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Dumb CSS Questions

Ok, so I got the box model down for fixed sizes. The padding, border, and margin is added ON TOP of the div dimension.

What about working with percentages? If a div is 70%, are the paddings, border and margin added on top of the 70% or not?


Theme Help

Has anyone seen a wordpress theme that matches (as close as possible) this:

Thanks for your help.


Charlie Hebdo visual comment

Created by Tomato Kosir for Dnevnikov Objektiv newspaper, 17. 1. 2015


FMT 011915…

"Björk’s new album Vulnicura leaks months before its scheduled release"…


WP question (how to do...)

Somehow the dates, tags/filed under in my posts got deleted when I installed Genesis Simple Edits. How do I get the date and byline back in? Been searching for days about this with no solution.

Is there css/php code that I can plug in? My client does not want the dates or by line posted in 1 category but it's fine for the other posts.


open source basecamp

I'm looking for something similar to basecamp but open source... kinda like mantis is anyone remembers mantis..

any recommendations?



Anyone here worked with a client in China? What was the process like?


Client preview system


I am looking for a basic script that reads all files in an FTP directory, to serve as as preview for clients.

Let's say I have 6 images to show, I just want to be able to drop them into the directory and that they are listed automatically so my client just has to click the links to preview the images in a lightbox or something..






Presentation Notes in a PDF?

Does anyone know of a way to add presentation notes to a PDF? In the same way that you can with Keynote or PPT so that the person who's being presented to doesn't see the notes?

Alternatively, can I convert or import my PDF to Keynote and add notes that way?


Super Bowl XLIX


Who's it gonna be, haters? :)


Masking in html

What's the most browser compatible way of creating masks? Say something like the kioken barneys site from many years ago. Johnmarksorum by wddg another sample.


Shared Webhosting 2015.

I am at my wits' end at trying to find a decent, reliable, secure, well-structured, technologically up-to-date webhost. In my decade of experience, you cannot rely on "web reviews," canned promotional twitter feeds, social media or really anything else but your own unfortunate trial-and-error OR for what I'm hoping for good, tested recommendations from other experienced developers/designers.

Here's a list of requirments, for what i'm looking for:

- affordable shared hosting < $12/month - tons of hard drive space/bandwidth (approx. min. 100G+/1T) - php 5.5 and the standard other - shell access (preferred) - no limit (or plenty) on domains, emails, etc (limited by your resources) - tons of memory or not limiting - a non-canned support system with real server admins available. - reliable 99.9% uptime servers - Not owned by a large corporation running several shoddy hosting brands - PHP hosting that will allow and be friendly to common cms packages - Hosting that does not force you to physically disturb native cms content structure (seperating static vs. script in actual folder or path structure) - hosting where you can serve large files (200mb - 1G, range, ex.) and accomodate clean downloads without memory quota issues, and related to a php environment/htacess rules (for simple mimetype handling, for example). - have been used > 1 year and still used personally and for php projects to-date with a variety of php sites and hosting media.
- Progressively upgrades and jumps on security issues (like recent ShellShock patching)

I don't want to mention specific hosts that i've had or have issue with (at the moment, anyway), so if anybody operates and often builds diverse websites and applications where they can testify to the reliability of and a completely problem-free host, please post here.

I have yet to find and use a host that offers all of the above, or one that passes the test regarding, security, access, structure/compability/stability, resources/space/memory.

It really shouldn't be a problem today but over the past few years, it's like a nightmare, an exercise in disaster. I'm just a front-end developer yet, it boggles my mind how many ridiculous problems I have run across recently to the point on halt-all-production outside of a local enviroment and where I feel like sys admin > correlating to > developer master. Sadly, all I want to do is build/design several websites, launch them, be able launch a clients with no problems or without worrying about tomorrow, and NOT constantly run across some stupid server-based issue preventing me from executing really, simple traditional php-focused websites.

Long-story short, I was forced to move from my last host due to their inability to secure their servers and upgrade when ShellShock surfaced and their subsequent snub towards their customers. Another recent host, while touted to be focused for developers, has an awkward servers structure not compatible with standard cms installations and other basic problems.

I am at a loss. Not interested in the PR on the web or other forums, only in personally tested and currently using recommendations, if there are any?!


HTML based music library

I need a basic html based page that will list the current directory and have the ability to play at least mp3/flac.

Does this exist? Thanks.


to Wordpress

I've made a decision to SOLELY concentrate on learning WP and making myself an expert by June (creating themes and all)

Curious does anyone feel that I may be pigeon holing myself making this choice?

I met someone who works with Drupal (has his own company) and because of legalities his org was only able to produce sites in Drupal and nothing else. Not sure I want to learn Drupal much further than I have knowledge of now which is pretty basic.

Curious about your thoughts.

Recently paid someone way too much bones to install WP, and could've done it myself. Plus I really like the platform.



https:// width="425" height="355">


cs6 ps Q:

so if you select the brush tool and you want to change the size/diameter without making the 3 clicks to resize, is there a hotkey to save the clicking time?

when using the magnify tool you can hold alt and use the mouse wheel to zoom in-n-out, is there something similar for resizing the brush tool?


Weird PS behaviour

Lately, when I'm using the Move tool (using the trackpad on my MBP) there's this problem when I let go of the trackpad the layer goes back to it's original position. I have my trackpad set to only click the cursor when the trackpad physically clicks.

I recently updated my monoprice tablet, so I thought that might be the problem, but I'm not even using it right now.

I'm stuck using the arrow keys to move layers around, it's ridiculous. CS5 on Mavericks.


the inspiration thread

There is much awesome & talent on this page, but the animated interview about the work is a piece of genius.…

Post inspiring things


¡Point Break!

Point Break reimagined as a Mexican Drama.


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