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I am traveling to Bangkok in a few days and am a little overwhelmed by all the different neighborhoods. What is the best area to stay in? Also feel free to recommend stuff to do!


Font ID

i found Adrianna which is close but i need the exact typeface. any ideas?



Ok let's settle this here, once, and for all on QBN. HAHAH.

Who is responsible?

*inspired by the genie in a lamp thread.


Just got Vimeo Staff Pick!

“An Episode,” by Palaxy Tracks:


News Websites

What are the best (good) news websites around thr World?

And when I say best, i'm talking about the quality of the reporting BUT also the quality of the website itself.

I like (France), (USA), (USA), (USA), (Quebec)

I wish the BBC news website would look better.


Lumix DMC-CM1

Its 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor is much, much bigger than your iPhone 6's and the Nokia Lumia 1020's—plus, it sits behind Leica optics. The device shoots in RAW if you want it to, and has the ability to capture 4K video. Besides its awesome specs as a camera, it functions as a slim, normal phone when it's in your pocket, giving you fast LTE and the same size screen as an iPhone 5S. It's clearly erring on the camera side of things, but when it drops in the States it'll look like a must-have for the on-the-go photographer.

It's currently available in the UK in small quantities and should go on sale in the US soon for $999.


You just found a magic lamp

No, I'm not fuckn with you,
you honestly just found a lamp with a sticker that says "Magik", you rub it, smoke comes out,

and a goddamm genie pops out.

He says:
Oi Master, I'm only a lesser genie in the genie realm, I can sadly only grant you one wish m8.

You can resuscitate one person,
any person, from any timeline,
chose wisely,

who do you bring back?


Bastards hacked my WP site

How on earth do I get rid of the weird "payday loan" link on the top right of my site?

I've updated and changed my WP password and now I am stuck with this balls.




Liquid Motion 

Motion Graphics Trend


Motion Graphics y diseño generativo

Motion Graphics y diseño generativo…


pizza ordering web app

pitching a pizza shop web site - looking for decent 3rd party menu / pizza ordering systems. Anyone have experience with any good ones? Most of what Im finding are shite


Android IA

Is there anywhere I could score a high level IA map for a basic android phone environment?


Why Your Website Doesn’t Convert

A long post, but useful (I think).


Cross Platform Fonts

Has much changed from 2009? Any new options?…


Tattoo your name for $10

This woman will tattoo your name on her for $10…


Feck Perfuction



App Builders - Dev Fee Question

How much would you charge, roughly, for an app? This would be for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so I need to spec for each. My initial estimate is 10k each. Is that too steep or too low? Thanks in advance for any input.

The app would be a recipe app, and possible need admin input/db. It will be designed, so this is for development only.


2008 ntpe


Wedding Invitations

Looking for an affordable way to print up some wedding invitations. Thinking about using an online vendor since our budget is already higher than we'd like. But open to suggestions.

If anyone has a good print vendor in LA, I'm all ears.





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