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Christmas 2014 Wishlish

For those of you that have been good boys and girls and stayed away from the evils of this world 2014 brought us (ISIS, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines, 4chan and the general internet etc)

What would you like from Santa?


New work. New site.

Haven't posted on here in some time, but thought I'd share my new portfolio site. Enjoy.



What do calories look like?
Here's a little app I made with a friend, check it out.


TV Set up Cable or stream?

Thinking of getting out of the cable life and seeing what other folks are doing. It hard because i love my sports (mainly hockey and baseball) .How are you guys and gals all set up?


Client counters rate?

Client sends you brief, you send quote, client writes back with counter offer. What do you do?


Elite: Dangerous

I was a fan of the original, anyone tried the new version?


indesign > organizer

i'm (trying) doing an agenda/organizer with indesign. I was wondering if anyone knows, or know where to look for, to how fill dynamically days and dates in the pages...


Common Newspaper Formats US

I am about to design a publication that comes in form of a newspaper. For some logistic reasons it has to be printed in the US (San Francisco).

What are the most common formats used in the US?

We did a first edition of that newspaper in Germany in "Rheinisches Format" but found that a bit too big... so we want to go for something more tabloid-ish now.


Adobe CC the essentials

So fuck adobe's cloud.
Which cc applications do you actually use more than once a year.


google maps freezing mavericks

Has anyone else had an issue where trying to pull up an address in google maps freezes mavericks?

Work has given me a 15" new MBP running mavericks (10.9.5) and not everytime, but I'd say 75% of the time, using google maps causes it to freeze.

I have as a loaner a 13" MBP running Mountain Lion (10.8.5) and the thing is rock solid.

I suspect it might be RAM... but this is just a hunch.

Maybe updating to Yosemite would fix it?

Anyone have any ideas?


dancehall type music

hey folks,

i'm looking to license some music for the short film I'm working on. Do any of the producers out there have tracks close to or on genre - particularly dancehall sounding stuff? Also, looking for techno-ish sounding tracks as well.

Thanks in advance!


Branded wall space

A client is thinking about putting their new logo on a branded 'feature' wall. Current idea is to use a neon sign but it might not be feasible.

Anybody seen any interesting alternatives?



neat vs. clutter

does your messy desk promote your productivity?
i wanna take a poll to debunk this. maybe it does.…


Birdman Typeface

I'm looking if there is a sans serif font out there that has dots over the upper case "i" like in that of the recent movie "Birdman" title graphic and ending credits design


DIY Wedding Collateral

My go-to printer is dragging their feet on my wedding collateral (just Save The Dates and Thank You cards for now). Wouldn't mind saving a few bucks on these anyway and putting it towards other expenses.

Has anyone used a decent online printer for something like this?


NYC Printers, 34th st area

Any great printing recommendations in/around the 34th Street vicinity. In the 20s' cool, nothing above 34th.



Deserves its very own thread on QBN.


spirit markers?

can you still buy spirit markers? ive searched on amazon and i cant find any of the ones i used to use back in the 90s


Cinema 4D Depth of Field issue

I'm using hair to simulate a smoke effect in an explosion. I have my depth of field settings the way I want but there are patches of unblurriness that are taking away from my joy.

Any ideas how to prevent this? Thanks in advance.


Business Email

After a decade of using MT's email, I've been advised to move my company's email to a 'business' email. Their suggestion was Google Apps or Outlook 365.

Anyone have experience with those (on a business level)? Pros/cons?



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