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Legal advice

I just finished a website for a client who has been a nightmare from the start (weird harassing texts on holiday about 'begging you to start the design work early because my business is bleeding'). It's a wordpress site and is now live.

He ran up a bill that was 1K than the quote, and I was clear as I went along that we were adding days to the job, ensuring he was aware. He Ok'ed this in several emails.

He is now refusing to pay the final bill (over 1k) saying it was unreasonable charges and he has 'consulted the CEO of a design company' who said the extra cost should be written off.

Anyone know how to get on with legal advice on this sort of situation? I didn't sign a contract but have a long series of emails detailing the work and proving he was aware of the extra costs the work was incurring.

Any advice please share, or legal resources to understand what I can do from here? Thanks


Cheap Thrills

great little movie


Really stupid question

Hi, ladies and gents,
I've just started using maverick which is a huge jump from my old Snow Leopard setup,

anyways, can someone explain to me what is the point of having reverse scrolling, I've been using it for 3 days now and can't find a real justification in scrolling up to go down and down to go up,

is it just another gimmick to be "different" or there's an use I'm completely missing



Cinema4D R16


Stencil Sans

Anyone recommend a nice, modern looking stencil sans serif? For possible use in a contemporary art / gallery scenario.



My Storey

Everyone has a story to tell. What's yours?


iPhone hacked

A friend thinks her iPhone was hacked by her boyfriend so he could monitor her shit. Forget the fact that this is totally reprehensible and shitty, but how would he do it?
I have no interest in learning the specifics, but how do you go about this? Installing what? Malware?


Free Palaxy Tracks album...

The first 5 to respond here get a free download code for the new Palaxy Tracks ( ) record, Wilderness (a full 2–3 months before the official release). Once the vinyl comes out I'll be hiding a handful in a few different cities around the US, too.

Want one? Just respond here and I'll get you a download code.


Online Applicants?

When a job is posted online for a major city, and it's picked up by or another site like that, how many applications do they get on average? 20, 100, 500?

For a normal job, not director or management, how many applicants are actually qualified?

Anyone ever been on the other side and have any tips to stand out?


Godaddy fun

They want to charge be $100 to recover a domain that isn't even expired yet. They are scammers and so sick of their tactics, moving everything over to hover, also moving my clients off of (mt).


Google Domains

Anyone using this yet? Just got an invite, wondering if I should make the switch.


Premier League 14/15

8 more days gentlemen!!

https:// width="425" height="355">&


Backup from camera?

Does anyone know of a backup tool that lets you move photos from a camera or memory card to some other piece of hardware without needing a computer? Like a portable hard drive or something.

I usually backup photos to my ipad but running low on space to do that these days. Just wondering if there's another method for moving photos from memory cards to free up space.


Summer Cinema Salad #14

Please, "google translate" it, if your need short reviews!




Sexy design won’t save your crappy product (sorry)

I recently worked on a project for a very large client. They had spent more than a year and millions of euro developing a mobile a


New Watercolor Tattooers of 2014

This was trendy back in ‘12, with pioneers like Ondrash, Klaim and Wachob. Their body art experiments inspired others...


element 3d...

afternoon! does anyone here use videopilot's element3d plugin for after effects?

i seem to be either missing some part of the plot or something here... i can use e3d at up to half resolution in afx but when i either try and render it 100% res or change the view to full - it simply freezes and dies on me...

i've been looking around google et al and it seems that it might be the graphics card in my macbook pro that makes it spit it's dummy...

anyone else managed to get it working at full resolution is there any jiggery pokery to be done to solve this problem?

it's not the end of the world if it is simply a non-runner on a mbp's system - but would make my life a hell of a lot easier if there is something that i am missing to get it working...


$100 million

I just randomly looked up Bill Murray net worth as he was on Letterman and I am bored out of my gord.

$140million odd or so.

Imagine ACTUALLY having that sort of money, I mean REALLY Imagine it LOL


Google wants HTTPS

Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings…
- -

that mean hosting services will make loads of money... HTTPS isnt' free yo!


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