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PSB Challenge 06162010

So Warren Buffett and Bill Gates meet in a diner...





anthropomorphic street art from sao paulo, but i didn't translate the portuguese so there's probably more to it than that.



Just saw your portfolio. That is a goddamn mean body of work, esp. considering you graduated last year.

there are so many ace designers on qbn it's ridiculous -- you are just the latest one to make me feel like a no-talent cunt (:


new dodge logo wth

from this:

to this:…

According to Dodge, the logo exudes a “forever young” attitude and emphasizes Dodge’s performance-car history. (Hash marks give us the same feeling.) Use of the new logo will be limited to Dodge websites, marketing, and merchandise. The two red stripes won’t appear on Dodge dealerships or vehicles.

Does this smack of boring inanity to anyone else? Two slashes in red... talk about a lack of identity.


secret box.…

that's all.


high-speed camera?


What is a cheap way to get something capable of, say, 120fps at a decent resolution? I'm looking for something that I can use to get good slow-motion at 1280x720 or better.

I've seen some Casio digicams that can do this at 640x480, but I'm looking for something higher-res. Any suggestions?


fuck gotham

gotham is the new avant garde. a good font, but wayyyy overused. i see it every-friggin-where i look. what was once a nice serif to make your whatever stand out, now means you are one of a crowd.

it had a nice run... but it is time to move on.





Really awesome link. Why was this deleted from the EC?



let's 'ave a proper stewdio thread shall we.


direct mail database ):


So I want to get a list of certain businesses in my area to send my promo cards to. Anyone have any experience with buying a direct mail database? In my interweb searching I've found:

1) $50 databases that have "20 million businesses" but you get all of it in one giant file and you have to do your own filtering

2) $300+ services where you pick out the type of business and the geographical area and they'll do the filtering for you.

Can anyone recommend anything here...? These three places seem like the best bets so far:……… (though the misspelling of "business" does not bode well).


a photographer's life in graph form…


tweet this…

Library to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archive -- ALL public tweets, ever, since March 2006! Details to follow. about 5 hours ago via web
Library of Congress


monica cook - snakes in yo bra, and such

awesome in that sort of cringingly sickening way


Terry Richardson is a creepking among creeps…

"I told him I had my period so I wanted to keep my underwear on, and he asked me to take my tampon out for him to play with. "I love tampons!" he said, in that psychotically upbeat way that temporarily convinces so many girls that what's fun for Uncle Terry is fun for them."


"here are some sites i like" she says

so i'm at the end of a long several-month website project:

(go to… if you want to heap vitriol on the design), the design for which the client signed off on three months ago. i was in what i thought were final discussions with the client to tweak some last things - google calendar inclusion, some photos on the gallery, and like that - when she tells me that she doesn't like the energy of the site and then sends me a list of websites that she likes, along with a list of restaurant websites that *another designer* likes.

i'm meeting with her on thursday. if she asks me to change the design that she approved three months ago because she doesn't like it anymore, i... i... i... i don't know what i'll do ):


restaurant site crit plz.


I'm almost done with this site here:

the problem is that I want it to be user-updatable - it's on a wordpress backend now, and as you can see, some of the sections (Press, Events) are WP pages with dynamic content and don't look that great compared with other sections (House, Menu) that have my own static images in there. I'd appreciate any/all feedback on this.



type help

I'm very dissatisfied with the nasty type on my site:

the avenir on the left is ok, but the two lines of text i have up top - nothing set that small seems to have the elegant, classy nature i want without being almost illegible (it's berling italic now). any suggestions for fonts to try, or a way to make it nicer...?


need a nice calendar webapp

anyone got any suggestions for me? i am hoping to avoid google calendar (really nice features, but not visually in sync with the site i want to put it on and def. not customizable like i would like). just some webapp that has a good interface, where i can get out a widget or bit of code that i can then stick in my site.

i did do a filter, and that k5n calendar from this thread ( is way not what i want.



artist who uses taxidermy?


I'm looking for that artist that uses dead birds in her work (I think it's a her). I remember specifically one piece that was a wooden coffin with tiny dead baby birds glued into the cracks... does this ring anyone's bell? Any help would be much appreciated (:



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