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QTHF in Ushuaia!

¿Qué te hizo feliz? has arrived in Ushuaia, Argentina asking people what made them happy this week.


You hear the word 'Heaven'...

What's the first thing you think of?


Gotham (tv series)

Is it good?


WMV on Apple Chrome?

Whenever I drag .wmv file onto google chrome on a mac, I keep getting a "Couldn't load plug-in" error. Any way to fix this?


Upscale clothing?

If you wanted to wear nice clothes, but not a suit, what would you wear?


autumn update

Some new projects on line.


Medieval Fonts

Can anyone recommend some nice Medieval inspired fonts for a logo design I am working on. I don't want to use something too ornate, and have started looking at fonts like… which suggest historical aspects. Any nice fonts people can recommend?



New Apple rip-off company. Even have a keynote.


"Orange" fashion story

"Oranges" fashion story by fashion photographer Trevor Brady


Web Dev Beginner Questions

What's the best way of placing a font, that the user doesn't have on their computer, on your website?


WT Grid F

I humbly turn to you, oh design lords of qbn. any ideas?……

i designed this thing in 2006 or so, and can't for the life of me, find the font I used anywhere. I've combed dafont et al. Pretty sure it I got it from a disc of fonts that was handed down from class to class at the art school i went too... which disappeared after a hard drive crash or two.

Thank you in advance.


computer glasses

I've been having insanely blood shot eyes lately and I think staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day.

wondering about what designers thought of these?

77Comments - AI Websites

"AI Websites That Design Themselves"

Thoughts? Took'er jobs?


Bud of the day

Here is an interesting infographic to kick off the thread:

I own a Volcano - if 338 fahrenheit is the sweet spot, that equals jussst under 4.5 on the Volcano Vaporizer temp. dial.

And here is something, that someone who is not me, (SWIM) is currently smoking on. You are looking at 1Oz.


Point and Shoot / Low Light

Hey guys, I recently bought a Canon ELPH 130 IS
for a trip. I loved that it's so small and portable, but looking at the photos now and they are terrible.

I'm going to try and exchange it for something else. I still want it to be portable and economic (I already have an DSLR) so I can take on trips.

Hopefully a lot better in low light situations.

Anyone has any recommendations?



Sod Facebook.
Sod Ello.
Sod Minecraft.

Sod QBN?


Cancer causing Products

Know them?
Post them...

The folks @ Komen are idiots.

1) Proctor & Gamble
2) Johnson and Johnson



Here for the week - anybody have any tips?


1st or 3rd person: portfolio bio.

When writing your profile in your portfolio, first or third person?


90's Halloween Costume Ideas

Originally was going to go as Quailman. But I don't think I have the time to pull it off.

Any suggestions?


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