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Paolo Tonon ReDesign

The website featuring generative pieces made with processing.js has a new interface in Google Material Design.


Logo Crit

What do you guys think? For my personal illustration work


Folio updates

New work going up.


Apple Event 9/9/14

Today is the day you all Apple haters and lovers await.



osx text glitch

does anyone know what to call this or how to fix it? ever since i updated (more like downdated) the os to 10.9.4 I've been having these text glitches on different websites and other weird text stuff in mail and word processing apps


Jobs Abroad

My wife and I are living in Istanbul, she's a US citizen so it's not that easy for her to get a proper job here.
She was working for Airbnb for a while from home but then airbnb cancelled this remote work program.
Anybody knows online jobs similar to this? She can write travel reviews, virtual assistance etc. She also has a film major.


Deutsche & Japaner 

Tight body of work from the Mannheim-based design crew. #branding #luxury #music #inspiration


Apple won't announce...

Apple won't announce tomorrow that it's my birthday. So I just thought i'd let you know in advance so you think about me while you're wondering whether that slightly larger and roundier iphone is worth buying...


Four Loco

Anyone ever drink this shit? Apparently it used to have caffeine in it and people were dying from it. Ive never had it before but just heard about it from a friend.

Bern: I not only puked all over myself, I also shit the bed. It took me 5min of constant loofa stubbing in the shower to get all the dried shit off my legs and ass. The funny part is... It was not my bed. Or my shower. Or my loofa.

Alexander: Four Lokos made me shit my pants, cheat on my wife, and buy 2k worth of potato chips online.


CJ Hendry

Prepare to have your mind blown. This Aussie girl is scribbling her way to success.


Forms&Shapes Sale

End of summer sale: 20% of everything with code QBN20.


happy birthday mono

Best wishes old bean...

May you live to be old and toothless.


Scottish independence

With two weeks left, the "yes" vote is leading…





Paradigm Shift of the Day


Stellar Wind?

Or intelligence farts?…


Happy Bday omahadesigns!


generative art tool

a few years back there was a few tools that generated art ala joshua davis style... anyone remember them and any still going?


3rd gender

Are transgender just that? A 3rd gender. I saw this video and I had to post.

Just wonder what else the Qube has to offer. SFW or note post it here.


IPS monitor

Hi all!

I'm on the look out for a new 2nd monitor. Thinking a 22/23 inch ips. Mostly used for designing shizz, photo editing etc, bit of gaming too so good response times are welcomed.

Ive read around and seen that dell do some nice ones, viewsonic and lg too. They aren't too pricey either, like under £150.

Anyone care to recommend any? Thanks! :D


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