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Whats this typeface?

i hope theres some graphic designers in here that can help.. thanks


Beautiful Languages

What are some languages, text that looks good for tattoos? I see a lot of chinese text, wondering what else is out there?


Baseline Shift

Can you help me with my light setup in C4D,

I'm trying to do them similar to what you used in your gifs but they look crappy as fuck,

What kind of lights do you use?
Do you have a softbox?
What material settings do you have?

here's an awesome thank you gif (pronounced jeef)


Domain redemption period

How long a domain name remain in 'Redemption period' ? The domain I want is expired since october 1st...


CEO profile video like this

Looking for examples of good interview videos.
They can be as simple as Errol Morris style or maybe have cuts with visual material (maybe after effects graphics for instance)... Thanks crew!

IBM Think Program
https:// width="425" height="355">

Kenny Powers
https:// width="425" height="355">

Marissa Mayers (cheesy so fair warning)…

Ursula Burns (Xerox CEO)
https:// width="425" height="355">


Charles Manson

crazy dude.


Mysterious flash

Mystery, yaaay!

https:// width="425" height="355">…


Our food your questions

New McDonalds ad campaign



The example is a custom job, but curious if there are some typefaces that share the character...


Car problem

I know nothing about mechanic... When I try to start my car, nothing happend... no sound, no lights.. nothing, completly dead. What does it mean? The battery is dead?

I have a Yaris 2011


How many projects?

Freelacers, how many projects do you usually have going on at once?

Employees, how often do you take on client projects?


Pointless yet fun

Post pointless yet fun things into this pointless and fun thread, such as this pointless thing about pointing which is fun.


New Nokia

Nokia just launched a new tablet. Thoughts?



Somewhere is a process-oriented social online platform to share your ideas/thoughts/works


Bradosti Identity

Logo and identity for Bradosti, an accounting firm in Uppsala, Sweden.



Just picked up a Samsung Gear S on a whim last night. My regular phone is turned off and at home. Pockets empty but for wallet. This is a strange feeling. I like.

UI isn't breathtaking, but it is very usable. Some nice little ad ons like HRM and Pedometer. Email sync is spotty so far... but text and phone are both great. Newsreader is great too. Battery life has been surprisingly good. Handsome device in person, but I do look like a twit when I speak into my watch.

Anyone else have one or another make? Looking forward to the apple watch too.


breaking rental contract

Anyone have any experience w breaking your 1 year apartment contract?

I moved in 3 months ago, signed a 1 year contract but want to move out. I know they will keep my security deposit but will they sue me for the rest of the months? I live in California.


Google Project ARA




Ultra Wide Monitors

I'm thinking of getting one of those new boys here:

LG 34UM95-P, reviews are good, pricetag is around €750

What's your opinion? They even make this one with a curved finish, only case where it actually makes sense now.. I'm pretty excited about those.


How much to charge.

There's always the odd questions here for new designers not quite sure what to charge or how to bill their clients.

This is simple and useful.…


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