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Yurimon Banned

I've just had an email from Yurimon saying that he's been banned... !?

That doesn't seem fair at all. I rather liked his contribution to the forum.

What gives? I'm assuming they have appointed moderators now. And so it begins...

Not cool.


Anyone mess with pixi.js?

Anyone mess with pixi.js?

The examples look fairly simple? Has anyone used this for anything?


Going to Amsterdam

With a bunch of friends.
Hit me with stuff to do. Also, does anyone know where to stay for less than 20€ per night without staying too far from the center?



your ban hammer suks !! banning CALLES?!?!?

your pussy must smell like rotten donkeys!!!


Mind F***

What colours do you see when you look at this dress?

Now check this out:…

When I first saw it I thought it was a joke that people were playing along with, until I left the tab there by mistake and came back to it an hour later to see gold! fucking weird.


$480 Mechanical keyboard!

WTF im getting all sucked into this mechanical keyboard craze. I'm mot spending over $100 on a fucking keyboard what are these nerds thinking?!?!


QBN Sacramento, CA

Anyone been there or there now?
Suggestions for places to visit or best places to live.
I may be moving there soon.


Face to Face

Collection of Face to Face project.


"digital" look & feel

apart from the cliches of ones and zeros and pixelated images, what kind of visual treatments can convey a contemporary "digital" look.

A blue-ish color palette? Or streaks of light? I'm struggling here.


Suit colors?

What color suits do you own? I'm buying a new suit for general wear and not sure what color to buy.

Is black only for formal and funerals?
Is blue too boring?



Free Fonts 2015

Bebas Neue…


UI Designer Online Portfolios

List em here?


Site Check (NSFW)

Some of you recently complained about the functionality of my new portfolio site. The scrolling led to unwanted behaviour on your computers. I couldn't replicate it but decided to change the portfolio to make it easier to navigate.

Before implementing it in my whole site, I was wondering if you could have a look and tell me if it is working better for you now.

It should work fine both on desktops and on phones/tablets.

Please keep in mind my portfolio is NSFW (unless you work in a strip club):…

Many thanks in advance!



Recently Rejected is a curated graveyard of both good and bad ideas.


UX Blogs

Any blogs people would recommend for inspiration and to keep up to date with UX related news?


New mac or refurb?

To all the serial buyers and sellers of Macbook Pros – would you recommend getting a refurb from apple (released July 2014) + 3 years applecare or a new one from John Lewis with their 3 years guarantee included? They work out to be the same price.

Are there any pros/cons between applecare and JL guarantee? Are they covering the same thing? I know the applecare is transferable which helps if reselling, not sure about the JL one, can't find much info about it.


sites with newsletter signup popup

hi all,

can you think of any examples of websites that have a newsletter signup pop-up on inital site load?




May disappear, so:


Galaxy S6

I like the direction of this.


Messenger bags and other bags

Suggestionz for nice looking bags? Any kind of bags for day to day commute.

Herschel makes nice bags but it looks like everyone own a Herschel bag... i'm pretty sure there's other cool brands.


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