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Timeline of the day


lost flame

Have you ever lost your flame for your profession (beyond the "blue period")? If yes, what did you do to rekindle or just plain cut your loss and part ways?


Australia Vs Immigrants

More info:…



Arild Danielsen: Printshop

High quality photographic prints, uniquely processed, signed and numbered.


Products in grid?

Does anyone remember the link to some work in which the designer meticulously laid out random but similar colour products on a single colour background?


"Quiet Noise" Fashion Story

"Quiet Noise" Fashion Story for A/SH magazine by Trevor Brady



free unlimited cloud storage?

Does anyone here have an account? How is it?…



Any idea which font is this?

Felt it was Futura, but nope!


AE question shape layers

I have never been able to figure how anchor points are set when you draw a simple shape layer. Is there a way to make the anchor point center by default instead of Mars?

Thanks in advance.


We, the Despots

Sometimes, I wonder why we're such a bunch of assholes.


Park Logos

I'm looking for some inspiration for a Park/Woodland brand I am working on. I have hit a bit of a wall for inspiration and wondered if anyone have any good Park or Woodland logos they could share?



Anyone took the leap? Hows it running?


Father Son App

An app we are making for distracted fathers and their busy sons.


Important Questine of the day

Would you rather have

- 30" 5k cinema display

- 128gb of ram / liquid cooled i7 combo

- 3 Oculus rift with a sensor room

- 9" penis


Because Loading

Fun things to do while waiting ages for something to load?


Animography Monthly No. 10

Animography Monthly is a monthly recurring animation project to explore the use of animated typefaces.


Frisky - my book is here

It took a long time and I don't know how many hours I put into this. Probably a couple of thousand. But I am so super happy. Today, 1,000 copies of my book got delivered to my home address (I have a special place for good storage).

My first impression was: Damn, they are heavy. A real coffee table book by me. I always wanted this. Makes me happy.

Two thirds of the images are new and unpublished. This was important to me. So many people crawl my website every day, I really needed new stuff to show.

The last shooting was end of June. Since then I worked on the layout and the printing. I attended the printing process (full two days) and learned a lot. Soon I will have a video showing it.

In case you want to order the book, you can do that here:…



Microsoft ditching the Nokia name on smartphones…


Web Production Design Q

Do you or does your team do their own web production work (slicing images, making specs, etc) or do you have a specific production designer to do this?


instagram surfphotography

follow me on instagram to get new on the road photography updates


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