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Instant Peeping

Instant Peeping is an experimental prototype exploring behaviour patterns and data analysis among Instagram users.


Drone's world

This is nice and scary at the same time

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RIP Ultimate Warrior


Do Enterprise Social Networks actually work?

In our latest blog we take a look at the rise in use of ESNs and ask how to implement them successfully


Associate to: WHITE

Everyone lurves a little white, now don't they!

I'm currently trying to add some depth to an identity that just uses flat white or a boring gradient/vignette. So 3D spaces would be ideal, but all things white are welcomed here.


10 Movies That Mess With Your Head!

It is often said that movies are the closest thing we have to re-experiencing our dreams.


R.I.P. Karl-Heinz Fietze

01/02/1935 - 07/04/2014

I don't know who he his at all. Just another person who died.
I just read his name in the local newspaper obituary page.
I guess we're even now, as nobody here knew this person.



RIP Massimo Tamburini

Everyone is dying. It's the end of civilisation.…


Knork Flatware Packaging

Needing to discern between gloss, duo, & matte finish, the designs for their 18/10 nickel flatware are similar...



Wanna collaborate on a song for my upcoming Palaxy Tracks record? I'm just about finished with a song called "Slow Dancing" that has a long musical interlude in the middle. The instrumentation is really just a bed for more sounds — sounds that have yet to be created. I'll be spending some time creating and editing sound bites for this mid-section, but I thought it would be interesting to try crowd-sourcing some of these sounds, too. Any sounds I use will get full credit in the liner notes and a "performer" credit (meaning if by some stroke of totally-not-going-to-happen luck this song actually receives any royalties, you would get a small portion of those).


This song is about a home invasion that happened to me when I was a child. I was at my cousins' house with my sister. My aunt and mother left for a yard sale in the neighborhood, leaving the five children alone. A man drove into the garage with a gun in his lap (I was sitting on the kitchen counter and could see down into the garage through a window) and came in, searching the house. The five of us hid in the bathtub with the bathroom door locked. He found us and started violently kicking the door, but it was an old house with hearty doors, so he couldn't break through. He eventually left.

The idea for the mid section of the song is to create tension. The sounds I want added are just going to come and go in the mix. They can be anything: noisy, pretty, voices, guitars, glass, frightening, whatever. As long as it sounds good in the song!

The section in question runs from 0:45 to 2:05.

Here is a link to the MP3 file:…

If you're interested in participating, email me () and let me know. You can also send any audio clips there, in any format you wish. Be sure to include your details.

Oh, and there is a video in the works for this tune. The concept for the video is different than it is for the song, but it matches the song in tone perfectly. Here are a few screenshots:


RIP Ultimate Warrior…


Tetrad 2014

We're Fucked!…


Tribeca Film Festival 2014

It's a week away so I figured I'd share some info with you NYC folk (and those that may be traveling here).

This year all screenings on Friday, 4/25 will be free. You can reserve tickets from Monday, April 14 to Thursday, April 17. This is something we're partnering with AT&T with, so you either have to go to AT&T stores to reserve OR any TFF box office outlet.

More info can be found here:…

Also, as usual, if we end up having extra tickets to any screenings, I will let you guys know.

Holler if you have any questions.


Funniest Movies

Which movies have made you laugh out loud the hardest?


light on Mars

A NASA camera on Mars has captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outward from the planet's surface.


Big & Small

I've recently joined a shared office with a load of illustrators, screen-printers, carpenters etc and they've suggested a joint exhibition on the theme "Big & Small".

They're all French and i'm the awkward English guy in the corner struggling to understand what's being said so I want to impress them, I'm thinking a set of posters or something but I'm too lazy to think up ideas on my own...


Private mailing lists?

Can anyone recommend a good mailing list provider that's not google groups or yahoo?



Wacom tablet - Pen pressure issues

Yesterday I spent the best part of the evening trying to figure out why the Intuos 3 tablet was behaving like a proper bastard.

The problem is easily explained.
You open photoshop and create a new file: Pen pressure works. No problems.

But if you open photoshop, and Open a saved file, the pressure doesn't work. and there is no way to make it work. Ever.

I've tried several soultions:
- uninstalling and reinstalling the latest driver: No change
- uninstalling the drivers and installing progressively older drivers: No change
- Change the sampling mode of the pen: No change
- Making sure that I open PS with the pen and then keep using the pen as a pointing device (known glitch): No change
- disabling the TabletPC input service on Windows: No change.

Did anything like that ever happened to you?


UK business set-up advice

After having a 'real' salaried job for 3 years, I've decided it might be time to go back to freelancing/consulting/contracti... again.

My previous freelancing was all done as PAYE through an agency, but this time around I'm in it purely for myself and want to set up a company.

I'm sure there's a fair few of you on here who have done this, so any advice you can give regarding how long it takes, the cost, sole trader vs. limited company, the best way to do it (yourself or through a solicitor...) any of that or other words of wisdom would be most welcome.

Thanks buds.


Javascript coding game…

Stuck in level 2, but looks fun

Movements are vim like


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