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The Afterlives, by Palaxy Tracks

The first video from my new record, Wilderness. Hope you enjoy! And if you do, please share.


Internet In A Picture

Sum up the internet in a single photo.

Winner gets, more Internet.


Product videos on Youtube?

These videos can be helpful occasionally, but can anyone explain why people make them? Can you get free stuff or money by making them?


Nicole Gastonguay 

Using crochet as a medium, Nicole creates objects that will remind you of a past that never happened.


Small cafe logo?

If you were to design a logo for a small coffee shop / cafe in your neighborhood, how much would you charge.

Just a logo that will be on the door to the shop too. No business cards or anything like that yet.



Books for FREE!!!…

Download Link


Future Fatfier…


Brain food?

I feel more tired and sluggish lately.

What are some good foods and recipes for food that will give you energy and are good for your brain?



Watched this last night - rented it from Amazon instant video. If you like dystopian sci-fi shit you'll dig it.

https:// width="425" height="355">


Your Fav Movie Quotes

Is this your homework, Larry?


How is this style called?

and where can I get more


Harking back to April of 2013 when we launched Dutch Startup Jobs as a site for the community to put all their jobs in one place.


Referral Fee

Working within an agency, how much would you expect as a referral fee for bringing in work (when this is not your core role)?


Russell Brand

He's at it again, this time with Evan Davis. I really respect his energy and vigour but at what point will people get sick of his constant ranting? Are people already sick of it? I for one think he has so many valid points that if he can convince people he's not a complete bellend, he could bring a lot of good to us all.


Shia LaBeouf

Deserves its own thread as does his whole art/crazy movement.


Key Press > Animation

Any point me in the direction of a tutorial that would allow an animation of a sprite to happen (along with a sound) when a certain key is pressed.

Thinking that the image would be a PNG like could be created using Spritely…


Hosting Companies

Who are you using these days? We've been using (mt) for years, but they have gone to shit lately since they got bought out by GoDaddy.

Any suggestions?


Timeline of the day


lost flame

Have you ever lost your flame for your profession (beyond the "blue period")? If yes, what did you do to rekindle or just plain cut your loss and part ways?


Australia Vs Immigrants

More info:…



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