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QTHF in Colombia!

I'm travelling from Buenos Aires to NYC asking people what made them happy. This week I arrived in Colombia.


retina detection and display

What is the best way to have a wordpress site be retina ready (or any site for that matter)? I've seen plugins, javascript code, etc, but want to know the best way to detect and then display retina ready images.

This is for a portfolio site, with many projects and images, so load time is a factor as well.



Client 180ºs

We have this web project that started so perfect... Client loved the rebrand, web design, breezed through approvals of wireframes, layout & photo art direction. All smiles when they got to see the first staging site in action.

Now that their assets have taken place of the FPO's, they suddenly don't like the consistent photo treatment, then they open up about how they don't like the large (responsive) size of the imagery and graphics. They're now wanting to resize content throughout the whole site.

The most frustrating complaint to me (which I've heard before) is that they feel the landing image fills up too much vertical space and "people don't know to scroll down" to see more content. All the while, viewing on a tiny laptop on IE with a vertical viewing window under 470px.

How can you help a client that initially wants progress and change, but then suddenly wants to go back to the olden days of web, so they can cram their content into one viewable space.

Any others out there witnessed this scrollophobia?


Cybercrime | newspaper cover

Despite all growth of cybercrime, weak passwords are still widespread. “123456” and “password” are still the most common by far..


Drawing Device / Laptop Recommendations

Has anyone tried the Sony Duo or Flip for drawing? I can't decide if I want something ultraportable or something with a larger screen.


Good app to rescue data

from an external hdd,
(mac or pc)



Started updating this again. Thought some of you might be interested.


iMac Wifi Issue

For some reason, my imac isn't connecting well with the router. It works once in a while, but I usually get an exclamation on the wifi icon. My other devices connects to the router fine so there's something wrong going on with the imac. It didn't have any problems connecting to the wifi at other places.

Can I buy an external wifi device that connects via usb to the imac that would fix the problem?


Fonts you want 2015


New Smith Logo




2015 Winter coats

Need some ideas...




filezilla beware

Watch out for filezilla, I just tried to download it from sourceforge (linked from the filezilla website)and all I got was a bunch of search hijacks and various other forms of malware - "vosteran". Looks like it's be compromised.


FMT 010915

Death Grips - Fashion Week…


portfolio critique

Hello QBN's. I know I'm sticking my neck out around these parts but I just updated my portfolio for the first time in 10 years. Kindly check out my work and let me know your thoughts.


I want to communicate with an ant

How would I do it?

Should I make myself known by stomping their nest or burning them with my high powered sun laser?

Should I just hover above their nest and study them from afar?

Should I capture a small sample of their population and study them in a closed environment similar to theirs?

Should I implant a select number with pheromones then release them back into their nest to study their behaviours in their natural habitat?

Should I feed them sugar and other nutrients until they see me as a God?

I'm at a loss on how to communicate with them, anyone has any idea??


Educating idiot clients

Are there any studies, infographics, videos etc out there that I can show idiot clients how important it is to reduce mountains of text, have white space, and more importantly sacrifice some of the details in favour of a clean, simple document?

for what it's worth, at the moment I'm drawing diagrams and infographics that explain how businessmen will be conducting businessy things, and they are so stuck on exact nuances and details that they basically want these really complex diagrams printed onto small brochures. They just won't listen to my advice, so I need to show them "proof" from "experts"


Looking for portfolio site

It was a guy's personal site which had loads of statistics about where he had travelled etc and it came with a really detailed blog about his design / development process.

I remember it had a neat animated circular navigation system.

Ring any bells?


Collaboration contract?

So I've got an opportunity to work with someone who needs help with some of her projects from a developer standpoint. I'd love this to be an ongoing arrangement for the added income, but I'm not sure about whether I need a contract with her or not. Any thoughts on what I need to do to not get screwed?


Hong Kong

Any qbners in Hong Kong? I'm traveling there for work and will have the weekend of the 16-18 to check the place out. Some inside info and a QBN Honk Kong Drinks would be fun.


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