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dreamweaver question

inb4 snarky elitist why are you using dremweaver comments! ha

So im using CC for the first time. Working with some divs, and in previous versions there was a window where you could toggle the visibility of layers, using eye icons.

Where is this in CC?


Camera Straps.

i hate the stock straps that come with New cameras, has anyone bought or uses other styles?

Lance Straps are cool!


Desktop content questine

I'm researching options for a client who wants a digital, standalone app/brochure for new starters. They currently give out a printed version but they've got with the 90s and now want video and buttons.

It would be sent out to new staff before they start, so needs to work away from the intra-/internet, eg. on a thumb drive.

I don't think Adobe DPS is the answer, since that's mobile/tablet only I believe?
I'm also not keen on that page-flip nonsense which Google keeps telling me about.

Any suggestions of how to do such a thing?




Seen this?!



Fuckn assholes everywhere...

Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US government…

Is there an alternative or pretty much everything is compromised?


New hope

Slovenia after another early elections.
»So, can we now finally go on a vacation?«


Soda replacement?

I gave up soda and am trying to give up most sugar, but now in the heat, I am getting headaches or really missing the sugar rush.

What are beverages or other things to help me get over this withdrawal? Apples? What's your healthy sugar rush?


Up-to-date Design Specifications


Does anyone have a link to a site or PSD that details the latest specs (mainly width and fold) for the most common web browsers and mobile/tablet devices?

I am after something like this: however, this doesn't seem hugely up-to-date. Unless it is still applicable, in which case, bonza.



outlook question

Im on a new machine with windows 7, which im not familiar with. Im trying to create an e-newsletter, and cant find the correct stationary folder.

I tried this --
AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Stationery

But when I go into outlook and try to make a new stationary msg, the html file I posted in that path above isnt show up. WTF!?


DoubleClick AS3 Q

I'm trying to download the com file for StudioEvents for AS3. Definitely not an ideal situation but would be really stoked if someone could hook up that com file!


Which Fuji Should I Get?

I take photos of mainly portraits and fashion type photography. Some street photography for fun as well but not as important.

Should I get:

A) Fuji x-e1 with a 18-55mm lens for $520

B) Fuji x-e2 for $600 for the body


C) 60mm Macro Lens for $350

D) 35mm Lens for $450?


You're All

A bunch of bitches.

That would be all

Thank you


Portfolio system...

My english sux from time to time :D and I dont remember how you call that... But iam looking for system to build a portfolio, but one that I can download and install on my own server. Like C4rgo Collective for exemple, but installed on my server. How do you call this? an interface to update a website automatically... y'know? Geez, iam not clear.



Will be creating wireframes for an upcoming project-- might be a really silly question, but:

OmniGraffle? What else is out there?



I'm looking at a temporary apartment which has 4 months left on the lease and the guy is looking to sublease until the end. Anyone know what the US law says about taking over the lease when it ends? Am I allowed to continue at a similar rate or do I have to sign a lease after his lease ends if I were to stay and take over?


favorite art/design theory reads?

obviously for design, steven heller is sort of one of those leading authors to keep track of.

but i'm wondering, what are your favorite theory reads for either design or art? i am talking in both the capacity of published literature or ongoing blogs.

for books, the looking closer series was good, and things like susan sontag and even aspects of some philosophy (hume is a personal favorite). for blogs, stuff like design observer.

i dunno. what do you all read to keep your theoretical interests / mindset active?


Calf Tattoos

I got a birthmark on my left calf, and I want to cover it up with a tattoo. I'm a tattoo virgin but I checked out a few shops for estimates. They said I needed to come up with the artwork so looking for some inspiration. I like the look of the yakuza tattoos.



Im sure I have sene this all over the place recently but no idea what it is.



Fail of the day


Handshake of the day


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