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Jon Stewart

sort of surprised there isn't a topic regarding his departure.

it's something to be said when the parallels the NYT draws to cronkite aren't too far off - certainly more trusted in media than most figureheads in this day and age.

comedy central has a predicament with a new host for sure but i remember being in high school and nobody thought jon stewart was going to be able to best kilborn, so anything is possible.




Chapel Hill shooting

If a crazy muslim murders someone he's a terrorist, islam is bad and religion sucks.

But a white atheist, murders 3 young students, he's just a psychopath, it doesn't have any news value and "oh no you can't blame atheism for this."

No I'm blaming atheism, I'm blaming you my atheist friend who doesn't spit out your hatred wrapped in logical fallacy, on my religion at every chance.

So, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto"…


chihuahua sex…


Free Pitches! Opinons

Hello all. I'm sure this has been covered numerous times on these forums but I was just wanted to get a feel what the consensus is now.

A few details on my situation; It's a potential new client who has basically asked us to pitch for a new children's IP their company (a well known company) is developing. It's pretty cool and we would like to work with them but we've encountered a few red flags. Firstly, they never mentioned it was a free pitch. It was only when we pressed them on it that they told us. Also they wanted us to sign a contract effectively signing over the designs to them for a pound. We pulled them up on this and they gave us an NDA instead.

We're hesitant to do this pitch as we don't agree with doing work for free but we would like to keep the door open if they decide to change their mind or would like to work with us. Any suggestions?


Picasso's Little Cousin………


Lunar New Year Election Site



Lost typeface printing blocks found in river Thames

Saw this on the news the other day, an interesting story which it would be interesting to know more about.

Printing blocks for a typeface called Doves Type have been discovered in the River Thames.
The font has not been used for nearly a century as the printing type blocks, used to print letters, were thrown into the river in 1917.
News story and video:…


Good tchotchkes

For trade shows -

Anybody ever produces something cool besides another tote bag or usb stick?


Flash vs HTML5

Please help/advise...

I have a client who has seen a flash presentation for a UK Soccer Team.

It is kind of cool with animations here and there and they would like my work to replicate it.

They has already said 'it needs to work on iPad'

Obviously I have explained that iOS doesn't like flash and so they have suggest we build it in HTML5 because 'they know' animations will work...

They want it password protected.
They want it dynamic so that they can change figures through out the presentation.

Do you think this is remotely achievable?

We are NOT developers and so we would design it and they pass onto a 3rd party to complete the work.

I just wanted to know if you think this is doable or we need to stick our heels in the ground and say 'fuck you - were doing it in flash!'

Any input would be welcomed



10 Movies You Should Watch in 2015

We’ve put together a choice selection of mighty blockbusters, indie dramas, comedies, literary adaptations and even a bio-pic...


J Dilla WebGL psychadelic film

New interactive film called The Dilla Dimension that goes to 7 tracks off J Dilla's final album donuts.


Better Call Saul

has anyone caught last nights premier? I know Vince Gilligan is writing and directing and that's a fantastic thing; although i'm sure we're to expect some Breaking Bad tie ins. anyway, so far after the first episode, i am pretty happy to get into some good quality programming.


design tuts

Are there any free UI/UX Design classes online, equiv. to what does for code students?

I know about but is there anything else that is free? This is for a friend who is a beginner, I suggested to him CE (continuing education classes, there are some great ones out there)


Affinity Photo

Beta has landed. Haven't tried it yet but it looks good. Really glad to see great competition finally kicking in. As I said before, Affinity Designer is still rough around the edges but clearly in the right direction to become a great contender against Illustrator, let's see how this compares to Photoshop.…


3d Virtual Tours

I've seen some 3d virtual tours added in google maps. I also remember QuickTime VR and Flash making virtual tours. What's used today?


2008 MBP update OS?

Im still rocking the '08 MBP on snow leopard with Adobe CS4. The OS has been bugging out lately. Wondering if its time to upgrade to Yosemite.

I have a lot of doubt in doing this as I have a feeling that my computer will start lagging more and I won't be able to run CS4 anymore.

Anyone make an OS jump this big before?


Ones to Watch with Skype

with The Devil Makes Three, Echosmith and De Lux


Skype's new music podcast…

Featuring The Devil Makes Three


cool online survey examples

Hi everyone,
I loking for examples of interesting online surveys. One's where you don't just click a button.
They could just be nicely re-styled form elements, utilise drag and drop or anything else unusual.

Here's an old one I created many years ago.…

Can anyone help?


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