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Illustrator question

I want to create horizontal lines that seem to disappear into the distance.

So as the lines become thinner, so does the distance between them. (blending a thick line to a thin one keeps the same distance)

So I want, of example, a 6pt stroke with a 6pt gap, then a 5pt strok and 5pt gap, etc etc

Don't even know what to google. Any suggestions?


quick and dirty illustration gig

Hey, I need an illustration done for an office christmas party tomorrow night. Don't really care about style. 3 color vector would be cool if it was done well. Gonna tile it and color laser print it and laminate on a big piece of cardboard. Making one of those big boards you stick your face through for a photo. Wanna take the starwars poster and make all the characters photographers. Monies.


Serial Podcast

Anyone else listening to this?

On January 13, 1999, Adnan Syed was a hurt and vengeful ex-boyfriend who carried out a premeditated murder. Or he was a bewildered bystander, framed for a crime he could never have committed. After 15 months of reporting, we take out everything we’ve got - interviews and documents and police reports - we shake it all out, and we see what sticks.


Ren & Stimpy, Doug and RugRats

Good article on how they came to be on NICK.…


Advertising & Beyond

Sherpa, Helsinki Finland


Made in Sherpa

Advertising & beyond, Helsinki, Finland





...this is your thread!!



your 1st QBN THREAD!!!!!!!!


Are you talented?

A. Do you consider yourself good at your job and a talent in your field?

B. Is photography / design / coding / art a hobby or is it what you feel you were destined to do?

C. Are you happy with your career trajectory right now or do you wish it was headed in a better direction?

D. Would you rather take an easy job that paid well in a nice office or run your own independent studio and make half as much while working harder?

D. In 10 years, do you expect to basically be doing the same thing?


Remember this song?

Let's start a "remember this song?" thread. What songs have you thought of recently that you haven't heard in forever?



lifestyle photography


Multiple app landing page??

Any successful multi-app company websites you cats can think of?

For example ADOBE.

The "CREATIVE CLOUD" is the overall umbrella, but the whole package is made up of multiple apps.

I don't dig their site however because they only focus on 1 app at a time. No slideshow to flip through many apps.

If I didn't know what adobe was or apps they own, I would think that one single app they advertise off the bat is adobe (if I lived under a rock hehe)...



Illy question

So... Before I upgrade to Yosemite or however you fucking spell it, can you tell me what the lowest version of Illustrator still works on it?

I have CS4 on my laptop and it will not work...

Can you help please?


Comment Memes

Lately I've been seeing a lot of these and some of them are hilarious.

You are scrolling on a post with a lot of comments on a site and suddenly someone posts something like Michael Jackson eating popcorn

but lately I've been seeing "mutations" of these that are hilarious. Post em here if you've seen any


Web Video

What's the best and easiest way of adding video to a web page with the following parameters:

1. The first page has a list of say 7 different songs.
2. After the viewer clicks on one of the songs, it leads to that page with the video and song.
3. After the song is done playing, it continues playing through the other list of songs, and when it's done with the list, it loops again.
4. The video plays through the entire time without being effected by the song.


Gmail crashes Chrome


Works fine in all other browsers.


Get this sorted Google.

I am going back to Firefox.


The Comic Sans Machine.…


Jquery / JS Help


I want to establish a relation between a dynamic height and a 0-100 value.
So, at the original height state, the value would be passed as 100, and as the height decreases (up until 60px), the value would come down to 0.

something like:

$something(100) = height (300)

when height changes to lets say (150) then $something's value would be 50...

How could I achieve something like that. I'm sure it must be quite easy but my knowledge is too limited to get there..

Cheers for any help


Used Photo Gear

Any recommendations on where to go for decent used lenses? Besides ebay, amazon, etc? I'm looking for a used Bower fisheye for my micro-four thirds. They're only $200 new but figured it was worth asking around. Thanks in advance.


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