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another shooting



NHL pool: updates and trashtalk…

website is updated with everyones teams and stats from friday and saturday. Not todays games. Flavourful is in the lead. Let me know if you spot any mistakes.


ganja thread 2.0

the original has been smoked away...

post your fav ganja related memories here and laugh!!



London Drinks

Anyone keen? Maybe somewhere East? Shoreditch?


Explosion London Underground...

No idea what it is but anything like this makes my bladder weak.,,3…...

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God's warriors

On CNN. Amazing. Can't wait for tomorrow.


Intelligent design…





Some of you may remember when I asked around for help for this project.. SpookyTim and Neverblink contacted me to help me but due some reasons SpookyTom popped out and isn't active anymore on QBN :(

The QBN moleskine project is kinda like the Blackbook project, but it's different!

I asked the great Jason if he was intrested in sponsoring this project.. I wasn't sure if he even would respond to my email.. but he did, and he send over a few 7"x10" Softcover moleskine books, 192 pages!

Our idea was it to give every member who signs up, 3pages to create stuff on!
1st page: intro text/name/business card/ whatever..
2/3rd page (doublespread): your stuff
If you want, you can glue some pics in it, make a nice drawing, do whatever you think is cool! but don't ruin other peoples work.
then we keep 1page blank,
then next artist 3pages.. and so on and so on.

You now can sign up on the site we created in the last couple of weeks.
use your QBN member name, it will check if it's valid, if not, you can't join the project.
Fill in your correct shipping details.
We deliver each member with an adress wich they will use to ship the book to.…

We also had the idea to scan al work, and create a poster, but you guys would have to pay for it, and since you already have to pay for shipping, I guess you don't want to pay another $16 orso for a cool poster but we can discuss this when the project is done.

Who will receive the book(s) when it's done.
I was thinking to organize an auction(ebay/..) and the revenue goes to unicef or something else. ?
But we can discuss this later, now it's sign up time!…


BP oil spill

fuck sakes. terrible stuff.
interesting article here if anyone wants to start making info graphics…


Burning Man

i'm gearing up to go for the first time this year.

anyone else been? i'm curious about what your experience was like


tattoos = unintelligence

Tattoos are a sign of low intelligence. Can someone show me a tattoo that does not smack of cliche? Chances are if you have a tattoo you have a low intelligence level. A generalization yes, but accurate.

NOTE: This does not apply to Tattoos whose origin are part of an indigenous culture e.g. Maori, Samoan, etc. These actually have an original meaning. I do not mean to slander these originators.


Your Flickr

Show us your Flickr!

here's mine…


Architecture of the Day

Theater Lelystad
Lelystad, the Netherlands



just awesome auto shite:…




Apparently they're releasing 400,000 more documents tomorrow.

The site's been down for ages too. I wonder is that deliberate or not?


design a typeface 2009

That was a cool idea, too bad it didn't work. Let's try it again! I will make an AI template with cap and x-height. You pick a letter (caps only first) by replying here, design your letter and mail it to me. Any style as long as you stick to the guidelines in the template. Discussing work in progress will be fun too. Please don't spam in this thread!

I take the G btw.


Music Videos

Best ever? Tough decision, but Everlong - Foo Fighters has gotta be up there. Just watched it again for the first time in a long time.


Medium Format

bought a used Mamiya RZ67 Pro II about a month ago... love it!!!
- anyone else into medium format?


The Useful Thread

Just a thread to post little useful finds on the web for our designing needs. Here, I'll start:

HTML Ipsum
html pre-tagged dummy copy

PX to EM conversion made simple

QBN 2009: A Better Tomorrow Starts Today


what are you listening to right now?

Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine


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