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Longform article pages?

What are some of your favorites?

Thinking of stuff like:…




identify this brush/script font

Any idea what this is, or if it's a custom job? I fel like I've seen it before - thanks!


3D signage / billboard mockups?

Do any of you folks know where I can find some mockups of signage & other environmental design in a 3D environment?

Kind of like this...…

Thanks in advance—


What font?

"This Barnes & Noble location..."

Anyone know? Thanks!


Chelsea v. Arsenal 10/3

Anyone know of a good pub around Spitalfields where I can watch this match? Thanks



Going to be in Barcelona between from Oct. 7-10.

What's a good area to be staying in / what are some things to do / where to go?

Thanks in advance!



Me and a couple friends are going to Philadelphia from NYC for a concert on the weekend of June 4th.

Just wondering if anyone knew of anything cool happening on that weekend, or simply worth checking out while at Philly (it's our first time there).



NYC lens cleaning?

Hi all,

I've got some dust caught inside one of my cam's lenses, and can't get it out with the usual dust blower or even canned air.

Can anyone here recommend a place within NYC (and outlying boroughs) for lens repairs/cleaning? Thanks in advance!



And I was just about to hit Save......


looking for this agency

A few months ago i saw an agency that was displaying their work on the screens of old, obsolete Apple computer models

I think their portfolio included some work for ADC Young Guns 6 (..? not sure).

thanks in advance for any kind of tips


Snow Leopard Install Failures

Seems there is a significant number of users who have had installation problems with Snow Leopard (myself included)...

Anyone else experience errors while installing?

(here come the fail gifs...)


handwritten logos

anyone have some good examples?

something along the lines of this...

looking for varied stroke weights, not too uniform in shapes, etc. thanks!


Plane Crashes into Hudson River…

just an update for those who don't already know


Interactive Design Agencies - NY

Please list some of your favorite interactive/web design agencies within the greater NYC area (yes, that includes Brooklyn).

Doesn't matter if they're global (i.e. Razorfish) or a boutique startup... thanks!


Faith Healers & Televangelists…

How do they do it.....


not cool.

First came

And recently, I spot

That's gotta be a blatant rip... anyway, just thought I'd share.



beautiful site, horrible logo

looks almost like hebrew to me...


Design Conferences

Designers and many other people get super excited about these events (Like OFFF, etc). I've even been to a few myself, and have mixed feelings about them.

I just want to know what some of you actually get out of them, or would like to get out of them. They're def not cheap. Not judging the people that attend/present, but I just wanna know where the hype stems from, thanks.


twitter twatter

hello all

does anyone know any cool twitters? like ones with memorable and outstanding themes / layouts?

thanks, all replies appreciated.


Who pays...?

Sorry to create another thread about this, but I'd just like to know who is picking up the tab for this whole CERN thing?

Are the Europeans that well off in the world economy that they can afford all this during such times? Please fill me in...


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