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Which Fuji Should I Get?

I take photos of mainly portraits and fashion type photography. Some street photography for fun as well but not as important.

Should I get:

A) Fuji x-e1 with a 18-55mm lens for $520

B) Fuji x-e2 for $600 for the body


C) 60mm Macro Lens for $350

D) 35mm Lens for $450?


You're All

A bunch of bitches.

That would be all

Thank you


Portfolio system...

My english sux from time to time :D and I dont remember how you call that... But iam looking for system to build a portfolio, but one that I can download and install on my own server. Like C4rgo Collective for exemple, but installed on my server. How do you call this? an interface to update a website automatically... y'know? Geez, iam not clear.



Will be creating wireframes for an upcoming project-- might be a really silly question, but:

OmniGraffle? What else is out there?



I'm looking at a temporary apartment which has 4 months left on the lease and the guy is looking to sublease until the end. Anyone know what the US law says about taking over the lease when it ends? Am I allowed to continue at a similar rate or do I have to sign a lease after his lease ends if I were to stay and take over?


favorite art/design theory reads?

obviously for design, steven heller is sort of one of those leading authors to keep track of.

but i'm wondering, what are your favorite theory reads for either design or art? i am talking in both the capacity of published literature or ongoing blogs.

for books, the looking closer series was good, and things like susan sontag and even aspects of some philosophy (hume is a personal favorite). for blogs, stuff like design observer.

i dunno. what do you all read to keep your theoretical interests / mindset active?


Calf Tattoos

I got a birthmark on my left calf, and I want to cover it up with a tattoo. I'm a tattoo virgin but I checked out a few shops for estimates. They said I needed to come up with the artwork so looking for some inspiration. I like the look of the yakuza tattoos.



Im sure I have sene this all over the place recently but no idea what it is.



Fail of the day


Handshake of the day


Win of the day


Interwebs Of The Day

Post stuff from the interwebnets.

i.e, run your mouse over the dots to reveal a picture…


SASS Math function

Anyone here good with math and creating functions with SASS. I created an equation that accomplishes what I want, but it's really inelegant. I know it can be written more efficiently. Anyone want to give it a go?

Here's what I have.
@mixin adjust-vertical-rhythm($number, $more-space-above:0, $more-space-below:0) {
margin-top: ((10 - ($number % 10)) * 1px) + ($inuit-base-line-height * $more-space-above);
margin-bottom: ($inuit-base-line-height - (10 - ($number % 10))) + ($inuit-base-line-height * $more-space-below);


Automotive - Trevor Brady

Automotive / Fashion photography by Trevor Brady


Looking for a room to rent in Dusseldorf

I know this is kind of a shot in the dark,
but I know QBN is global familly so if you know someone in Dusseldorf or near who happens to a room to rent, let me know,



Great UX? Make it harder for new features

The hamburger menu pattern has gotten a lot of bad press in the design community over the past few months. Most of the negative at


Hip Hop Heroes

Vector Illustrations of Hip Hop Heroes From The Golden Hip Hop Era.


Wordpress Gallery tags

I am looking for a Gallery plugin for Wordpress where I can upload images and give them tags/categories e.g red, door, window.

Then I can use a short code to place selections of these grouped images into the page throughout the site. Some images might have multiple tags/categories so feature in different galleries.

I see you can do this with nexgen gallery, but does anyone know anything else?


Patrick Hoelck: Studio Print Sale 

Patrick's selling a ton of prints for $100 this weekend at his studio in LA, email for address.


reBaked's Concept

Is it just me or does it smell like 99 designs?


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