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Font Sync & Management

How do you guys have all your fonts on multiple computers? (Macs) Do you just copy your entire FontBook over? or export them all etc?

Is there a way to sync them via Dropbox? (making Font alias etc)



https:// width="425" height="355">…


Small Dick pic

So one of you perverts send Sutteklut a picture of their very small penis..

She is being a lady and not revealing the source..

So.. anyone recognise this as theirs?

Looking in the general direction of Australia..


Facebook News feed Loader

Hi all!

I'm searching for a loader that work like the Facebook News feed loader.

Facebook News feed has a type of dummy content loader that is in place from the beginig while the items are being loaded into memory.

How/Where can I create/find that similar solution?

Best regards
Alonso Diaz


Event booking system

Hi all,

Does anybody know of either a wordpress plugin or some other something I could use for an event booking site. Needs to be able to be date specific, banded prices with the ability to add add-ons for certain price bands. Oh and keep track on available numbers of spaces.

I'm coming up blank, closest I've got so far is events plus from wpmu.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Quite the obituary…

FERGUSON, George What to say about George? Certainly, no one could accuse him of having been a loving son, brother, or father. He'd gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people's money....


LeBron back to cleveland

Lol wut?


UV varnish

Any good transparent or white UV varnish use examples on white stock? Primarily business cards but can be anything. Thanks! Am worried about visibility.



i've checked letterheadfonts and sudtipos but no joy. i don't need the exact, just something similar, especially with that style of e and general jolly 40's hand-drawn-ness

ta eva so


Response: Your request has been denied due to the nature of its content.

Can we have a list of banned words please,
I'm trying to copy paste a text but keep getting denied,



New Studio Space

Just wanted to share our new studio space. Blank canvas atm but hope to get some sort of identity to it crafted soon.


Google Apps for Busineess

Is it totally necessary for your website, what are the benefits and negatives of it?

Is it best for building up good SEO for the site?

Only reason I'm suggestion it to clients at the moment are because of it's large email inbox capacity and the way they can use their domain name as the email within it.





Finding a specific glyph?

OK. A lot of my fonts don't have the glyph I'm looking for ("white hexagon"). Is there any quick way to search the fonts on my Mac to find one that has that specific glyph?


Jimi Hendrix Films

I was bummed to learn about all this. I don't doubt Andre 3000 is going to do a great job in this role, but this is bullshit. I mean just the fact that there is no original Hendrix music in the film is enough to make me not want to see it. How pathetic is that? It's going to feel like some retarded VH1 behind the music special where they couldn't get the rights to the actual artist's music.

No Thanks.

"Why I Will NOT See The New Jimi Hendrix Biopic, and I Think We Should All Boycott It"…

I'm going to hold off for the Anthony Mackie film due out later.…


C4D matte plastic question

How would you obtain this plastic look (the dark grey material)


Code Resume

I remember someone posted once a resume created entirely by code.

Does anyone remember who the author was or where I can find it?


Satya Nadella's email to employees

Of interest to those who are curious as to the future of Microsoft:…


The problem with music

Really good article :…

It sums up what i tought


In The Name of Love 

A couple who believes love has to be spread throughout the city.


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