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iMac slow these days.

My older 2010 iMac is acting slower these days.

I recently upgraded to CS6 from CS5, but that seems minor. I only have 500 fonts activated.

Sometimes it is just slow to do everything, ex. load web pages, start programs, open files. Switching between programs makes it freeze too (minimize browser and go to Photoshop for example).

Any suggestions?


RIP Oscar de la Renta…


change forms for designers

Got a client that is making a lot of changes. Any of you guys use a form the documents the changes.

Think if I put this in front of clients they wont be so many. if you have any egs let me know.



Best trippy videos

What are your favorite trippy videos?


kiss ready lips

Just been working on this brand. let me know what you think.


Marychain of the Day


official sober thread

wondering around these parts who may admit to being sober? (in lieu of traditional sunday morning "oh fuck i'm never drinking again posts.)

i'm about 10 months in to a planned 2 year break from booze. was hitting the bottle pretty hard (2-3 bottles of wine per day, 7 days a week for about 3 years straight, and that was just average) for a while there. figure i need some time to get the liver healthy.

all that being said. being drunk is cool on the internet, so i'm trying to see how those who don't drink react to the sort of weirdness that is online drinking culture.


visiting NYC with kids

Any suggestions to do a bunch of family-ish stuff with a 6 and 8 y-o?

I'd like to take them to the marvel comics building if there is a museum or something cool there.


LATAM qbnrs?

Hey, I wonder how many Latin America based / born citizens are around. I'm Uruguayan, working here also. It would be nice to meet in the city with more qbn people (buenos aires, most likely).
I'll bump this.


foraged: issue #09

The Infamous artist/photographer/journalist Richard Koci Hernandez did us the honor of curating this week's foraged. Enjoy!



updated work


Push It – Simple location aware messaging

Excited to share this with everyone at QBN. I have been working on this for a while. Finally launching next week:






celtic font

any nice ones?


marketplace type of monkey business

does anyone know of any freebie plugins for either magento or wordpress that would allow me to ultimately setup a multi-vendor - store that also presents products from the multiple stores using geo-location?

i've seen a few off the shelf/etsy clone apps that claim to do this - but the people i am doing it for are a not-for-profit organisation - and basically there is no budget at the moment - i am doing it for free for them - so i can't even absorb any costs myself :-/

done a lot of looking but not much finding - anyone know of anything that is worth giving a look?


Apple Doesn’t Design for Yesterday

Or, "Does this Helvetica make my OS look fat?"


How was this made?

not sure if it's 3D or code generated or even both, but i'd love to create similar effects for a project i'm currently on


MAD 2014 Design

How do you create this sort of pattern. Not just the basic grid, but when the grid is distorted and spreads. I'm looking to apply this sort of grid into different shapes and patterns and it seems there is a better way to do it than to just draw out every line. Any ideas?…


True vs. Life

The new stevia-sweetened soda

thoughts, comments?


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