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Daisy Red Ryder BB

Going camping this weekend, picked one up on the cheap for shiggles. Anyone else still have one?


Laser Eye Surgery

I have been considering laser eye surgery, and it would be interesting to hear of anyone who has had it done. Pros/cons/risks etc

In the UK there seems to be loads of companies offering it, and averagely it seems to be around £3000. Hard to know who to go to, and what to look for as there are differing views and review websites everywhere. Any input welcome and good to hear your experience.


lightbox link in acrobat pro

does anyone know how to create a link within a pdf that would trigger a lightbox/mediabox in a html doc?

basically the pdf will be run through to create the page flip effect - but i'm using the free version - so will add the lightbox thing manually after... i can add a normal geturl link to the pdf - but am at a loss for a custom call...

anyone done this before?


C-level meetings/presentations

Anyone got any tips or tricks when meeting with the top of the food chain? Got a meet-n-greet in 3 hours.


Mono of the day

what up M?


Surviving Genericide

new blog looking at brands becoming too well known. and the best way to counter that.


Which Logo do you prefer?

weigh in please.



R.I.P. Manny Pacquiao…

looks like another scumbag site fishing for traffic, you notice them popping up when someone famous dies, ex: when robbin williams passed last week, a few "robin williams death hoax" links got millions of hits & a nice payoff.

people have no fucking shame


Unpretentious Graphic Art

Looking for some more examples like this:



How do you make a 6,000 word article more immersive? Challenge accepted. Turn up your speakers!


Copyright question

Who owns the right to an idea if you took it from a comic/book and made in real?


cost of your


How much data does each person generate and how much is worth in this online experience?

How much hour per week spent here?



Champions League 2014

dat time


Embroidery Software

I need to create and edit some .dst .emd files for embroidery. By any chance do you know the best software to do that?

Thanks in advance


Photoshop new layer fill no mask

In an older version of Photoshop, I remember being able to create a new fill layer without a mask on the layer. The benefit of this is that if I change canvas size, I don't have to also change the mask if I want that fill layer to be a background color.

Is there a way to do this by default rather than deleting it every time?

I'm using CC 2014 but I don't think this feature has changed in a while.

Thanks in advance.



KERSH AW14 photographed by fashion photographer Trevor Brady


another st louis cop killing…

I wonder how this one is going to play out?


Ice Bucket Challenge

wow, this thing is taking over.


What's wrong with my toe?

On the side of my big toe, there is a rough narrow strip like a callous (I think that's the correct term) most of the time. Occasionally, when I walk or exercise a lot, the calloused area puffs out and becomes painful. It's not filled with pus, but more spongy skin when it puffs out. I think the cause is bad shoes or unusual pressure, but it's painful for a day and then the puff goes away.

What is this and how do I heal it? The callous never goes away.


Client from hell

Hey guys!

So I have this guy that made me work on a project for over 2 months, he kept changing direction and tried to make him happy above and beyond my capabilities. He kept changing direction and giving me more revisions, he approved the project on an email and the next day he again said " I have a small, easy minor revision". I then said yes no problem but at this point I need to see the payment for the work so far.

We went on and off for 12 days over the phone and last night he sent me an email saying that he never agreed to pay anything for the project (although money was discussed over email and even increased the price for +300 on top of the original amount. He now states that he never liked the project and he is not going to use it so he won't pay for it.

He also went from telling me over the phone how much of an amazing designer I was, when I started asking for money to see if I can comply with more revisions on the project, on the email last night he said I'm an amateurish designer at best and there was no chance I can complete his vision.

We have no contract because I assumed it was going to be a simple project, its a little animated logo sting. But ended up being a nightmare. I assume the fault of not charging 1/2 upfront (I don't know what I was thinking).

Now, I feel like I'm powerless and my only option is to bring the entire situation public. Set up a site with all the comps and renders done (I usually keep a pretty organize "private project page" so all I have to do is add the emails connecting the steps of the project.

What do you guys think?


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