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Cheap hosting?

There's so many options!

I am looking to host my new personal site and just want something that works.

I don't plan on getting that many hits or using any special services, just need hosting.

How much should I spend and what company (US?) should I use?


annie96 is typing...

interesting delivery with a good and creepy narrative. enjoy.


wacom intros pen and touch

Does anyone else here have one? Does it make a weird creaky sound when you rest your hand on it?


Vicinity Map (js) or (api)

Looking for a good vicinity map to use for clients. The one we were using used maps api v2. They recently depricated v2, and v3 is shit.

I need something similar to this, but the list and points need to be clickable.…



need help getting there...



Be ready to enter a revolutionary website!



How do you do it?

Do you generally put away 10% of your income (or more)... and where/do you invest?

I have an IRA that I pulled out 1/2 of with hopes to build it back up again, and try my best to put away 10% of all income these days.


I did make a podcast...

Hi guys, i've been beavering away working on a podcast for freelancers and small agencies. From 13 years of being self employed, I wanted to put something back out there to teach what i've learned (the good and the bad)... and also bring interviews with others that have advice to offer.

Here's the latest episode on how to get paid on time:…

Would love your feedback so I make this a really useful resource.



My 19-year-old cat-buddy Thurston passed away in December. My human-buddy Brett just painted a picture of him. I'm truly ecstatic.


Garamond and the the great eco-font debate

Thoughts arising from the recent report suggesting that Garamond is the most eco-friendly typeface



I really want to learn this to make basic mash ups...

Are there any good tutorials out there - the ones I've found seem outrageously complex



meta name="keywords"

Are meta keywords still relevant?

Besides meta name="description", is there anything else like that a site should have in the head?


What the font [ San Serif ]

Good Morning to all!

Can you help to find out which font is this?



Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO

Mozilla's CEO (and inventor of Javascript) resigns over his views on gay marriage.…


STFU Captain American

Can a Canadian indie take down Captain America?


Help me find this mp3


Person of the Day

Sir Frederic Burke and His Leviathan

Sir Frederic Burke imagined himself to be some kind of adventurer. He used his family’s vast fortune to investigate mysterious stories about mythical creatures.


David Letterman Retiring in 2015…


Nasville (Design Contest)

I figured I let my wonderful community of fellow designers at QBN, know about this amazing contest going on for what is clearly one of the most impressive TV shows of the decade.

Please share your designs on this thread!

(Sorry for not using the Nashville TV series thread, but I thought this needed it's own thread, if any of the mods wish to delete or relocate the thread, please do so!)


5 Remarkable Fashion Photographers

As photographic technology gets more and more advanced, many fashion photographers are utilising this in their work...


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