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NFL Helmets

Design Company Creates Bold Concept Helmets for All 32 NFL Teams…


Scott Adams: The Best Lifestyle Might be the Cheapest

Some interesting ideas from Scott Adams creator of Dilbert…


A'Design awards

Hi QBN, I need a little consulting. I recently received an invitation to enter the A'Design awards contest. I don't have a pulse on the design awards or contest scene and was wondering if this is worth it?

It has an associated registration fee, but that's not much concern to me. I just want to know how 'important' or 'prestigious' this contest is.


Big update

Big update on our portfolio platform! Have a look!


The most inspiring!

Who is on your list of the most inspiring: artists, designers, painters, innovators, architects, musicians, film directors, fashion, photographers, influencers, etc...


Illustrator CC font menu

My font menu items are white with a white highlight.

Changing the UI colour makes no difference, it's not the global OS highlight colour and it only happens on the font menu.

It's not the end of the world but is this happening to anyone else? Solved it? Not bothered?


What monitor u use?

Herro Guiseee,

I have a retina macbook pro and want to get a monitor to use with it. To be honest, I don't want to have to buy anything flash like a 4k screen so wondered if any of you guys had a nice mid range screen you would recommend?

Pref one with a thin edge as I might get two if decent price.


ecommerce page question

what is this type of page called where you can select different options and the price changes accordingly?…


Japan Bicycle Parking Technology


Perfect Match (NSFW)

A series I photographed on a tennis court in Frankfurt.



when you meet a good business deal - but he's a total tit munch douche bag.....

feel i need to # this for the first ever time in my life ever....



The man in high castle

I didn't even know they were making it,
I loved the book, so far the serie looks good,


The animation gif thread…


Spectacular Panoramas

Thought this probably deserves it's own thread.

AirPano is a not-for-profit project focused on high-resolution spherical panorama shots from a bird’s eye view.

Cairo -…

Teotihuacan -…

Guilin -…


What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

You're sitting across from your interviewers, they ask, what do you answer?


Sound Bar

I'm considering getting this. Does anyone have one? Currently $199 on Groupon.

What sound bar do you have/like?…



https:// width="425" height="355">


Non-traditional art?

I'm sure you've all seen art like this in museums and galleries. I'm sure the work comes from the "soul" of the artist, but is that how they make a living? Do they galleries and museums pay for the art to be produced most of the time?

What happens after the exhibits if they are lucky enough to get them? Do people actually own this kind of artwork?


Multirotors, Drones, Quadcopters

Just picked this up last week and I must say, super impressed.…

- 20-25 min flight time
- FULL HD 1080p
- GPS Lock & Follow me mode

Looking to get into FPV and build my own QAV250. Anyone else, into this sort of thing?


'The Interview' Film titles by Laundry!

Our first major film title design animation and certainly a controversial one around the time of release.


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