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Wedding Invitations

Looking for an affordable way to print up some wedding invitations. Thinking about using an online vendor since our budget is already higher than we'd like. But open to suggestions.

If anyone has a good print vendor in LA, I'm all ears.


2008 ntpe


Student lectures ideas

So, I've got to give a series of 3 lectures to a group of 2nd year Interior design students and am struggling on what to talk about. Want to try and inspire them rather than blab on about what they should / shouldn't be doing. Any ideas..?


Portfolio update

Portfolio update


My most rewarded design fiasco

A story of how failing as a designer in a personal project I did has given me more recognition than any other project in my career


jQuery Funtion Help

$( ".product-index" ).hover(
function() {
}, function() {

There are multiple .product-index divs. How to I target the .overlay in the product-index that you are currently hovering?


Anonymous Chat with Coworkers

I am looking for an agency to test using my app in their work place. With ability to have rooms aka "channels" at specific locations it's truly fun to message between coworkers anonymously. You can bitch about work, speak openly about the issues in the office, etc. Please let me know if interested. I will send over details on how to sign up. Follow me on twitter @pushitapp


Recording a website with audio...

Hey.. we created a website for a presentation that had different audio clips for the scenes on the site. I need to record the screen as I scroll through the site and would like the audio to be included. So far I can just get the display audio to record. Any thoughts? I've tried the usual screen recorders with no luck..


double timesheet

Anyone get stuck filling out timesheet for your agency AND timesheet for the Client onsite?

Anyone have any advice on how to get out of this scenario?


Reminder Software/Apps

Any suggestions for software (preferably) or apps that do a good job of reminding you to do certain tasks at certain times?

I am trying to setup my days to do x amount of this, and y amount of that.


recycle product feature

I have a client looking into building a site similar to Gazelle.. . He wants to have the functions of recycling a item, trade in, sending items in etc etc.

which cms would you build a similar site on? i feel wordpress is a lacking for such features and would require alot more development then lets say drupal or magento..





Just wanted to share this with everyone...

As of recent Fireworks has been buggy as fuck...

I realised yesterday that if you CLOSE DOWN SPOTIFY!?!?!? it works fine...


Just thought this could help


The new

The responsiveness is pretty solid. It's not all wonky like it is on so many other sites. Where is a good place online to go to start to learn how to build things like this myself?



I wonder sometimes, with the bollox spouted on here in the religion thread, the Paris thread and the conspiracy thread amongst others, whether any of the lunatics we know about and those we don't, aren't hanging about on websites like this...

Funny to think, that there are probably some of you sat in bedrooms in Karachi or Libya reading this thinking - "fuck this i'm a gonna blow some shit up".

Then I wonder if QBN have anything in place, or are contacted about policing some of the shit on here. I imagine Craigslist, 4Chan etc. must just be full of terrorists passing shit to each other?


Nigeria massacre

Man this is so sad. Amnesty International saying as many as 2,000 have been killed.…


product design software

Rhino? VRay? AutoCAD? Blender? TinkerCAD?

Which software would be best for creating products? I want to make sure it's suitable for prototype production houses and has plenty of tutorials and isn't horribly expensive.

Cheers! Happy Friday. :)


Pakistan massacre

6 Killed in US Drone Strike‌ in Afghanistan, Main Victims‌ Civilians


...The spokesman further said that the drone strike took place in the provincial Lal Pur district on Wednesday.
A similar strike on Wednesday, reportedly killed at least 3 people in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Logar. The US-led terror drones also killed at least seven people in the neighboring province of Khost on Sunday.
The US carries out targeted killings through drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.
Washington claims the targets of the drone attacks are al-Qaeda militants, but local officials and witnesses maintain that civilians have been the main victims of the attacks over the past few years.
- See more at:…


Constant Apple WiFi issues

Hello qbners,

I'm a very tech savy person but I just don't get this straight. It's confusing. Lets start.

We are a group of 4-6 people living in a large flat and we have a router (Speedport W921 from Dt. Telekom), which is their top tier product. Internet connection is always stable and WiFi never drops.

Me and two others use PC's and Android/WP phones and never have problems with the connectivity. The other half has a shitload of iPads, MacBook Airs/Pros, iPhones and Apple TV's. every 2-3 weeks all of the Apple stuff can still log in to the WiFi but has no Internet then. No settings changed.

WTF Apple. What is wrong? Anyone else has the same problems?


So David Icke was right?

The royal are bumping little kids,

he was right about Saville,
he was right about the sex abuse in high spheres,
he was right about the hegelian dialectic,
he was right about reptilians

how can you say he's crazy just because you don't believe reptilians are real!


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