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Need help

I need someone to open a InDesign file made in CC and save it so I can open it in InDesign CS6 ... It won't let me open it.

Anyone can help me out? Send me an email.


styling headlines?

anyone have cool links or resources for headlines and styling them?

thx :)


RIP Jan Hooks

https:// width="425" height="355">


Let's Talk Design NY

Nicolas Provost, Filmmaker and video artist
Rizon Parein, 3D artist and illustrator
Mario Hugo, Artist, designer, Hugo&Marie


Pocket projectors

Anyone own one, or looked at them recently?
Need to find a portable projector quick...


Fire client?

Anyone ever dropped a client?

I have a client whose business I don't care about. She doesn't give me very much work (few hours time here and there) and when I decided to raise my rates on her, she tried to bargain with me.

I have the time to do the work so I try to help, but this client isn't very rewarding.

Is that the nature of work or should I just fire her?




New ads

New commercial stuff from photographer MARCUS KURN


Portfolio sites

behants prosite

what do you use for your portfolio site?


Death with Dignity


R.I.P. Gary Coleman,h_457,c_fill,g_face:center,q_60/v1/tk/view/cew/4/1/8/3/2/4183222491/6b0bda70642fd8b8d59e544a7d25544600f35cff.jpg



Converse Rubber Tracks Poster Art

Eye-melting new poster art for Converse Rubber Tracks concert with Kevin Drew, Feist, Comet Control. Art by Jessica Fortner


Google Analytics fake bots?

I checked my analytics today and in the past month, I've gotten 150+ "visits" from Brazil, the Philippines, Iraq and Croatia.

Now as I don't know anyone in these random countries, I assume they are bots or spam.

How does this happen? Did someone copy my code or is it being loaded somehow? Any way to fix it?


Page marker not on master?

I'm now trying to edit an InDesign document's page marker, (the text next to the page number) but it's locked and the master page is completely empty.. and trying to edit it using the Section Marker Window does nothing.

Is there another way to add section markers?



latest issue of this art/fashion magazine. disclaimer: edited by a mate of my daughter.



k thnx bai


Fuck up of the day

If this thread already exists, blow me. I could not find it.

Today I saw BRAND NEW white F1 Mclaren filling up at same petrol station I was at. Naturally I went over to take a look. The 20yr old young Asian owner was friendly enough and we got to chatting.

There was a tow truck parked in front of the Mclaren, loading it onto the flatbed...why?

He fucked up and just filled the ENGINE OIL tank up with FUEL! haha

Overheard by tow driver:

"If you dont fuck up, I dont get paid! :)"

hahahha I do have pics...



I'm trying to explain to my dearly beloved partner the ridiculousness of extreme-edge tumblr-esque feminism, as she's only seen the counter reaction "I don't need no feminism, thanks" photos with otherwise well-meaning, balanced, women holding up scrawled placards, etc...

...can you point me in the direction of one of the sources for the stuff you've posted here over the past year or so?

I'm having a hard time explaining how ridiculous the 'debate' has got in some of the duller parts of America.



VLC and Joomla

Need some help....

Friend has a joomla site and trying to put a current live stream up thats supported with VLC player. What are his options to put that on the site? Google has been no help.


Freelance rates

I havent freelanced in about 8 years. Got someone looking for me to redesign their site, possibly work on some marketing materials. Really not sure what the average is these days for this kind of work.

Don't want to overcharge since I'm not desperate for the money. Just want to give a good fair hourly rate since I may get a lot more work out of this company.


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