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Diggin' in the Carts

Get your 8-bit groove on with the originators of video game soundtracks in RBMA’s new web series.





Dude! it's Super Easy!

Overheard in Starbucks:
"Thanks for helpin' me out."
"Yeah, no problem."
"I'm havin' this dude my girl knows do my logo."
"Is he like a graphic artist guy?"
"I dunno. But I need a website too."
"Man, check out WIX. Cuz you can do, like that Facebook connection stuff... and Google. Dude! It's super easy"
"What do you mean?"


Logo Variants

Any examples of identities done in different ways like this:

<a href="">



Tip the cable guy?

You have a guy come in and install your internet, are you supposed to tip?


moving through time

Can anyone point to an example where you move through a slideshow forwards, as if going through time?

Imagine you had a deck of cards and you started at 1 and moved through to 52 on the same axis...

and no im not drunk


Design for Android

Due to the various screen sizes I'm pretty lost on which dimensions to use to create a 'landing page' design for phones that are on Android.

iPhone seems pretty easy (I assume that the landing page design would be the same as the Launch Image dimensions). Here's a list I put together:

App Icon
iPhone4, iPhone5 - 120 x 120 and 60 x 60
iPad - 152 x 152 and 76 x 76

App Store
Apple - 1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512

Apple - 80x80 and 40x40

58x58 and 29x29

Launch Image
iPhone 5: 640 x 1136 pixels
iPhone 4: 640 x 960 pixels and 320 x 480 pixels (standard resolution)
iPad portrait: 1536 x 2048 pixels and 768 x 1024 pixels (standard resolution)
iPad landscape: 2048 x 1536 pixels and 1024 x 768 pixels (standard resolution)

However for Android, this is all I have!?


Launcher Icon
48x48, 72x72, 96x96, 144x144 px

Google Play
512x512 px (Design 1024x1024 for next gen updates)

Does anyone know what the safe pixel or point dimensions to work in when designing a "splash screen" or "landing page" in Android?

Thanks for your help!


Usabilla needs head of product & UX

We are looking for a full time Head of Product and UX, who can drive, coordinate and supervise the development of Usabilla’s SaaS


Kids solid iPad cases

I need a rock solid iPad case so my kids can't break an iPad. Any ideas?


Intro to iOS Development

Hey guys, lot's of you have been asking how I learned to develop for iOS. I wanted to put together a newsletter that will go out about once or twice a month. It will be designed to offer intro to development on iOS to other fellow designers.

Link below:…


Working Not Working

Anyone on there? I'm curious to learn more about it and if it's worth pursuing.


quoting for agencies?

do you prepare the full long-form design proposal when approached by an agency to quote on a job requiring your freelance services?

or is it acceptable to just break it down into dollars and hours and fire off a quick email to the project manager?


drawings & paintings for sale

Original drawings and watercolors for sale.


Phone in pants pocket?

Do you carry your phone in your pants pocket?

Are you worried about radiation? Apple says to keep iPhones 10mm away from your body at all times.


baking meats


Are all software becoming convoluted on purpose?

Or am I getting old? It seems all the new software, let's say you want to rotate something on an axis. You cannot simply specify a rotation center, the axis and then an increment. NO! That would be to NOT user friendly? Let's have a bunch of spheres to drag instead of fucking basic maths. HARGH! >:((
And why are so many softwares autoscrolling lists DOWN to the botttom, hiding the menu arborescence so you need to scroll back down to see it?


Vantage Point - 1UP

This weeks show is with massive Berlin crew 1UP.. these guys crush the city, and were super nice chaps



Murder on the Orient Express
by Johnny Dombrowski
Two edition hand-pulled screen prints


pussy of the day



Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta Bleep Wit

Hollywood movies ADD rework of a classic Wu-Tang banger. Fin.


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