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Oscars online

Yo pimps,

If you know a nice and fast site where I can watch the academy awards (but not HD because I live in a fucking hut in a 3rd world country), please let me know. Thanks!

Mr. Babydick


Design Hunt

Hey guys,

I am working on launching a new iOS App dedicated for designers/developers. It will feature daily doze of products, news, inspirations, etc.

Similar to Designer News and Product Hunt but mobile only. If you are interested you can follow me on twitter. I will be launching private beta version in about a week.

More then anything it sort of fills a personal void. I got tired of looking through multiple apps throughout the day. Would be awesome to have everything in one. I am super excited to give this a go.

I am looking for beta testers to help me test features, as well as provide valuable feedback on features before ship day.

If you are curious you can sign up for beta here:

Dribbble shot for the app icon:…


Gay Pride in Auckland

I've made this little film with bits and pieces of footage I recorded last saturday, during the parade.


iPad speaker system?

I'm requesting a recommendation for an iPad speaker/dock system. It has to be compatible with lightning connection, not the older 30-pin connectors and I don't want to deal with bluetooth.

This shouldn't be hard to find but most reviews aren't specific about compatibility and look like they stopped developing for new iPads and iPhones.

Thanks in advance.


Massimo PSB

Already shown to have a lot of potential. I'm also planning to give a different one to everyone in my contacts list....


teddy chuck

LOL.. so Felix da housecat was refused entry at Berghain last night in Berlin and went on a massive teddy chuck on twitter..

given the vitriol im assuming he was being a self righteous twat to begin with.. The Berghain is easy to get into, as long as you are being a pre-madonna or a drunken lout.…


Kinect - Green Screen Backgrounds

Any recommendations/links to cool background /environment VR sets using kinect tech? i.e like green screen effect.


Museum Questionnaire

hey folks just doing some polling on museums because that's the industry i work in and i'd love to hear people's opinions on museums.

can you please answer the following questions or just give your thoughts.

1. do you visit your local museum(s) regularly?

2. do you think museums are relevant today? do we still need them?

3. what type of museum do you like if any?
(nature, history, contemporary art, topic specific ones like war etc)

4. what exhibits have you seen that you loved?

5. if you had to create an exhibit what would it be about?

6. what exhibit would you like to see?

7. why do or don't you visit museums?

8. do you go alone or with friends/families?

9. what kind of experience do you expect when visiting a new exhibit or museum?

10. how old are you?



The Amen Break - do the right thing.

“Do the right thing” for a musician who has never seen royalties for the iconic sample.

The Amen break — the iconic loop that is at the foundation of hip-hop, jungle, drum’n’bass and beyond — is sampled from ‘Amen Brother’ by ’60s funk group The Winstons. However, despite its widespread use, the copyright holders of ‘Amen Brother’ have never received a penny for its use due to a variety of reasons (the statute of limitations, changing copyright laws, etc).

Back in 2011, BBC/1Xtra presenter Kutski tracked down copyright holder Richard L. Spencer, the lead vocalist and sax player for The Winstons and the arranger of ‘Amen Brother’, who said he would love for people to “do the right thing” and give a little something back for using the beat. (Gregory Coleman, the drummer who played the beat, never received any royalties and died homeless in 2006.)

read more:…

give some cash:…


Logos that incorporate watches

Strange one but there must be some.

Let's see what is out there...


Assessment Test

Would you ever complete an assessment w/o ever having an interview first?


Show yo dog 2015

Our beast turns 14 today.

(apologies if a 2015 thread already exists)


Firefox Hello

I just noticed this. Has anyone tried it yet?…


Masters in Fine Arts

Who here has a masters in Fine Arts?


Sketching a Still Picture

I was just asked to create a hand drawn looking style for some still graphics for a video project. Any ideas on where to start? The sketch filters in Photoshop seem pretty sloppy.
I was thinking of taking a still image, bring into Photoshop and trace the outlines but this seems super tedious.
Anyone have any techniques to share?


Portfolio Question

What are your thoughts on people banging shit out and mocking up LOADS of visuals, putting them on 'social design sites owned by Adobe' in order to turn a simple 'identity project' into a full 'branding project'?

'social design sites owned by Adobe' seems to be 'mock up' central




I have a genuine question that I want to ask you guys but 'my request has been denied due to the nature of its content'?

Its a simple portfolio question?

Since when did QBN start telling you what you can and cant post!?!?!




iPad Holograms are here !


New Alien Movie…

'According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel.'

Weaver coming back may be


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