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Jonathan Ive Biopic announced!


Build / Get Built ?

You've got an idea for an app (one of many but you think this is strongest).
You really fancy learning Swift but are from a design background with a little AS2 script from flash "back in the day". It might be possible to learn enough to get cracking but it might take an age to build something!

Plus, if you start to build something then need to add more functionality etc and get a 'real' programmer to work on it they may tell you to scrap it and start again.

Alternatively just design + wireframe it and pay someone to build the app for you?
(the drawback is obviously the monetary cost/investment rather than time investment)

What you reckon?


more apple problems

Updated to ios8, and for some fucking reasons my phone is now using my email for imessage, so when I imessage people, my email shows up!!!!!!!!

Digging through the settings, cant figure out how to fix this. Can someone please burn their fucking building down. They are awful now with this shit. Everything is absurdly over complicated. What in the world would my email have to do with imessage???


MLS rebrands

I believe this was done mostly in-house.

... By people who have never been to a game or watched the sport on TV.



Favorite Clothing Brands

What are some of you favorite clothing, shoe and or accessory brands, and why?


iPhone 6 Cases

Almost $12K for a case? The rich are getting richer.…


Big Commerce

Has anyone used BC as well as other 'large store' commerce platforms?

I just bought a business and getting ready to make a transition out of interspire shopping. BC offers inter spires transitions to a new mobile ready theme(s). Any help would be great.


FMT 091914

Aphex Twin - Syro…


NehruvianDOOM - NehruvianDOOM…


Netflix VPN close down

Link :…

If you're like MANY people around the Globe, you access USA Netflix content with a VPN pluggin in your browser.

Well, Netflix is under pressure to put an end to this.



App icons

Quick question - when designing these do you need to create the rounded corners yourself or are they cropped by the device? Cheers.


2014/2015 Snowboarding

Coming up! Who's ready?


Hand-Drawn Animation Studios

Hey all,

I'm looking for studios that do hand-drawn animation sorta in this style, but maybe a bit more polished (yes we're also considering the animator of that video):

But, I'm also looking for real studios with project managers, etc... so far it seems difficult to find places that don't have super cheesy hand drawn animation examples.

Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!


iPad 2 Repair?


Stupidly dropped my iPad the other day and it still works, but the screen colours have gone a bit weird and its like it goes onto Gameboy mode sometimes.

Am guessing it needs a new screen and have done iPhone's before myself but after looking on iFixit I think this job might be one worth paying for to have done right.

Has anyone had any experience of getting an iPad repaired? Apple want £200....I don't want to pay that much but don't know if some people have had bad experiences elsewhere?



akrok design - portfolio review

i recently updated my portfolio as i am back in the job hunting game. i got some feedback but would like some more.



iPhone 6 Design Dimmensions

It's that time again...

Think this graphic is accurate.


I dont understand icloud

Isnt it supposed to be backing my shit up. For some reason in my photostream it says I have 161 photos. My camera roll has over 800. You doing anything icloud? Need more hampsters in the wheel?


52 LTD

Anyone work with 52 LTD?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


WTF, yo!

It's on the tip of my tongue, that Capital "A" is so familiar......


Another portfolio review

Hi friends, I'm looking for your opinions...

I want to clarify that I am both a graphic designer and photographer and that some of the photographs in the posters I've designed have also been shot by me.
I added a new section titled "Entertainment photo" but not sure it's clear enough. Does this make sense to you guys or is there a better way?


White Genocide

For sometimes now I've been hanging out in white pride forums pretending to be someone I'm not and seeing what the enemy is saying,

there's this meme that won't die, it's called white genocide, these people believe that immigration in "white" countries by third worlder like me is a plan by the jews to make the white race disappear from predominantly white countries...

So if I get it right, people from third world countries are making more children, does genociding the white race by allowing them to disappear because they don't reproduce..

some people believe people from third world countries are flooding into european countries and making more children than the inhabitant as a goal of making the white race disappear and it's a plan from the jooos,


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