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Looking for photographers

Hi Guys,
I just gave my project The Portraitists a facelift.

I'm looking for photographers within every niche (Fine Art, Fashion, Still life, Wedding, Portrait, you name it) to collaborate with. Send me your recommendations!…


Tax Extension

For the first time ever I had to file an extension. We're in the middle of moving and I can't find my paperwork anywhere. Who else has had to file an extension?


More themes like this?

Ignore the content, but anyone know any free Tumblr themes similar to this that are scalable?…


Writing your bio

Shit is hard.



Anyone else use this site to read reviews from companies?


Anyone still have freehand that works?

I need just one file converting into an EPS. Anyone that could help?


Stock music sites?

What's your favorite stock music site, and why?


typo zine

The ‘Mistyped’ zine showcases collection of
headline fonts made for pleasure
or for strange magazines.


Haering Hege - Story - Trevor Brady

Haering Hege fashion story shot by Trevor Brady in London


Best On Demand Printing UK?


I'm looking for UK services that offer your prints on products on a demand only basis?

Looking for one that works with an existing shopify store if possible.

Also one that obviously offers low % and high quality prints, which I know is a bit of an oxymoron but good competitive rates would be nice.

Thanks in advance :)


best custom online store

What's the best customizable online store?
Been looking at Big Cartel, anyone recommend any other sites?


Logo Feedback

This is not my work but they need feedback on this from industry professionals.
It's about a rental cars aggregator website.
OtoRedi means Auto-Ready
The tagline reads "Renting is Good"
What do you think?


Shirts in Amsterdam

Looking for someone to do a short run of shirts in Amsterdam. Probably looking to do a digital screen print of a colour photo, and maybe a traditional screen print. Small number of shirts, less than 50.

Anyone know anyone?


Aesthetic vs. Design

Using design as only aesthetic is like selling a car without an engine.


US Airways Tweet (NSFW)

So, Alex complains on Twitter. Then, US Airways responds, apologizes, and sends her a NSFW photo. (And leaves it online for a while...) LOL!…


Quicktime Help

I wrote and directed a short film in 2004 for a college project and found the file on a CD today. I was excited to watch it but got this message. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I can't copy it to my desktop or open it in Quicktime and it is a MOV. file. I hope I can keep the file alive somehow but don't know what to do.


Flash question

Yes, it's been years, but I have a freelance situation. I can't remember how to get the SWF information when you Test Movie. I thought Command B would show all the info. It doesn't anymore. I'm using Flash CC on a Mac.



New game for 2014, little bit like THIS or THAT. But this time fight battles.

For example,


Who would win?


Best 80s thongs


ASCII webcam…


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