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Your bag

What do you always carry with you in your backpack, messenger bag, etc?


Friendly Cars

friendly looking... unlike some new cars.... and probably the inspiration for some cartoon cars...


Client AWOL

• In August, a new client put down a deposit on some site work. Nothing big — $500.

• I told him work would begin when he provides at least a rough sketch of his content.

• Silence for 2 weeks. He writes back finally, saying he hasn't had a chance to work on it.

• That was 2 months ago - still no word. Yes, I could have pestered him more, but he's not paying me to be a babysitter / assistant.

Do I have an obligation to return his deposit? We don't have a contract.

We live in a smallish city. If / when I run into him down the line, what's the best approach for resolving or continuing the project?


SWF to MP4

Did a google search, seeing all kinds of crap for this. Is there a general best/easiest way to do this?


Kalashnikov Rebrand?…

What do you guys think?


Fireworks Question

I used to be able to save a PNG24 with alpha transparency. I'm using Fireworks CS6 and this doesn't seem to be available anymore.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated as I have some massive images I'd prefer not to save as a PNG32.


Boobs of the day

( . Y . )


Google Name/Meme


References Upon Request

Why be people put "Available upon request" on their resume for References?

Should we all?

Isn't it understood that you could provide more info if requested if applying for a job?


Terminator Genisys


Riot of the Day

NYC is protesting another killer cop walking away.…


Worst Albums 2014

Worst singles also welcome.


QBN Emergency Plan

Is there a plan in place for the inevitable day gets shut down? Do we all just go our separate ways with nothing to tie our souls together but the memories?


this is promising

is it just me being high, or this is something we all been waiting for?
https:// width="425" height="355">


Really cool looping animations of a yule log in some super rad styles.


RIP Axl Rose

is this real?…...


special needs logo

Have had a brief come in for an identity for kids with special needs... Anything srping to mind?



Gif thread / Chrome / Yosemite

Anyone else having issues with viewing the gif thread in the above?
Machine crawls, becomes unresponsive and have to leave my fave place on this site.
Most annoying - only started happening last couple of days.


Best Albums 2014

I remember I made a Spotify Playlist for the 2012 version. Time to make one for 2014. You can post as many albums as you want but only your first one will make the list.

For those who want to check out the 2012 one:…


✎ Pubic Vice

This has just been a bit of fun up until now but could potentially become something more. We need some help though, if anyone is interested in getting involved then let us know! :)


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