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magazine style ecommerce?

Has anyone seen any good translations of a printed magazine style product catalog on a website?

Weve just has a client want this and the example hes shown is really nasty.

im looking for a counter proposal that at least meets his brief half way.


macbook pro powercable

I am tired of macbook pro power cable wires breaking. I think every mac laptop I have had in the past few years has had the same problem.

I have seen a couple of products to try and solve the problem from the Python cord:… and the magsavior: and the Juiceboxx:…

Any recommendations? so I don't have to buy more new chargers because the cable has broken again!


Project management software

What project management software can you guys and girls recommend? What do you use?

Small team of 4 looking to trial -> invest in some.



Sprout by HP

Watch the vid.


Flat Vector Portraits

Does anyone know who the artist is that creates the portraits for the ReCode - Code Conference guests?


Tech Font

Looking for a nice Tech font!

Anyone know a nice one?


Skull 01 — Timed Edition

New 'Skull 01' riso print available only until October 31st.


User Experience is Brand Experience

An argument for why the placement of the logo shouldn't be our clients' greatest concern.


Antares Rocket Explodes



Hello guise,
i finally created my app with Excel.

I need help from you, can you go there http://whatyougot.benoitfalardea… download the app and try it. Tell me if anything go wrong, if you dont get something... And also tell me if my english is ok.

thanks a lot.


Nike Air Mowabb “Through The Years”

We did a retrospective on the various models with the historic colors combination


facebook loading nothing but white?

is down?


Official Table Tennis Thread

c'mon I know a lot of you play!


Russia World Cup 2018


Found this at Hacker News:


Excel formulas on webpage

Is there a way to have a webpage with forms that uses Excel like formulas?

I would like to create a website where people fill certain fields and it would all sums up a result.

The formulas I would use are : +, / , * , SUM, =

I guess Javascript would do this, but is there HTML code that can do it?


Windows 93

Have Fun!!!


Google Maps - Grey Area

Any UK peeps know why the areas west of Newbury are greyed out on Google maps? Been like that for weeks.



I keep waiting for a stylus that makes drawing on the iPad pleasant. So far, though, I've mostly been disappointed.

Has anyone tried this? Thoughts?…


The Afterlives

“The Afterlives,” the first video from Wilderness, the new album by Palaxy Tracks.


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