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typefaces that are readable smaller?

what do you think are some good typefaces that look good (and legible) on a smaller size... like 9-11 pt??

thx :)


styling headlines?

anyone have cool links or resources for headlines and styling them?

thx :)


cool typefaces for headlines?

looking for some cool, typefaces for headlines.

any good ideas?


lightbox coding issue?

hey guys... working with this lightbox code...

seems to work fine when I use a youtube url, or vimeo url.

BUT... I wanna display a video we have on the site, it's using embed code.

I made an iframe for the video, add the url to the lightbox page and it won't show.

Anyone know wtf is up with that?


safari - so slow

anyone else have this problem?

safari seems to lag or sometimes you open a webpage and the beach ball starts.

anyone know a fix for this?

(I have a ton of ram and hd space)


favorite 1 page sites?



Your fav software site designs?

working on a new project... (software)

curious... what are your favorite software site designs?

basecamp was cool looking back in the day, but its pretty basic and plain now.



script typefaces?

your favorite script, pen, ink, handwritten typefaces?

working on some Tshirt designs... think i need to expand my typeface collection for this project

love this typeface;…


must have iphone apps?

finally got an iphone. (i know, i know, i'm like a wee bit late to the party)

any "must have" apps for it?

or apps you really dig?

got VSCO CAM - love that camera app.

soundcloud is awesome too

oh and this thing called facebook (anyone else heard of it? lol)

thx :)


3 word logos

working on a 3 word logo....

hate em...

usually 1 or 2 words i think look/work the best....

you guys have any inspiration type sites?

tryin to get some ideas while i sketch and brainstorm.

thx :)


iphone apps?

ok... I finally broke and got an iphone (had a bberry forever)...

what apps are like MUST HAVES for you?

I've seen some cool video and photos shot on iphone... were they done straight out of the phone? or is there some kinda apps or something?

thx :)


joe rogan

anyone watch his new show on syfy last night?

his podcast is hysterical...

what did you think of the show?


new site - getting traffic - ur opinion?

curious to all you QBN web geniuses....

you have a new website.

you want to build traffic to it.

what do you do?



keynote/final cut question

hey guys... need some help.

making a presentation/video... using final cut x.

i export my keynote slides as images, synch to the audio and normally the text looks fine.

For some reason the text is looking all fucked up... like like back in the day with flash... how fonts looked all fucked up, same thing.

i tried exporting as png, then as tiffs but still having the same issue.

Anyone know how to fix this?


cool software sites?

curious... any links of cool sites selling software/web based software....

basecamp is pretty cool... looking for whatever you guys think are nice looking ones.

thx :)


sweet browns soda pop lol


final cut question


so i make these keynote presentations... export as png's. (no animations or transitions)

then I synch them with the mp3, slide by slide using final cut express

black text looks perfect.

red text looks like shit... its all blurry and weird compared to the black.

I read that red has some issues... but i've seen similar videos using red with no issues.

I tried a darker shade (up to 190) but no luck, same thing.

any suggestions?


sneakers with jeans

looking for some cool sneakers to wear with jeans.



amsterdam coffeeshops

pheew... they just announced no tourist ban in amsterdam coffeeshops....

was getting worried there... they were about to stop tourists from visiting coffeeshops, thus ending one of the coolest things to do in that city.


cool design blogs?

anyone have any urls' for cool design blogs?

sites like that


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