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almost sent

A friend of mine has had a few accounts on dating sites like Ok Cupid for a while. He was like 'sometimes i see these chicks' profiles and i just want to get real with them'. Hence 'almost sent'.

If anyone uses a dating site and wants to contribute with a funny or inappropriate screengrab or their experiences, feel free.


Joining a soccer/football team?

I'm 35, used to play in high school, and can run a mile without dying. What sort of team should I join if I am just getting back into it?


Putin joins Chick-fil-A


html table issues

Tables arent very fun. I have a simple 2 row table, and need the top row to be about 20px tall, but for some reason it's adding a lot of padding and is around 40px tall.

I have a title in that row with an h3 tag around it, but theres nothing funny on that h3 css that I can see.

h3 {
font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;


Designing for Disney

Case studies for Licensing work


Video/Explanimation Designer Wanted

For a friends company, anyone into this? https://www.interaction-design.o…


Condi Rice joins Dropbox

"Internet Revolt Begins"…


Is QBN on autopilot?

This might sound like stupid whining, but is it really that hard to fix the https youtube embedding and at the same time add vimeo?

That's a 2 hour job or so.

Do we need to perform a sacrifice for the QBN gods? I nominate GeorgesIV to be thrown in the volcano.


Fitness Bands - which to buy?

I'm thinking about getting one of these things, and read some reviews online, but still not sure a) if it's worth the cost and b) which one to get. After some initial research I'm leaning towards the Jawbone UP, but not 100% sold.

If you're using one of these (any band) it would be grand if you could share yout thoughts on the usefulness/insights it gives and what you like/don't like about it.

Thanks buddies!


InformForm #2

InformForm #2 Information design: in practice, an informed theory. Out now!


font help...



Shame of the Day

Good bye Pearl Paint.



BC updates NSFW



Scavenger HUnt

Now I know this might be tough for this crowd considering the material I've seen that can never be unseen "thanks Calles"

However, I need some legitimate scavenger hunt ideas that can be done within the office. Hit me.


kerning disasters

from Ricky Gervais


Event Calendar

A client is requesting an event calendar added to their site. Other than Gcal, what other robust calendar apps are out there?


call girl posters

here are some posters we created in support of the swedish thriller, call girl.


Choose Interesting Work

The one criteria that has always worked out for me.


Javascript help!

Im not a dev expert by any means. Im setting up a drop down menu that I grabbed from somewhere else. Need to do 2 things to it.

When you click on one of the top 3 buttons, I need that button to actually turn off. So if you click products for example, I need that button to be invisible, and only its drop down visible.

Also, there is some sort of dotted line appearing around the top buttons. How do you remove that?…


Adobe Flash Player

I updated Flash Player yesterday and now I'm getting a message in Safari... "Plug-In Failure". I tried updating again, and checked my Safari prefs to make sure plug-ins are on.

I'm cut off from Youtube! Noooo! HTML5 Player, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks
Safari 7.0.3

Anyone else having this problem?


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