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Logo Help!

Hello, I am designing a logo for a vehicle paint replacement shop that uses 3M materials. The company can cover a vehicle in exotic finishes such as chrome, carbon fiber, matte, camp, etc. I have designed a mark that we generally like but wanted to get some other eyes on it.



Preface: I took over an ecommerce business that sells fireplace supplies, solar fans and sunlights. The demo is male 30-60. Do-it-yourself types. Middle class.

Situation: Most products are priced the same. Customer service, user experience and brand are the only differentiators.

Challenge: After calling family members that range on the income and political spectrum, I've yet to find a charity for a 1% donation. It seems that either the person does not trust the charity or that the charity is mismanaged. VA, UnitedWay, etc.

I really don't want to give the option to the customer. I should, but I can't imagine tripling my accounting time at the end of the month, whilst having to write a campaign for each charity.

If I had any balls I'd have them donate to breast cancer. Who doesn't like their melons in the morning?


Meow The Jewels

It's real, it's coming, I am not kitten you guys.


RIP Elizabeth Peña

Elizabeth Pena Mother of Sofia Vegara In Modern Family Dies - Actress Elizabeth Peña, died on Tuesday in Los Angeles after a brief illness, her manager, Gina Rugolo, has confirmed. The vibrant act who had roles in “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” “La Bamba,” “Lone Star,” “Rush Hour” and “The Incredibles,” was 55. In addition to her film work, Elizabeth had a recurring guest role on “Modern Family,” playing the mother of Sofia Vergara’s character.


Your Nuclear Bunker?

WW3 has gone crazy, the world is going to end!!!

You have a place in the bunker but can only take one of each category...begin

1. Woman of choice (or man if you're into that)
2. One thing to entertain you
3. A life time supply of one meal
4. One bathroom item
5. A weapon for possible aftermath


New print

To warm you in grey autumn mornings...


Android L

Where are you?


Whisk(e)y of The Day

With fatherhood coming right up i've not been out getting smashed in bars of late, rather hanging out at that awesome place The Couch with a silky glass of something.

Blends, bourbons, single malts, Ryes etc – what's your fave?


Norway new Pixel money


Homepage Funnel


I'm looking for examples of homepages that gracefully but persuasively guide toward a contact or sales funnel.

Trying to convince a client that his homepage is scattering his visitors to too many areas of his site, when it really should be getting them to fill out the contact form.

I consider a good example.


Stereohype 2004-2014

10 years, 1,000 button badges, 300+ contributors, 1 exhibition (open until 31 Oct), 10 posters, 1 book, 1 squirrel


RIP Ikey

Talented dude. Was in Mars Volta and played with Jack White.…



of NT/ QBN..

name em..

#1 JazX
#2 Jox
#3 MrDobolina
#4 K0na_an0K
#5 sea_sea...

hhahahahaa @ # 5


Organizing/ Scheduling Committees

I do work with a couple not-for-profits and one is looking for a means for the committees to privately track meetings and other events. Also the occasional collaborative and cross-over of groups.

Often Exchange Server or the like would be the case, but that is not an option here. I am thinking of approaching it not wilh calendar software but people or project management software like in our industry.

Curious though if anyone had thoughts on method or services that could be useful.


So I met a woman...

So I met a woman recently who was candid about a recent date via tinder. ...ok, more a hook up it sounded like. Whatever. But both she and this random guy did not have protected sex, and she got genital herp), this had me wondering,... because she was so open/casual about it, is this the norm these days or is she a fuggin' nut case?

Do people not have protected? Just seems so odd. I definitely wouldn't risk it with any kind of hook up, tinder, or okcupid. Maybe i should live a little?


Happy 40th Mickey D's!


Brewdog Beertruck

See what you fine fellows make of this truck we designed for Brewdog. It just rolled into service this weekend.…


Amazing Spiderman 2

Anybody seen it?

I think this movie proves the existence of reptilians.



Hi guys, I have been asked to design a website for one of my clients, tell me what you think...


FUN GUS vinyl toy

FUN GUS is a new 8" vinyl toy platform. Versions by Buff Monster, Jeremyville and Kozik. Join the Kickstarter and share! Thanks


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