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Illustrated Profile Pics

Friend of mine began a Kickstarter and it's taking off. She's an incredible illustrator, please take a look and support her!


Using grids in web design

We extoll the virtues of laying out your page properly, for the sakes of pace and fluency.


The Godfathers of Hackers and Founders expand in Amsterdam

The entrance to this rabbit hole, positions itself between the Mayor’s residence and a grand design agency.


Some of the best experiences are learned

Designing experiences and interfaces to be intuited by their users is overvalued.


10 Films Destined For Cult Status

Cult films can be anything: from low-budget dramas to Hollywood blockbusters. [...]


Knork 3+1 Chef’s Set

Using the cutting board as a brace, this packaging is highlighted by a single piece of paper that snakes its way through.


S magazine / Trevor Brady

This fashion and car shoot for S magazine by Trevor Brady featuring Audi, Mercedes, Cadillac


“The lazy approach”

On the skill of laziness.
Also, updated the design of the blog, in case you have any feedback.


Home Hawker Branding

Branding & Packaging Design Job.


Ashaya Films

Ashaya produces meaningful stories that promote deeper appreciation of the world’s past and present traditional cultures.


60+ Companies Branded

I've pushed and prodded pixels to create brands for over 60 companies over the years. Not bad for a one-man show.


Does LinkedIn work?

Fresh drop from our blog, questioning whether LinkedIn is good for business


Designers gotta eat too

"I haven’t had a new hot sauce get me this excited for quite some time." - Chris Rochelle


Paul Farnham for Element magazine

New beauty story out in element magazine yesterday. Take a look if you have a free minute.


Glug NYC

Hello all, we're bringing our Glug event to NYC on May 21st. There's some free tickets up for grabs on the link.


Architecture Fashion Shoot

Fashion shoot for PrivatAir (Swiss Air) magazine by Trevor Brady


Slo-mo Flying In-N-Out 480FPS Sony FS700 video

Shot this spot for our NBA Playoffs Bracket In-N-Out Giveaway last week on a Sony FS700, w a ton of Kinos + $75 of burgers/fries


Knork Child Set

Designed card to display child size pieces prominently among other children’s utensil retail options with minimal waste.


The G Project

A fun lettering project which started life as an experiment, ultimately evolving into an expressive tool. Get involved.


Updated my portfolio

Photography and graphic design portfolio!


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