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Sydney Coworking Studio

I'm setting up a small coworking studio on Regent St Chippendale near Central Station. The space / location are great, and it's going to be really cheap.

My goal is to only just cover rent / bills and keep the price as low as possible, hopefully attracting more talented / technically diverse freelancers who's projects could benefit from a wider skill set.

The closest thing to what I'm thinking of (autonomous sole traders who often collaborate) would be

fyi I'm mainly a graphic designer but do some type design / video / photography / 3D too. I pay the bills working for major youth / fashion brands but want to get serious about making more technologically / culturally engaged work that I'm actually proud of, hopefully through collaborating with people at this new space.

Seeking expressions of interest from coders / designers / animators / vfx / 3D / sound designers.. Either post links to your work below or find my pvt email listed here.

Thanks, and sorry for spamming..



Transform your world with holograms. The era of holographic computing is here.…


PUSHER - font


Anyone recognizes this font?

Thanks for any help.

Mr. Babydick (not to be confused with Mr. Babadook)


Drone of the day

Drone Carrying Three Kilos of Meth Crashes in Tijuana…


Some guy said to me

We want to use Verdana because it is an very elegant font , very exquisite font, is that right ? or is it the most vulgar font ?


Helvetica Neue 47 light bold italic?

Does this exist? I need to find a bold italic for HN 47 light condensed, but I can't find one.

Is there a decent replacement for this?



Invisible Girlfriend…


Best place to post listings for UX talent

I need suggestions for some sites on the best place to post listings for UX jobs.


The Nope Thread.


A beer in Auckland?

Heya guys and girls!
Anybody in Auckland/New Zealand up for a beer this weekend or something?


I fell in love with design when...

What made you choose your career path?


Did you study your profession in school?

What you do for a living now.... did you go to school for it? Or is it a second career or something you fell into?

College, art school, technical school?


Citarella Gothic Ultralight

My new font is available on


Windows 10 Announcement

Windows 10 is about to be announced officially; so far some good and bad have been hinted at.…

live blog:…

some things i'm looking forwards to .
- Spartan browser
- New hardware
- Xbox and PC gaming
- Windows 10 desktop

https:// width="425" height="355">


Wordpress Theme Search

Anyone know of a theme similar to this site?

I looked at the source code and saw who designed it but wondering if there's something similar already out there. Would be great as a portfolio layout


Davinci Resolve anyone?

Anyone use Davinci Resolve?

Either for color tweeking or editing?

Looks interesting... need a mac/windows editor that outputs EDL's and can do nice color grading... this is FREE in some versions, looks nice, just wanted to know if anyone here uses it, and how it compares to FinalCut or Premeire or Sony Vegas.…


I Want More

Music like this please. I've created a mix of some of my favourite music of a certain genre. I really like samples and hip hop beats! Sometimes it's just skits or intros to albums.

Have a listen or download. NSFW…

Hit me back with some suggestions guys, cause I want more in my life. Much Love.


Wolff Olins


ken burns effect

What's the effect being used to slow-zoom in and out on the full-bleed images here?

I can't tell if this is a simple CSS3 thing, or a JS thing (their .js scripts are all intermingled). Looking for a name of anything I can research to learn how.


If you have kids...

.. Under the age of 13 and they want to chat to their mates on iMessanger on an iPad, but you can't set them up their own iCloud account because they're too young.

What do you do? What's the best way of kids safely chatting on devises?


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