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InDesign Contactsheet

Does anyone know a decent script/plugin to easily create a contact sheet out of double pages of a PDF in InDesign?

I'd like to arrange those automatically in a grid (e.g. 10 rows à 5 columns).

I found ides like this:…

But maybe someone knows one that works even simpler.

Thank you!


Ever had an affair?

Don't really know anyone who has ever had anything ongoing. Curious to see how that shit plays out in real life versus the movies.


TV on iMac

What's the best way of watching tv on a mac? I want to toss my tv.


Logo Help

I see it quite often on websites and am needing to do it even if it does go against their branding guidelines, but other than asking the company what is the easiest way to convert logos to grey or a mono color?? thanks


Vinyl Cutting, London

Any recommendations?

By which I mean ‘companies you've used’, not ones you've just Googled for. I just did that.

Had two contacts, but one messed up a job for a client a while back, and the other one simply hasn't got back to me.



holiday drawings

posted couple of holidays doodles plus some older ink/watercolors


DMX Of The Day

On a theme park ride:


IM IN LOVE!!!! <3


Let the jokes begin....



.. here i am popping my Broadcast cherryi!!

i declare this thread a total DIS thread on

››› ohhhhhsnap ‹‹‹

oh "snapness™"

am i popped like your mom's cherry??



-end thread


Deadpool leaked footage…

starts just like the leaked movie script ;)



People Still Come Here / e_pill

Two part question. Well you know the first one and I am guessing yes. Is e_pill still around?


Six California States…


Silk Screen Printer

Looking for an inexpensive silk screener to make custom shirts in the so cal area. It's for small personal creations. Small orders for now. Anyone? Thanks


Art charge?

How much would you charge in this case?:

Client needs a logo. They aren't design savvy and tell you they know what they want it to look like. You will do the logo as they say and add type (their name) in your choice of font which they will most likely not critique.

Yes a bad client and a weak job. What would you charge for your expertise?


Good animation shows

Online, offline, WHATEVS. What's your favourite animated stuff?


Your Weird Habits?

Do you have any strange or weird habits that do in the course of your day or that you've done for years?


foraged: issue #03

We just shipped Issue 03 of foraged out over the internet. The last two weeks led us down some cool roads--here are a few gems.


moving home?

anyone got any tips on moving home (especially to a new build property) its the first time ive moved since i bought my first home 14 yars ago and needless to say ive got a lot more stuff now lol.



The new social

What's up with these new social apps like SnapChat and Secret? Does anyone actually use these?

Seems like just a convenient way to look at spam all day.


Pooh Butt Day

Eminem when he was like 15 LOL sure to listen to the end makes me laugh.


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