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Digital Publishing

Any digital publishing guru's here? I'm new to it and need a few things clarifying as Adobe seem to have gone to great lengths to make this info hard to find.

I aim to create an app for iPad and android tablets which would be updated twice yearly with revised content. I understand that in order to achieve this I would need at least a 'Professional' DPS subscription.

My intentions were to subscribe to 'Professional' in order to publish the app then cancel the subscription once approved and available for download. Then repeat for each update.

As the multi-folio app would be hosted by Adobe, what happens once a subscription is cancelled?
Would the latest version of the app still available for download or would it be removed from the app stores?

Basically the cost of a subscription is very high and need to find the most cost effective solution :)

Cheers in advance



This banger!






I fucking love, but some of the videos are fucking craaazyyy. Anyway, watch out for Kim Kardashian's Vagina recent vid. Just saying. It's nightmare material.



One good song

I want to build a nice playlist.

Post a Youtube of a song you really like.


elegant / classy / sophisticated website

example links of sophisticated, culturally interesting websites, please? i've got a new client and she's a ballerina!


Social media question

Im sure you guys have seen it where you can click share on linked in for example, and youll see a little thumbnail image selector, and there will be couple options or so of thumbnails to select.

But Ive noticed that when you try to share the same page on other sites, sometimes there will be different image options, or the same images but showing up in a different order.

Anyone have any idea what might cause that, or how these sites select those thumbnail images?


What is this font?

Can anyone tell me what font is used here?


YouTube upload artifacts

I have uploaded a video that has no artifacts using h.264/MP4 from After Effects.

YouTube shows quite a lot of smushiness and artifacts, at 1m19s is particularly bad.

Anyone know how to get around this?


Immigration Reform


C4d: Advanced Prod Techniques

Anybody checked this out:…

Would love to hear about it..


Whats this typeface?

i hope theres some graphic designers in here that can help.. thanks


Beautiful Languages

What are some languages, text that looks good for tattoos? I see a lot of chinese text, wondering what else is out there?


Baseline Shift

Can you help me with my light setup in C4D,

I'm trying to do them similar to what you used in your gifs but they look crappy as fuck,

What kind of lights do you use?
Do you have a softbox?
What material settings do you have?

here's an awesome thank you gif (pronounced jeef)


Domain redemption period

How long a domain name remain in 'Redemption period' ? The domain I want is expired since october 1st...


CEO profile video like this

Looking for examples of good interview videos.
They can be as simple as Errol Morris style or maybe have cuts with visual material (maybe after effects graphics for instance)... Thanks crew!

IBM Think Program
https:// width="425" height="355">

Kenny Powers
https:// width="425" height="355">

Marissa Mayers (cheesy so fair warning)…

Ursula Burns (Xerox CEO)
https:// width="425" height="355">


Charles Manson

crazy dude.


Mysterious flash

Mystery, yaaay!

https:// width="425" height="355">…


Our food your questions

New McDonalds ad campaign



The example is a custom job, but curious if there are some typefaces that share the character...


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