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FMT 041814

Hercules & Love Affair - The Feast Of The Broken Heart…



If there was a FAQ for this place what would be on it?

...let the lolz begin.


Twitter Design

Has anyone got their heads round the design customisation for Twitter? Some seem to have one style with a massive header but some have the old style? How do you change that? Basically I want to go back to the old style. Hate that massive banner.

Old style:



Knork 6 Pack Sets

The color variations are intended to discern between the finishes available on their flatware in multiple box configurations.


WTF - Renaissance

Looking for these 2 fonts for my bro:

- Renaissance
- Health Care Network

thanks a bunch.


Squarespace, WP or Tumblr?

I am setting up a blog for a client that could incorporate a small online store in the future.

They want me to design it, but they will be posting and need it to be easy to use.

Do you think Squarespace is the best option or should I stick to Tumblr or WP? Any other formats?


How I feel today.


Amazon Dash

Am I missing something here? Why waste all of that time and money creating a standalone product when you could have just developed the software for mobile devices and get it into way more consumers hands?


previewing mobile design

are there better apps for this than skala view?


Email Inbox Help

So Im fucking SWAMPED in emails ALL DAY...

Do you guys have any good practices here?

I'd really appreciate this...



Custom Wordpress

I'm looking to a build a custom WP site from scratch (using no specific theme). Anybody have experience doing this? I'll be designing it (visually) but will need somebody to develop it.


Beer for Belts

Help the world be a better place!
https:// width="425" height="355">


Adobe CC 'You've been disconnected'

If you have problem connecting to Adobe CC desktop client, go there:…

Seems like many people who updated to Windows 8.1 can't login Adobe CC, we kept getting the message ''You've been disconnected''

Adobe needs to adress this issue.


Fargo on FX

https:// width="425" height="355">


Latest Banksy

Not sure how I feel about this...…


Title for my book

Hey guys,

on November 6th my first photo book will come out. I am working on it since August last year and it will have around 40% new and unpublished photos in it. As usual they will be sexy but never over the top. So there won't be wanking pictures in my book but photos to get you excited about.

I am doing the whole project on my own, including the publishing. It will be large size, with hardcover and 204 pages.

Right now, I am thinking of a book title. It should be in English as my audience is international (even though I am German) and I would prefer to find a word that describes my work (NSFW; for that title. So I am looking for something with not too many letters. It should express sexyness, erotism, sensuality, beauty and not be too "flat".

I thought, I'd give it a shot and ask some of you who know me and would like to help me brainstorm for a title.

Thanks a lot!




Writing your bio

Shit is hard.


More themes like this?

Ignore the content, but anyone know any free Tumblr themes similar to this that are scalable?…


Tax Extension

For the first time ever I had to file an extension. We're in the middle of moving and I can't find my paperwork anywhere. Who else has had to file an extension?


Looking for photographers

Hi Guys,
I just gave my project The Portraitists a facelift.

I'm looking for photographers within every niche (Fine Art, Fashion, Still life, Wedding, Portrait, you name it) to collaborate with. Send me your recommendations!…


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