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Keeping track of hours?

What do you use to keep track of hours worked on a project for small projects that you bill by the hour?

Do you just use your clock or do you have an app or something?


Black women's hair?

Did y'all know that most black women are walking around with wigs, weaves and unnatural hair? Imagine spending that much time on your hair everyday?


Women at 30%

In my experience in relationships, co workers, family. i have noticed the female gender being totally ok with constantly having their phone charged at a cool 30% and not giving a damn. i mean they dont even plug it at night.

im freaking out at around 70% with 65% being critical


Indesign to iOS App

soooo anyone have experience making apps from Indesign?
I want to do a "brochure" app.


Controversial subject [not4sjw]

I've seen lots of users trying to dictate what should be discussed here, some even went as far as accusing me of posting snuff when none of this ever happened.

So I want the usual SJWs suspects to make a list of what we can and can not discuss here, I've been here 13 years and there's so much design I can talk about,

so lets make a list of what is allowed to be discussed so I don't ruffle any more jimmies.

Here's a short list of what I would be interested to discuss with you but I need to find a way to keep some people out because it will probably make them think that I'm doing it for the sakes of being controversial

• The iguala cartel and mexico mass graves
• Child soldiers
• Real feminism & men's right
• The future of internet's free exchange of ideas
• UFO and the breakaway civilisation

if any of these subject irritates you I will use the tag [not4sjw] in the title


Flickr Cookies

Does anyone else can't access his Flickr page in Firefox because "cookies aren't enabled" when in fact they are?

I mean, I have cookies enabled and still I get Flickr message that I have to enable them.

Yes, I already "Googled", read info in Flickr's help page, restarted the browser and also the machine.



What the f.....

Helpings please. was no help.


Charts - Online or Script

I need to create a pdf presentation with some data. I'll probably do that in Illustrator as an infographic.
Are there any tools that you use, online or as a script?


FMT 141107…


Olive Kitteridge on HBO

watched the first episode of this four part series.



Waterproof Sneakers & Boots

Yeah, looking for waterproof sneakers and or boots.




QBN = 4chan



Annoying voices/laughs


Dribbble draft needed

Any QBNer on Dribbble who would want to draft me so I can start posting work over there?


Firefox Lightbeam


I now use DuckDuckGo…



Nude Black and White Photography

From the beginnings of photography, artists have turned the camera toward the naked body in search of a classical sense of beauty.


Android Kiosk App

preferably free.

what's out there that you know?

We need to display websites in kiosk mode for an exhibition and I'm an iOS guy, not much knowledge of Android. any help appreciated.

(Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1)


Mac Projector

Is there a mini portable projector that connects to a mac? Something that can project fairly large (42" at least) with great image quality?


From dusk till dawn

This show is so good, stellar acting,
go watch it now!


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