NYC?



Surf Graphics

I'm looking for a trove of surf graphics to look through and gain some inspiration from for an upcoming project.

anyone got the goods?


Sean Connery PS Battle

where's the link? I can't find it!


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