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I've been told I should put more emotions in my work,

what do they mean?
should I cry over it or use some emotive trigger,
I'm lost in translations


Music video crit


just finished this: https:// width="425" height="355">#t=248

Made in FCPX, Illustrator and Photoshop (and a load of stock photage).

I knew nothing about video editing 2 months ago. Be gentle.



Working from home

Any QBNers working from home?

Are you working for one company or are you doing freelancing for multiple companies?


website builders...

looking into making my own website, mainly for photography, weddings etc.

i am no good at making my own from scratch so was wondering if you guys have used any of the online site builders like Wix? or can recommend aything?


basic photoshop question

If I create a line with the pen tool that isnt a closed path, I cant seem to stroke it (lol).

Is there a way to do this without closing the path or without making a selection and having to delete parts of the path?


imac question

So the cheapest model (specs below), this should be fast enough to run things like AfterEffects, Logic files with a lot of tracks, correct?

I have a 2007 macbook which is a piece of shit and used to be able to run those apps well but cant anymore, so its time to get something new, and on a budget due to some other recent expenses. Anyone own this model?

1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
8GB memory
500GB hard drive1
Intel HD Graphics 5000


Your must watch movies

If you have young kids and you're dying, you hand them a piece of paper and say, watch these movies when you're older. What's on your list?

clockwork orange
pulp fiction
true romance
taxi driver
godfather 1,2
apocalypse now
usual suspects
fight club


The end of flash ads…




LA Cop Shooting

This is going to get out of hand.


Industrial design infringement.

Does anyone know how companies get away with things like this?

Nike made this shoe and it became really popular. Many colors and materials:

Then Skechers can make something almost identical?:

And Fila as well?:

Now the second two are not small companies and know they will get caught. Is the original design not protected or what did the other two companies change that made it legal?


how to make this fast

recently i saw a website where you could automate this effect with some parameters, and now when my friend asked me for it - i can't remember where i saw it...anyone maybe knows?



FFFFound Account

Not using mine anymore, so tossing it up here for someone to take.

The email creds are and the password is temporary.



Type questine

Anyone know if this style has a name? Specifically the contrasting stroke weights like a modern serif, but in a sans. I'm stumped!…


Home Entertainment Concept

I made a concept for a TV system that i would love to have at home! Do you like it?


FMT 17022015…

Happy Friday ;)


Name of the day


Who's the most "powerful/famous" you personally know?

I'm just curious,
no need for names,
just what they do,

k thxz bai!


What's Your Favorite Brands and Why?

Mission Workshop - I love biking and I love their logo and dark style.

Theory - Love the culture, their no frills details

Apple - They make beautiful products


RIP Mr. Spock…


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