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Originators T-shirt

Our Originators print is printed in 1 colour on a vintage red t-shirt.
Vinyl meets influential DJ's of house music culture.


International account

Anyone have any links/contacts?

Much appreciated.



Mac Mail HELP!!

Two things:

1) Mac mail turns english words into foreign words - why?

2) The cursor always seems to be in the wrong place - ie when you click in the middle of a word - it is normally 2-3 characters out.

Anyone else having this problem

Running 10.9.2



This is important

Does anyone know how to do a rocket symbol/emoji in gchat? Not in email but gchat?

Thanks for your time & take care,


is this stealable?

an intentionally provocative headline to a serious questine.

i found this animated pendant on a fancy jewellery site…

I'm trying to find out how the animation has been done, but i'm no code expert and i can't find the code that's powering it, despite digging around with the developer tools in chrome.

could one of you experts have a look and tell me if it's proprietary (it seems to be based on yui which is open source but i'm not sure). if it is open source could you point me in a direction to grab the code that's making this happen. I don't need all the drag and drop gizmodery - I only want the mechanism that animates the pendant- all images will be replaced.



Help me out!…

Stan Winston school had a contest to create a monster. They've narrowed it down to 25, and only 2 will win. The winners get a full suit made of their monster to be used in a short film, and a poster design course by Adobe. If you know me, you know I'm all about this crap, and I have a piece of artwork in the running. SLUGERA, a giant monster slug, designed by Randy Shilling, and rendered in zBrush by me, needs your LIKE! Please, as a favor to an old time QBN'r, hook up that page with as many likes as you can. I gotta see this thing made ! Thanks for reading. Let the jokes begin : )


Activated fonts?

How many activated fonts do you have at any given time on your computer?

I use FontExplorer and have about 900 out of 5000 fonts activated. Is that too much?


Back on the horse

It appears that for the first time in 7 years im officially going to be working hands on in design having spent the past years learning seo and marketing (dabbling in design when i can stick my oar in)... just got the printer in to discuss output and had some paper and coating reps in to look at finishes... my how digital printing has come along! now if i can only find a Leeds based company that does letterpress lol.

needless to say im v excited. time to show these kiddies how its done lol.





New Airbnb 'sexual' logo?

Airbnb launches new logo called Bélo (yes, they named it) and of course, the internet chimes in...…


Under the stairs

Ok, so we're designing a pretty cool bar that's a mash-up of industrial / mid century modern stylee. The plan was to install an old school photobooth under some stairs for folks to goof around in but to cut a long story short it 'ain't gonna happen. I need any ideas of what we could put under here that'd be a laugh to see / use in this bar. Zoltan fortune teller.....? In the UK so we gotta be able to buy / make quick style


the last letter

fun game that can be good for forums like this. couldn't figure out how to search to see if it'd been done, so i figure that's a good sign. anyway.

take a book / movie / record / something in media, drop the last letter to give it a new definition. examples:

No Country for Old Me
Lady and the Tram
Arcade Fir

anyway, for those that need time to fill, figuring these things out can be fun


Best spotify playlist

What is the best spottily playlist you are subscribed to?


NYC Housing

Hi guys,

I'll be moving to New York August 1st and I'm looking for a 1br apartment either Williamsburg and surroundings (Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hills, etc) or Hell's Kitchen. Around 2800/month max.

I've been raking Craigslist, Urban Compass, etc but who knows? maybe some of you know a place or even is a designer/landlord hybrid. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Needs QBNers participation

Hey, iam launching a project called ''This is us'' where people can share 1 picture with the rest of the World. It have to be a picture you took yourself.

Iam in need of submissions to start the thing. It would be cool if you guys participate :)

I just need a picture, your first name and your country. And a short description of the picture if you want.



Scene of the day

Has this been done?

I could not find it. I would like to submit:


Dashcon 2k14

holly shit, this was already crazy to have a tumblr convention, but shit got cray pretty fast

someone even peed in the ball pit…


Content entry phase in website project

This has been an ongoing problem for my company for as long as I can remember and is only getting worse as the sites we build becoming more complex.

What I'm talking about is the process of adding content (text, images, video, forms, other conversion tools) to a new website. I feel like this phase is largely regarded as inconsequential by most because it's the most tedious and least sexy.

Practically speaking though, especially with the sites we build, it's very, very important. Many of our clients sell experiences (travel and hospitality for example) and a big part of the website is to persuade people to visit. The most effective tools to persuade are the images and their relationships to the words (how we've arranged this content on the page to quickly engage people). This is where we struggle. We don't have anyone (besides myself and a PM) that can look at a collection of photography and video, the IA and the copy and make sound decisions on how to combine that content on the page. For us, content entry requires more than just copy and pasting.

The client can't usually do it because a) they have no ability to choose good imagery (or resize and optimize images) b) they have no idea how to use a simple CMS (even after we provide instruction) c) the timelines don't allow for it normally

The developers I've worked with, though good at writing code, are generally bad with words and pictures. Their poor communication skills often translates to an inability to take a bunch of text and images and arrange it on the page so it makes sense to the reader and hopefully, leads to conversions.

We've considered hiring juniors to do content entry but it's never panned out when it comes to sites with complex storytelling and functionality. They just don't have the experience or comprehension skills to effectively assemble copy and images in a sensible, engaging way.

How do you guys deal with this issue? Have you read any articles that address how to approach this problem?

TL;DR: Content entry is a bitch and we need help developing a better process.


Illustrator SVG bug?

Anyone else having issues saving SVG's from Illustrator CC (2013 & 2014). When I save a piece of artwork on the canvas and then reopen the saved SVG the canvas size has changes and so has the graphic. Seems random. Happens everytime I do an Use Artboard when saving SVG.


Aeron Chair Alternative

Looking for a cheaper alternative.


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