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Google wants HTTPS

Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings…
- -

that mean hosting services will make loads of money... HTTPS isnt' free yo!


$100 million

I just randomly looked up Bill Murray net worth as he was on Letterman and I am bored out of my gord.

$140million odd or so.

Imagine ACTUALLY having that sort of money, I mean REALLY Imagine it LOL


element 3d...

afternoon! does anyone here use videopilot's element3d plugin for after effects?

i seem to be either missing some part of the plot or something here... i can use e3d at up to half resolution in afx but when i either try and render it 100% res or change the view to full - it simply freezes and dies on me...

i've been looking around google et al and it seems that it might be the graphics card in my macbook pro that makes it spit it's dummy...

anyone else managed to get it working at full resolution is there any jiggery pokery to be done to solve this problem?

it's not the end of the world if it is simply a non-runner on a mbp's system - but would make my life a hell of a lot easier if there is something that i am missing to get it working...


New Watercolor Tattooers of 2014

This was trendy back in ‘12, with pioneers like Ondrash, Klaim and Wachob. Their body art experiments inspired others...


Sexy design won’t save your crappy product (sorry)

I recently worked on a project for a very large client. They had spent more than a year and millions of euro developing a mobile a




Summer Cinema Salad #14

Please, "google translate" it, if your need short reviews!


I Quit my job

I quit my job as a graphic designer 6 months ago to get serious with 3d...

This is one of the results I made.

Its been a really steep learning curve and pretty frustrating most of the time but i'm so much happier to have made the big decision!



Client Question

Need some help.

I recently jumped ship and started working for a company that only hires freelancers, which allows me to do smaller jobs while paying the bills through this larger paying client.

This client gives me work, but acts like I am available all day to him. This causes me to work basically all day, sometimes weekends, miss dinners.

Is this sort of schedule normal for freelancing?


The son thread

To keep everything son in one place.



Rio 2016 Olympics,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/kxfcht11warrtozdkfyo.png

oh boy,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/kggb6pbwqwvnpw91tr48.png…


Designer's website with a shop

Iam looking for graphic designers, illustrator, photographers and any other creative people who have a 'shop' section on their personal website.

Any links?


Template Cost

Over the weekend, I did some light development for a local web company. They sell to school districts, launching all schools within each district onto minimally-different versions of a district site template. Pretty bare bones, quantity-over-quality approach.

Yesterday, they asked me to design and develop a new template for them.

Do I:
A. Charge [hours] x [rate] for the work done?
B. Charge [hours] x [rate] x [modifier], being that this template may see heavy usage (50x sites)?

If B, please explain the reasoning I can use both to feel confident about it myself, and to discuss with the client if they balk at all.



Rewire Edinburgh

Art and music meet at an Edinburgh Exhibition this saturday at Gamma Transport Division with a great line up of artists and musicians.

There is also a kickstarter to help fund a book and vinyl box, plenty other options:

click and kick:…


Happy Bday JackRyan!!!

Happy Birfday stud!


well done

sure own thread


Demonoid is back!!!


Aspirin VS cancer

Aspirin could dramatically cut cancer risk, according to biggest study yet.…

This is a big news!


Affinity - Alternative to Illy - Get the Beta

Affinity Designer is the fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available. Whether you're working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or just like creating cool concept art, Affinity Designer will revolutionise how you work.


Talk Salary (When)

When do you discuss salary requirements?

• in your cover letter / first email?

• beginning / end of interview?

• before assessment test -- would you take an assessment without knowing what you would be making?

Chime in!


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