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SF for the week.

I'm in San Fran for the week. I have no plans, no agenda I'm just here. So for those of you local my question is this. Where is the best place to get drunk and or laid.



Beat Cube

I know we have a making beats thread but this kind of deserves its own.

Pick a genere, press show keyboard layout and have fun. Space bar gets it all in sync for those without mad skills son.…


Real time audio effects

Guyzz... I'm looking for a lil' software to listen to my music in iTunes, a lil' software that process real time audio effects like "stadium" "small room" "Echo" and stuff like that, i'm pretty you know what iam talking about.

i am on Windows.


if the world ended tomorrow..

..who would you like to wake up next to?


Newstoday Old School

post em!!!

i'll start with this gem!!!

old school QBN burn!!!!!! it is burning!!!


Font ID/Advice

Looking for a similar serif, something similar to the original letterforms. I thought it was Sentinel, but it's just not, feels totally different. I have a concept I'd like to customize in a similar style, but a little more nautical and coming up flat on options. Commercial or free is fine.

Thanks in advance.


Melbourne Photographer

Know any good editorial / lookbook style photographers here in depressing melborrne? For an upcoming gig.



Would you consider yourself smart compared to your peers / neighbors?

A. I consider myself more intelligent than most people I know.
B. I know a few people more intelligent than me, but I'm still smart.
C. I'm as intelligent as most people I know well.
D. I know a lot of people more intelligent than me.
E. I'm an average person.
F. I'm a dummy.


Earth Boner

Place on earth that give me a boner


Font ID



EXTREME Ice Bucket challenge

Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge! Swimming to the iceberg.


Someone Find this movie for me!

Tammy and the T-Rex
https:// width="425" height="355">

It looks amazing!


alarm clock

What do you use?

- I don't want to use my phone anymore.
- Would be nice to be able to see it at night.
- retro/mid century styling would be dope.



Wacom as a mouse

Heeey guuurrrllss,

Just wondered if anyone has changed from a regular mouse to a Wacom, not for drawing proposes, but purely to use it as a mouse for everyday stuff.

I think it would be a lot more comfortable and more natural. Thinking of getting a standard intuos small or medium (with touch).

Anyone got any experience?
Thanks! :D


Henry the Hoover


Figure this out

What are the numbers on the side used for?


VMA 2014

So much to talk about.


holographic image printing

hi. i'm looking for a service or a contractor that can make images like this at a reasonable price. any of you done something like this?…
or if you know of any alternative methods i'd appreciate any advice. i know how to make similar stuff in ps, but my client wants something like this. thanks.


Happy Days


Stuck Illustrator

Illustrator decided to completely freeze and annoy me with the spinning ball of death. Sooo, is there a temp file that I could recover while Illustrator is still open?


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