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do you have a soundcloud?

post it


Who would you want to learn design from?

If you could sit with a designer or developer for a day and pick their brains, who would it be?


Shutterstock RF images?

I'm really confused... I need to search for Royalty Free images only. Shutterstock, mainly.

All searches come up with Shutterstock saying "we've got millions of RF images! Yay we're so awesome!"

Does that mean that all images are royalty free? Even the licensing page tells nothing about it, but does offer an extended license, which makes me think maybe it's not royalty free?


html / js / css guise

I need your help ASAP.

I don't know where to go on such short notice... my normal developer is suddenly out of the picture and I'm stuck w/some HTML / JS / CSS garble that is beyond me. We've been working with a few JS scripts (scrollMagic, Tweenmax... jquery) that seem to get most of the job done... (I'm handling the simple animation scripts and will cut graphics as much as you need me to(although I think they're all cut)) ...I'm just stuck finishing a number of items ranging from medium-large (formatting only... fix this CSS!) for the desktop version... but I also need to create / finish a mobile version using a lot of the main site elements.

I can't share the specifics here for obvious reasons (it's for the entertainment industry)... I have a short period of time to finish this up (I don't expect it to be much work... maybe 12-15 hours?). I really need someone to take a look and let me know what they feel time / cash would cost to complete... I'm a lil desperate! <3

(sorry, qbn gods... I know the 'rules'... I just don't have anywhere to go in such short notice)


One Question For God?

If you had one question to ask god, what would it be?


Anyone on an O-1 visa in the US?

Would love to swop stories etc...


List of ideas

I once saw this list where all ideas tumble down too if you look at them in the broadest way.

It went a little bit like..
The biggest...
The smallest..
Turn it around..

Does anybody know how this list is called?


Spanglish Poster Series

Terribly good action movies turned Spanglish.


Light Box / Light Table

Hi Guys,

I want to order a light box for the office. The last one we ordered was total shite and broke within a few months.

Any recommendations for a good quality light box?

Thanks a million,


Slick Online Product Purchase

I'm looking for some examples of slick ecommerce sites that have a polished purchase page.

Preferably products that have multiple options & preferences when buying.



25. Crystal Apple Festival Illustrations

25. Crystal Apple Festival Illustrations



Is your bum sore yet?
will anything be done about it?

Summary: Labor senators voted with government senators to defeat Greens and cross-bench attempts to limit ASIO's new expansive powers to spy on all Australian internet users, as the legislation passed the Senate overnight.
Josh Taylor…


Monthly Eating Expenses

How much do you spend a month on food? Any tips / recipes on saving?


10 Nude Sculptures That Caused a Stir

The modern period is littered with controversial nude sculptures, as you will see from these selections.


WTF Vans

on the 'Luke Meier' type, cheers!


Pantone In Illustrator

I have been out of the print game for several years now, and haven't had to choose a pantone colour a long time.

I've got the pantone that we want but it doesn't seem to be available in illustrator (or indesign's) Solid Coated color book.

I can get it in photoshop though... what am I doing wrong here?

Just for reference the colour in question is Pantone 542 C


Get it Black

Everything you want, in the right colour.



the grey text? WHADISIT?


Fruit drink beverage logos

Any good logos?

This isn't a fruit beverage, but It's a nice use of the surface:


How is this done?

HTML5 (CSS and Javascripting)?

Is Adobe Muse or Edge Animate worth learning?


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