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Online Web Design Classes

I ran into this and was wondering if anyone has done it or knows of anything similar. Opinions?…



Is the samsung galaxy note 4 any good? I'm leaning towards the note mainly because of the stylus for drawing and notes. Other recommendations? I'm a bit hessitent on the iphone 6 plus and the kind of updates or u2 bono type of stuff they do.


Double Trouble

A fun short film about time travel.


2 Agreements

If 2 contract/work agreements are signed by freelancer and client. Who's agreement trumps whose?


New Work

New visual series online


Not true about design

Things that you were told breaking into the industry that are not true.



I am visiting NY next week for 14 days, at a friend's place who resides in the bronx. Never been to the states.

Any tips on the not so usual places to visit?

Already on the list:
- coney island
- chinatown
- the high line



Art similar to this 2

I didn't want to hijack the other thread. But it seemed like the focus of the question was on every but what I found interesting.

I'm interested in the linear drawing of the dog at the bottom right. Does the style have a name? Perhaps someone can post more artists doing that kind of work?
I remember seeing a Dilla shirt on that style at a show once that looked so sick.

Thanks in advance!


When you see this thread

paste whatever's on your clipboard RIGHT NOW!


Criteria for running a succesfull design studio/agency

Let's say you want to start your own studio/agency... Please list your top criteria from this list or add what you think is best to run it successfully.

1. Do good work
2. Have a partner or partners
3. Enough money to start
4. Have a great team / hire the best people
5. Networking / knowing a lot of people
6. Marketing
7. Branding of the studio or agency
8. Cash flow
9. Country or region
10. Have a lawyer


Men's Fashion & Style

Hey QBN, you are what, 437 active male members, and 2 females? And 403 of you are designers? You MUST have good fashion sense and some style. Share what's good in the men's fashion & style world? Inspiration? Tips? Online shops?


RIP Ralph Baer

Inventor of the first videogame console.…

Wonder how he felt about what gaming has turned into. Console wars, trolls, reassurance, and arguing over FOLIAGE! lolz


How we designed the iTunes of journalism

Six months ago we launched Blendle, the iTunes of journalism, in the Netherlands. Using our service, over 140,000 users


art similar to this?

what would you call this style? geometric?


design trends 2015

OK what do you think will be big in the design world in 2015.

To start im thinking hamburger menus on websites will become mainstream (im already seeing signs of this)

whats you're predictions?


Glue Question

We're hand making our company christmas cards this year and want to glue a cover to an internal sheet of card. I thought about using spraymount but fear its not permanent enough.

anyone suggest anything?



BearbricksandCDs Instagram Feed

A new combination of Bearbricks and CDs everyday. A good follow on Instagram.


'Green' gift

For a party, I have to buy myself something around 20-25$ with the theme "green" ... The color, or like eco-green... anything related to 'green'.

What the hell should I buy? I have no idea. What would YOU buy?


Charity sites?

Does anybody have good examples of Charity sites that raise money for different campaigns?



Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow

Anyone in here had a tendinitis (tennis elbow, tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis) and what have you done to heal it? Any tricks?


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