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QBN Mugs Look-a-like

Using the new image search functionality in Google Images, who does Google think you look like?


I get...


Fuck off Nike Shop

Just fuck off.


“Meanwhile in Syria”


I was struck by this video, posted little more than a week ago, showing what I felt was a beautiful, strong, peaceful human protest—the hairs on my neck stood a little, imagining what it must be like to be part of that movement.

Anyway, less than a week later and the inspiration for the protest chants, Ibrahim Kashoush, has apparently been found dead, his his throat having been slit, his body dumped in a river.…

RIP, Ibrahim.


iPad = 1% internet traffic

Well fuck me sideways.…



what gives?


Simple DB / list sw?

A friend is wanting to make a list of shops, ideally in the form of a basic databse or something.

Me, I'd just use Access or something.. but he's no computer head, so I'm wondering if some bright young thing has made a neater app or site to accomplish this?

I'm thinking along the lines of a workflowy-like utility.

Any recommendations, please?




Fuck off, you pointless, selfish, spamming cunt.

Your efforts will be deleted soon enough.

Turn off your computer and fuck off back to your dull office hell you mindless drone.


Urban Outfitters, thieves..


And this time, highlighted on Wired?

What happened to the last thread here? Deleted? Why?

Come on... let's use the internet to show up these, and all the other fuckers, who parasitise of the efforts of the likes of the QBN population.…


WTF, if at all?

Is this, does anyone know?

I've looked in some of the places I'd expect to see a font like this, to no avail. Whathefont didn't come with any joy either.

Thanks for any help in advance.


t_z = nonent

lonely little man.



“a visual language for Javascript”


EC: Cristian Guzman

Coming soon.



I should've also thought of something to say.

This will have to do.


Mac vs. PC…


Fancy Business Card $?

Say you've designed cards for yourself or a client, and you've employed a wee bit of fancy in there.

Perhaps a fancy print process, an emboss or a die cut — maybe a fold, an interesting substrate.. whatever. Just something to make it stand out a little more than a typical white rectangle.

What sort of unit cost would you expect is tolerable for a 'fancy' business card?



Cheque Processing Fee

I've just been warned that a client will likely try and pay with a [fucking] cheque.

I'm kind of stumped at how retarded this is, but anyway.

I want to add a provision to my invoice stating something along the lines of "Payments by cheque are subject to an additional £x handling fee".

Anyone else do this? There's nothing 'wrong' with it as such, is there? Legally. I mean (in the UK)?

I'd rather they just paid via bank transfer like everyone else does in the 21st Century.

Fucking cheques.



Eventbrite alternatives?

Hi there —

I'm researching this for a client and am just wondering if there are any alternatives out there — preferably ones you might have used and would be able to recommend?

If not — do any of you have any feedback (negative or positive) about EventBrite?

Sorry for being vague — I'm not really very familiar with this yet!

My thanks to you for any light you can shed.




Is it just me, or does the 'personalised retargeting banner' model not make any sense whatsoever?

How it works — you search for a product on a Criteo-partner site, and then for weeks after, banner adverts for the fucking thing you've already seen are injected into myriad irrelevant sites thereafter.

I've just had an advert for wooden cabinet handles pop up on ''.

i searched, and decided aginst, the fucking things two months ago — yet everywhere I look, the fucking things are reädvertised to me.

As a result, I've decided to fuck-off ever looking for anything on the B&Q website again. ScrewfixDirect it is from now on.

I just don't get it — why advertise to me what I've already looked at? Surely after searching for a product, most people have either bought it or found an alternative?

</ pointless rant>

If anyone from Criteo is reading this —


Restaurant Booking?

Looking around for online table booking / table-preördering (with a payment) options for a couple of websites.

In my mind I imagine I could use a single-product 'eCommerce solution' for the paid-for option, but just wondering whether any of you lot have come across any more elegant snippets of code or solutions?

PHP or API'd I guess, ideally?

My thanks in advance for any useful feedback!


End of newspapers pt.42

Rejoice ye citizen journalists! Our voice will trump that of the established networks! No longer shall we be subject to media congloms and their corporate or national interests!

The populace has awakened!
We speak with once voice!


Or not?
"Twitter May be Censoring Wikileaks"…


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