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I hate french but hey

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rfp response

Planning on sending an rfp response to a large company. We're thinking about sending a packaged ipad that functions like a touch screen kiosk.

Has anyone done anything similar to this?


¿Qué te hizo feliz?

I take photographs of people in Latin America and ask them one question:
What made you happy this week?



probably timeline, but i couldn't find it / haven't seen it here.

this trailer makes me want to watch this film more than most blockbusters do...time to rethink things hollywood?


Rant of the Day

I will start with this excellent one from Deathboy:
"i hate the apple fanboys that act like 13 yr girls at a bieber show. like uh this is my favorite ooooh noooo this is my favorite this is the really bestiest best in the whole world. lalalala i can't hear u it's the best you're a hater, and your sooo jelly.
apple. meh whatever. theyre good at using every logical fallacy and psych maneuver to manipulate people who would rather not have the responsibility of shopping around, or learning about specs, OS, thinking in general and turning them into consumer whores in a closed system. I'd say that lazy 13 yr old self obsessed hysterical girl mentality is there greatest success.
My only grief is I think Apple is bad for people. Nothing positive about it. Turns people into uniform consumer whores. Killed the webs creativity with killin flash. And really the deceptive advertising. I've always believed advertising should be a trade off of entertainment for your watching time. Not preachy bible guilt ridden, political ad campaign, but well executed styles. The hyperbole of it all is insane, its like watching a insane church rallying with a healer saying devil be gone and people chanting. There methods are excellent but i disagree with them, but im a free market guy so whateva. As long as competition doesnt dumb shit down to their levels too much or force U2 on me im like meh whatever the crazy kids will one day grow up. And better if the peopel agaisnt apple not to get involved. Its like if a parent tells their girl Bieber sucks and is a fuckin tool. They'll just love him that much more. ... which is probably why they use such hyperbole...fuckers"


Mac to PC switcher: tips?

Just built a pc for the first time in a while. I'll be using both Mac and PC in production but wanted know what utilities/apps/practices you guys use to keep your PC gear in tip top shape?

I was gonna start off by installing all my apps and then cloning the OS drive for those fun catastrophic crash moments. What all do you do?


Kamil Mokot's Sketch-Style Tattoos

An artist who uses the tattoo machine as if it were a pen, seriously, his lines are irregular and the final artwork looks like...


Help finding an image

Hi, looking for an image...or at least type of image.

It's a page of thin lines, some are fractionally bigger and they make up a word or image. So you have to scroll up and down to see properly.

Know what I mean?


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A Project Manager just asked me to draft a "Standard door knob sign" — "for what kind of door knob?", I asked. "A Standard door knob" she replied.


New Side Project

I've been working on a side project the last few months, which I've just launched. You can check it out here…
or on instagram @voltagelampco.

Let me know what you think.


Indesign - Print / Black is grey

This is driving me nuts. I've never had a problem with it and must have pressed something by mistake.

I'm making a book to print mono digital.
All images are greyscale dot gain 15%

placed in indesign.

inside covers are 100% K blocks

Overprint is set to 'no'

Print black is set to 'accurate'

I save and export to PDF. Whole PDF is then converted to destination - Dot Gain 15%

Blacks print grey. ARRRRGGGHHH

Other thing I've tried is just saving a 100%K black page. Export to PDF then import to illustrator. Colour dropper says 100%K.
If I do the same thing but convert the PDF to DG15% illustrator says 95%K -

why does the black drop to grey when converting the PDF to dot gain 15%?

Sorry about the ramble but really any help is greatly appreciated and whoever solves it will be sent some books as a thanks!


Mike Tyson Interview

So, this guy in Canada tried to get testy with Mike Tyson and got THIS close to be knocked out.

You don't fuck around with Tyson when you're within reach!

https:// width="425" height="355">


Indochino F14 -Trevor Brady

Indochino F14 Campaign shot by Trevor Brady


Oscar Pistorius

Could he pull a full OJ?

Not Guilty of Premeditated Murder charge:…



I didn't even realize the date when I booked my flight for this evening.


wooden custom art iphone cases

I used to order from Grove, which is already selling iPhone 6 cases but they don't do custom art orders anymore.

Are there any other companies you guys like that take custom art orders for wooden cases, (NOT JUST BACKS) ? Thanks in advance.




Apps with tutorials examples

Just wondered if anyone knows of any apps that have any of those tutorial flows when a new user opens an app for the first time?



Any ideas peeps?




I forgot about you guy until someone came and gracefully reminded us why they didn't come here. Sweet! Let's Party!!!

And post images!


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