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My new job

I decided what I am going to do.

I am going to join the Swiss Navy.



Cinema 4D R16 viewport controls

Half the time I try to control my view by holding down 1, 2 or 3 it doesn't work. I have to use the pan, zoom and spin icons at the top right of the view ports. This is less than joyful and creative expletives only get you so far. Has anyone been able to rectify this?


Jeremy Geddes Hypostatis

Hypostasis timed release. Hypostasis” will be available in the next couple of days as a time.


Foil Blocked Stationery US

I need to get some stationery foil blocked...

Can anyone recommend?

Im in NYC but doesn't really matter where it gets done



Happy Friday.
Looking for an easy responsive portfolio web, to save some time and money. (Couldn't find any thread about this site... Sorry if TL) Anyone used it? How was it? Similar suggestions


Chat anonymously with coworkers

Have been working on this non stop. Added a bunch of fixes, etc.

Chat anonymously with your coworkers with #pushitapp Download and share today.


retro 80s/90s brush script

Looking for suggestions for a retro 80s/90s brush script... along the lines of Mistral Script but less common.


More art like this?

To be honest this isn't executed that well, the space ship looks bad, but I've seen a really great image like this before with really realistic sci-fi space craft inserted into the painting. Probably in Adbusters years ago. Anyone have links to stuff like this but very realistic looking?


Blocs.... anyone else seen this?

looks like quite a bit of fun for an app....looking forward to giving this a spin when it's released shortly....

anyone else checked this out?


Inside the D&AD

Just published an in depth look inside the D&AD via an interview with the Marketing Director


css float columns

how do I set up floats to make this collapse like this

resizing the browser window?


Motion GFX Concepts..

Feeling stale in my conceptualization process while designing motion graphics. Anybody have some good resources for taking a script to storyboard?


FMT 141114

Mr Oizo - The Church……


AE Advice

I have a bunch of drawings, sketches, and flat art I want to animate like this.

Are these drawn frame by frame? He mentions toonboom in the comments. Any advice, help, similar tuts around like this?

Do you scan in the drawing and then pull it apart in Photoshop, layer it, then take into AE and puppet it? Or is there a better workflow?

Another example is (from a 3 part illustration)
https:// width="425" height="355">



in association with

what comes next?


Art Directors


C4D Hoodie

I'm looking for a realistic hoodie template that I can texture myself for C4D

This one looks pretty good, but I was hoping to find something cheaper…

Anyone has ideas on where I can find such thing?
Thanks in advance


Looking for TestFlight Beta users

Hi Guys,

I am about to release a major update to my app. Wanted to reach out to you to see if anyone is interested in helping beta test.

You can sign up here:


Modern Screen Serif's

I'm designing an ipad app and find all the regular serif's just don't work well on iOS. any good suggestions?


Depressed Amazon Echo

This echo is sad...


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