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What's the point? thread

Why do designers do this:…

for big companies when there is no money involved. It's also NOT practical. I certainly wouldn't want to spend my precious breath doing these "redesigns"

Attention seekers?
I want to see more though..



Cowboys, talking bears, giant snails, monsters and anthropomorphic desserts! Who wouldn't watch that?


Talent Staffing Agencies

Other than


Who else is out there (please let's not list the obvious troll who is in the game.)

I'm looking!


Nice blogs?

Any examples of some nice looking blogs? Content irrelevant.


UI/Print: 13, or 15in Mac?

13 or 15-in Macbook Pro?
I currently have a 15, would be nice to minimize.

Once I settle back into the city I may opt in for a desktop and keep this mid 2012-clunker that's still ticking.


RIP Tommy Ramone…



A bass music blog powered by soundcloud.


80s Memphis Design Style Revival?…

Looks like we're all gonna be breaking out our AC Slater style fashion combos next year




Rap Battle Of The Day

Professor Shine was too much in this one.


Freelance Contracts

Do you have contracts with all your freelance clients, even for small ones? As a independent designer, do you send them contracts or do you sign theirs or both?


Font Sync & Management

How do you guys have all your fonts on multiple computers? (Macs) Do you just copy your entire FontBook over? or export them all etc?

Is there a way to sync them via Dropbox? (making Font alias etc)



https:// width="425" height="355">…


Small Dick pic

So one of you perverts send Sutteklut a picture of their very small penis..

She is being a lady and not revealing the source..

So.. anyone recognise this as theirs?

Looking in the general direction of Australia..


Facebook News feed Loader

Hi all!

I'm searching for a loader that work like the Facebook News feed loader.

Facebook News feed has a type of dummy content loader that is in place from the beginig while the items are being loaded into memory.

How/Where can I create/find that similar solution?

Best regards
Alonso Diaz


Event booking system

Hi all,

Does anybody know of either a wordpress plugin or some other something I could use for an event booking site. Needs to be able to be date specific, banded prices with the ability to add add-ons for certain price bands. Oh and keep track on available numbers of spaces.

I'm coming up blank, closest I've got so far is events plus from wpmu.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Quite the obituary…

FERGUSON, George What to say about George? Certainly, no one could accuse him of having been a loving son, brother, or father. He'd gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people's money....


LeBron back to cleveland

Lol wut?


UV varnish

Any good transparent or white UV varnish use examples on white stock? Primarily business cards but can be anything. Thanks! Am worried about visibility.



i've checked letterheadfonts and sudtipos but no joy. i don't need the exact, just something similar, especially with that style of e and general jolly 40's hand-drawn-ness

ta eva so


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