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HELP: divs align CSS


How do you call that kind of alignment? (see image) How can I align my images like the exemple?


how to match .psd & app?

Each time my developer shows me a new app build, the positioning of the elements is always off.

I remember in Flash you could create a guide layer. And then put a .jpg of the design on that guide layer for reference.

Is there anything similar for X -Code? Or is there something else I could suggest he try?


Print small font?

What are your favorite fonts to print at small sizes? About 9pt or less.


Out of client's budget?

How often do you think you price yourself out of a client's budget unintentionally?

I've had some tiny projects that I've quoted maybe $300 on and the client didn't go through with it. Do they expect us to do jobs for $20 or minimum wage?

How do you rationalize charging your rates for easy jobs when the minimum wage is under $10?


Where The Fun IS

AKA #WTFI [WTFI] #nowhining

Thread title courtesy of RGB:…


Is this normal

Only happens with photoshop in the mirrored cinema display,
problem is solved when I close and reopen image,

Is my video card getting fried?


An artistic father/son collaboration

A lovely back and forth between a professional illustrator father and his young son.


The Christmas Thread!


All caps script?

Any good examples of a logo that uses script but is all caps?


Atuvuta font

Atuvuta font release today by Fonts of Chaos.


Foursquare alternatives

Foursquare aka Swarm aka Foursquare aka Swarm are pisces of shit, what were they thinking?? Its like 2 apps doing the same thing but you need both of them to use one of them...

Is there any alternative to log every places you go that would be available on ?? I was using Foursquare to log the places I go and IFTTT were automatically adding it to my Google Calendar.


Google Inbox to give

First one to ask, i will invite him to Inbox. I've got an invite to give.


Emergency Help!

All of sudden my iMac started going bizerk. My keyboard is locked with the special "ñ ń" characters and I can not escape. I tried restarting. This happens in every app Safari, Outlook, PS, ILLY, etc... What can I do thanks?


After Effects workspace issue

I was working in an office with a 2 monitor set up and had everything sitting in the right monitor. Since I don't have a right monitor at home, I can open After Effects but can't see a damn thing unless I right click on the program icon in the doc and choose Show all windows. If I click on the that, it just moves back out of view. Is there anything I can do without resetting After Effect to factory settings?


Portable Phone Charger?

Do you use any portable phone chargers?

They are cheap, any recommendations?…


24 Iconic Nike Shoes. 24 Abstract Photo

A series of highly collectible Nike sneakers photographed as perpetual motion abstracts.


Winter Update

A series of Winter updates added to my folio, including the letter G & The Grand Budapest Hotel projects


JS slider with video?

Any (GOOD) JS Carousels out there that have a video embed option.

This seems to be a really good one for photos (responsive): but not sure I can get video in there.


WTF rounded




Iran version @richkidsofteh…


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