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UK business set-up advice

After having a 'real' salaried job for 3 years, I've decided it might be time to go back to freelancing/consulting/contracti... again.

My previous freelancing was all done as PAYE through an agency, but this time around I'm in it purely for myself and want to set up a company.

I'm sure there's a fair few of you on here who have done this, so any advice you can give regarding how long it takes, the cost, sole trader vs. limited company, the best way to do it (yourself or through a solicitor...) any of that or other words of wisdom would be most welcome.

Thanks buds.


Wacom tablet - Pen pressure issues

Yesterday I spent the best part of the evening trying to figure out why the Intuos 3 tablet was behaving like a proper bastard.

The problem is easily explained.
You open photoshop and create a new file: Pen pressure works. No problems.

But if you open photoshop, and Open a saved file, the pressure doesn't work. and there is no way to make it work. Ever.

I've tried several soultions:
- uninstalling and reinstalling the latest driver: No change
- uninstalling the drivers and installing progressively older drivers: No change
- Change the sampling mode of the pen: No change
- Making sure that I open PS with the pen and then keep using the pen as a pointing device (known glitch): No change
- disabling the TabletPC input service on Windows: No change.

Did anything like that ever happened to you?


Private mailing lists?

Can anyone recommend a good mailing list provider that's not google groups or yahoo?



Big & Small

I've recently joined a shared office with a load of illustrators, screen-printers, carpenters etc and they've suggested a joint exhibition on the theme "Big & Small".

They're all French and i'm the awkward English guy in the corner struggling to understand what's being said so I want to impress them, I'm thinking a set of posters or something but I'm too lazy to think up ideas on my own...


light on Mars

A NASA camera on Mars has captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outward from the planet's surface.


website and wordpress blog integration

my client, a law firm, has a corporate website that has profile of the lawyers and a wordpress blog for their lawyers as the authors. they are on two seperate database on the same hosting.

is it possible to retrieve the articles on the wordpress blog according to the lawyers and having it appear on the their profile?



Personalized url email?

What's the best system for custom url email ex.

Can you just buy a domain and use Google Apps, or do you have to buy hosting too?


Logo as a button

I'm looking for examples of interfaces where the logo is used as an interface element poorly. The Xbox controller button would be an example.


Mocking up Work?

What are some of your sources for finding assets, elements, objects, etc to mock up work on? I find stock sites have some good options, but are there any specialized sites for stuff like this? Aside from Live Surface.


World Science U

Really fantastic site... deserves its own thread...



What comes to mind?


Silkscreen Art Prep

Is there a plugin or tool that can take a vector illustrator file and auto-generate the closest match pantone inks to a limited selection of colors? So take a full color design and kinda convert it down to, say an 8 color design? I think i might have to do this manually, ya?


siteinspire for mobile design

is there something like this? i've exhausted dribbbbbble and pinterest.


Comic Neue

The squashed, wonky, and weird glyphs of Comic Sans have been beaten into shape while maintaining the honesty that made Comic Sans so popular.

It's perfect as a display face, for marking up comments, and writing passive aggressive office memos.


What’s Right In Front of You

Silencing my ideas may be the hardest thing I have to do.


Peaches Geldof dies ...

Troubled girl, rest in peace.


Whats this font





On a PC, you hold down ALT and enter a code (for instance ALT+0153 = a ™ sign). Nice and easy.

I'm on a Mac now. How do i enter ASCII characters now, without having to google them?


Arab people…


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