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How I feel today.


Squarespace, WP or Tumblr?

I am setting up a blog for a client that could incorporate a small online store in the future.

They want me to design it, but they will be posting and need it to be easy to use.

Do you think Squarespace is the best option or should I stick to Tumblr or WP? Any other formats?


WTF - Renaissance

Looking for these 2 fonts for my bro:

- Renaissance
- Health Care Network

thanks a bunch.


Knork 6 Pack Sets

The color variations are intended to discern between the finishes available on their flatware in multiple box configurations.


Web code structure?

If some one sends you code that is just one long run on line, is there any program that can break it up so it's readable and easy to navigate again?


Keyboard press trigger link

I'm having trouble implementing the keyboard arrows triggering Prev / Next links. I have tried several methods I found online but nothing is working and I'm not sure why.

link is like this:
<a id="next" href="' . $nextLinkURL . '">' . $nextLinkText . '</a>

I tried to trigger it with:



I tried using several jquery methods and also tried with Mousetrap.js ( )

Halp pliz


(LDN) Tech volunteering in May

Hey London QBNers,

The charity I work for, Apps for Good, is about to start it's annual competition.

The competition involves the kids that are taught IT/Comp Sci through Apps for Good submitting their app ideas to be shortlisted by a group of expert volunteers. Winners of the competition get to have their app developed professionally and get introduced to loads of cool people from the tech industry.

<company message>
We're looking for digital professionals to join us at our shortlisting events and help us shortlist the best student app ideas. We need people who are able to spot a good app idea when they see one as well as being able to assess ideas for innovation, originality, market, technical feasibility and suitability to platform.

The events will take place 8th, 12th, and 14th May at our offices off Old Street after-work with up to 20 Expert volunteers. It will be a mixture of an informal workshop reviewing of the ideas (which is fun and a real insight into the students we work with) and some networking afterwards (with other digital professionals who work in tech city). Food and drinks inlcuded!

If you’d like to come along to any of these dates please RSVP to:
</company message>

I wasn't at the company this time last year to be a part of the reviewing sessions but I've seen a lot of the entries from last year and it seems like a lot of fun. There'll be a massive range of ideas and it's a lot of fun seeing how creative the kids can be.


RIP Wally Olins

Died at 83 after a short illness.…


Game of Boobs


pdf pageflip

does anyone on here know of a way of converting a pdf doc into a pageflip document?

needs to work cross device/platform so flash is not an option... and ideally without any branding/watermark - just the pdf in a pageflip format.

anyone got anything in their little-bag'o'trix that does this?

is there any plugins or extras that indesign can export to pageflip?

any pointers warmly welcomed - and thanks in advance ;-)


Unique projects

Projects that you find unique, clever, creative for whatever reason (for the betterment of everyone)

Think about it... what are they?


Looking for photographers

Hi Guys,
I just gave my project The Portraitists a facelift.

I'm looking for photographers within every niche (Fine Art, Fashion, Still life, Wedding, Portrait, you name it) to collaborate with. Send me your recommendations!…


Tax Extension

For the first time ever I had to file an extension. We're in the middle of moving and I can't find my paperwork anywhere. Who else has had to file an extension?


More themes like this?

Ignore the content, but anyone know any free Tumblr themes similar to this that are scalable?…


Writing your bio

Shit is hard.



Anyone else use this site to read reviews from companies?


Anyone still have freehand that works?

I need just one file converting into an EPS. Anyone that could help?


Stock music sites?

What's your favorite stock music site, and why?


typo zine

The ‘Mistyped’ zine showcases collection of
headline fonts made for pleasure
or for strange magazines.


Haering Hege - Story - Trevor Brady

Haering Hege fashion story shot by Trevor Brady in London


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