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Suggest a "web contemporary font"

For a logo.


uncensored unfiltered web

I was looking for an author of a book that is rare and prob filtered online. google came up most filtered on this guys name. even compared to the chinese search engine on this author of what is considered controversial material. this came up best
compared to early 2006, what is available as info is almost nil. I know I shoulda bought it then.

anyone have experience of the web completely unfiltered?


Dickbutt of the Day

Go ahead, dickbutt it up!


Paul Farnham for Element magazine

New beauty story out in element magazine yesterday. Take a look if you have a free minute.


Suggest a serif?

Looking for a new typeface to use. Something easy to read at small sizes and like Optima or Garamond.

Any suggestions?


WiFi Onesie…



is down?


Fuckin' Graphene…

Have you guys (ladies?) read about graphene? Possibly the most significant discovery of the 21st century. Since 2004 the applications for graphene and processes for producing graphene have advanced practically exponentially.

It can work as a fast-charging ultra capacitor.
It is 100 times stronger than steel.
It is conductive.
It is flexible AND stretchable.
It is transparent.
It is made of nothing but carbon.

"In addition to its potential uses in electronics, graphene might have applications in water treatment, oil spill clean-up and even in the production of thinner condoms."


Netflix recommendation of the day

Need something good to watch tonight?


Architecture Fashion Shoot

Fashion shoot for PrivatAir (Swiss Air) magazine by Trevor Brady



Normcore is an emerging cultural trend focusing on "coolness that opts into sameness." ... The new term refers to understated, nondescript style. It encompasses the desire to fit in rather than stand out.

Any of you guys sporting normcore?
Is it like whatever I find in my closet -- wow this is fashion


Flickr / Gmail

Apparently you can no longer login to flickr with a gmail account. Is anyone else having this problem.


InDesign to PDF

Is there any reason I need to package my InDesign work before I output as a high-res PDF?

Do the images have to be linked before outputting a PDF?

Printer says that they are having issues. There's a linen texture that 'sometimes' shows horizontal "lines". I haven't seen it printed out because I'd rather be paddling.


Blurb Alternatives?

Hey guys, have you come across any good Blurb alternatives? I'm looking for something that provides more robust production techniques. Not sure if something like that exists outside of a traditional print shop.



Best child clothing sites?

Best child clothing sites?


Glug NYC

Hello all, we're bringing our Glug event to NYC on May 21st. There's some free tickets up for grabs on the link.



Has anyone stumbled upon some nicely done agency/company greetings that are sent out to clients etc.? Cheers!


Illustration Copyright?

Hello Guuuyz,

Just wondered if anyone here knew the law regarding the use of old illustrations.

For example if I was to draw something from an old book and sell it as a t-shirt could I get in trouble for that?

Is there not a 'if its X years old its ok' law regarding stuff like that?

Just curious because I've seen a lot of people lately drawing stuff from old fairy tale books and mythology images and just figured it would be a like if someone did Marvel stuff, if they sell and get caught would get in shit right?



Work for millionaires?

Example: you're freelancing for someone who's main client is quite wealthy, like $60 million wealthy.

Do you feel bad if you're just getting your standard pay? I don't know if my boss is making any great amount and I didn't know who the client was at first, but now I just feel like I should get 10 times more just because.


Social Security #

Just curious, what can an average person find out about someone if they have their social security number?

I saw a space for me to fill it in on a recent job application. Obviously they can do a criminal check, but what else would they see?


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