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Elbow of the Day


Socks of the day


Pay it Forward Bundle

Worth a look. Minimum contribution is $2, lot's of stuff in there.


✎ Public Voice

Following on from the Responsive QBN thread... anyone with any database and back end knowledge want to help make this thing real?

I've designed the basic template and Hombre_Lobo has been working on the responsive prototype, which is coming along nicely. I'm sure he'll post that in the next week or two once he's happy with it.

This has just been a bit of fun up until now but could potentially become something more. We need some help though, if anyone is interested in getting involved then let us know! :)


WTF - Lego

Found this in a document. I thought maybe it was AG, but it doesn't pair up. Any thoughts?


Zenmate - Netflix

Zenmate Chrome extension, which let you watch USA netflix outside USA, doesnt work anymore? When I try to visit Netflix i've got a message saying netflix isn't available in this country yet.

Anyone have the same issue?


My Facebook Privacy Notice

I think it's time to treat intellectual property rights on Facebook more seriously.


UK foil printers?

Looking for printer recommendations for some foil stamped business cards. 2-3 foils, fairly large run. Ideally London / south East but not essential.

Thanks in advance.


Facebook TOS Jan 1

If you use Facebook, you've received a message saying the Terms of Service are changing on January first.

My first thoughts were apathetic as always. 'Oh, it's not a big deal, there's no more privacy anymore anyway' and 'Facebook won't use my stuff, who cares', etc.

But, after reading a couple of articles, I can see this being a problem for some of you/us. As a photographer, I share a lot of stuff on facebook because friends and family use Facebook and like to see what I'm doing.

But maybe it's time to stop using Facebook.

Read this article by the American Society of Media Photographers.…

A quote from the article:

"For instance, imagine that a client comes to you in a few months and wants to license an image from you for exclusive commercial use. If that image is posted on Facebook, you would not be able to offer exclusivity to that client because Facebook’s preexisting license to that image would be a conflict. If you were to go through with that agreement, you could be in breach of one contract or the other."

A good ready for photographers and other artists.


Old Skool Web ♥


PlasticSurgery Websites

What is the deal with all these medical/plastic surgery template sites? Is it possible that there is not a single decent looking site out there? They make lots of money FFS!

I'm working with a new client and decided to do some research but no results :( Any links or suggestions?


foraged: issue #12

Guest curator Reanna Evoy–Art Director of Aldo Shoes–finds beauty and tension in the now.


Elisa Lam?

Anyone on here follow the news last year about Elisa Lam and the mysterious circumstances of her death at an LA hotel. I went down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories/interpretations over the weekend. Pretty weird stuff, especially the elevator footage of her before she went missing.

CNN article about finder her body in the water tower:…

Elevator footage:
https:// width="425" height="355">

So was it accidental death or something worse?


Is it a program?

I want to know if this has been made in a specific program, app or software. Or it's just Photoshop or Illustrator.

Anyone know?


Mind Blowing Visuals

Looking to see what the next level in visual arts is...2015. Any ideas for inspiration?

Myo Band, projection mapping, 4d sound...? THX


What do you want?

So when my parents/wife/in-laws/brothers ask me what I want for Christmas all I can think of is time. Planned/scheduled/uninterrupted time with them.

I can't really think of anything I want. A weekend by myself?

Anyone else feel the same way? Or have anything useful that doesn't have a physical presence that comes along with it being a present? I'm so sick of "stuff"


Another WTF



WTF #937828

I need to know the fonts on this, both


Fixation Episode 02 - mixtape by Zoxey




Aguirre by Nicolas Delort

Gorgeous, luscious new prints from Nicolas Delort... just in time for Christmas!


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