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MS Pixelsense and Others like it

I was wondering if anyone out there is working with this or technologies like it. Their SDK for this was last updated in 2012... but the hardware manufacturers seem to be introducing new ones and even for android.

I have been curious to where this tech is going and would like to tinker around with it but the price on these things is a bit steep.

Thanks for any info you all might have.


Last man on QBN

As this ghost ship ss QBN wanders the internet seas aimlessly without power or crew, I'm curious to see how it will end.

Will we be killed off one at a time like son and utopian, will we slowly die off from disease and old age?

who will be the last man on QBN?


Shut The Fuck Up Of The Day

When you need to tell someone to shut the fuck up

Shut the fuck up...all you crybabies!


Quicktime Player Applescript Questine

Hello, I've been trying to automate a script for quicktime player that does this

1. start quicktime
2. initiate recording
3. record for 5 sec
4. stop recording

but no matter what I try, I can't get it to save with a new name everytime

how can I get it to save sequentially,
e.g: -- movie002.move -- movie003 -- etc

here's my code, any help would be cool


set filePath to (path to desktop as text) & ""

tell application "QuickTime Player"
set newMovieRecording to new movie recording
set windowID to id of first window whose name = "Movie Recording"

tell newMovieRecording
delay 5 --(seconds)
end tell

set newMovieRecordingDoc to first document whose name = (get name of first window whose id = windowID)
tell newMovieRecordingDoc to export in filePath using settings preset "iPad"
--tell newMovieRecordingDoc to export in filePath using settings preset "25 fps"
end tell



Recently responded to a thread deleted by QBN about Utopian becoming a MOD. Fair enough.

Essentially he said he doesn't give a fuck about anyone who has cancer (directed at me who has it) and posted a maybe ? famous 'gorilla not giving a fuck looking meme' image. Thread then closed.

I kinda want to out this guy, get him banned, if you are with me, sweet, I know I got support of a few QBN'rs via emails regarding it. Emailed QBN several times, no response.

All this crap about trolling in other threads and in sites such as CHAN etc being acceptable just got daft. This aint that place.

I love QBN, but don't want to leave because of this ignorant and faceless idiot.


Shoe size?

Does this give you the correct size? It tells me I'm wearing the wrong size by a half.…


UK Book keeping / tax etc software

Hello all, first time here for a long long time, glad to see little has changed!

I'm looking for a mac based book keeping program that's easy to use and preferably has iPhone / iPad versions too. Needs to be UK based or at least the option of setting country and currency.

Needs to be simple - sales / purchases / capital / bills etc etc
I've always printed everything but it's getting to the point where things should just be onscreen I think.

Only quite a small business so nothing too heavy.

Any suggestions greatly received!


Illustrator Artboards?

How do you change the page number of artboards, without changing the content in them?

I have 20 artboards and can't figure out how to add one between page 8 and 9 without that one being 21 and having to move everything around.


RIP Jay Adams…


We Stopped Dreaming



This show is great so far.…


7th Dimension people :/


WTF please


Meanwhile in ...


printing pictures online

I want to print a bunch of pictures (in random sizes) to hang in frames... whats a good place to get them printed?

I checked costco but it seems to be good for only standard sizes...


The Good Judgement Project

https:// width="425" height="355">
So if any of you like statistics, international politics, domestic politics or the art of making accurate predictions, you might find this interesting.

"The Good Judgment Project is a four-year research study organized as part of a government-sponsored forecasting tournament. Thousands of people around the world predict global events. Their collective forecasts are surprisingly accurate."

I just registered and got oriented for this season. I'll have like 100 questions to look over and make predictions, updating my forecasts as I learn more or as events change. They will take my prediction along with everyone else's collectively to sort of turn our minds into a giant, predicting super-computer.

Watch the vid above. https://www.goodjudgmentproject.…


Anonymous - Mike Brown Murder

twitter account suspended.………


Dog Mayor

what the fuck?…


Dragged out of casino...


I was at the casino last night and I got too drunk I admit, and i apparently offended someone at the table for swearing, 20mins later I had 6 bouncers asking me to leave and I politely explained /i was not leaving in a calm manner.

After asking if i was refusing to leave and answering yes I was understandably picked and handled roughly by two guards one at each arm and tossed out.

That is all fine, I get that. Never been kicked out of anything in my life but last night i was drunk and i had no problem with having to be removed.

HOWEVER - - the guards when they grabbed me used a very specific hold and the guard on the right completely pushed my hand down as far as it could go HARD and literally ever since, I have not been able to use my right hand at all. Completely serious.

Currently typing with my left hand as it is simply too painful to type as feels like kinives and pins and needles on all fingers especially the thumb, minus the pinky.

It hurts so much i could not work today and i went to the gp and he said it should return to normal within 2-3 days but if not come back to him.

I am seriously concerned that I have had my hand permanently damaged (it feels like having the pins and needles in the hand 24hrs pain, x 2 )

Has anyone ever had an inury like this ? I cant find much online. Any friends of docs or physios here?

/if it does not mend in all seriousness would I be up for compensation? It is my right fucking hand i am talking about here, I literally cant use it!?

My thumb ic completely fucked i cant even press down on the spacebar it hurts that much.

I SCREAMED at the time and saw their inhouse paramedic who took my bp and a blood sample at the time, i also got the medical case number from him. I also calle the casino this morning and asked to make sure they keep the tapes from last night...

What is everyones thoughts? I was in no way ever rude or threatening to the guards ever, i was in fact being calm collected and quiet talking. Until the agonising pain i felt. I am a skinny guy.


IT spec sheet for website

Hi all

I am working on a basic spec sheet that I will send to the client before we start any website job, just to get the lowdown on who has the domains, hosting, IT contact etc.

Does anyone have anything like this, and if so any tips on what to include?

Any help appreciated


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