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We are a community of motherfucking programmers

We are a community of motherfucking programmers who have been humiliated by software development methodologies for years.


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This on is pretty hard



so fucking cool…


FB's 20% text limit in ads

Does FB actually use the grid tool to determine if your ad contains more than 20% of text, or is it just a helper for a user to 'roughly' check how 20% looks?

My ad contains less than 20% of text when I calculate it pixelwise, but in the tool it's more of course because the boxes are just filled partially.

The grid tool:…


Dungeons & Dragons (80's cartoon)

Just saw this deal and figured this was a favorite - if not the best 80's cartoon.

All 27 episodes for $5…


Facing Your Fears

Has anyone successfully faced your fears? Can you tell me what happened? Need inspiration.


Site Category, blocked by

A friend of mine emailed me to tell me my website is blocked at her work. She works for the government and they have site-blockers running all the time. She said "the browser thinks it's a gambling site".

There's nothing on the site that even remotely suggests it would have something to do with gambling.

What can I do?


Drop shadow / tablet?

I added a box-shadow to a site, but it doesn't seem to work on iPad / tablet?

Are there any alternatives? I want a uniform shadow around a colored text box.


Emperor's New Clothes?

Sometimes I just don't understand art.…



AinsiFont just released a new font. Af Fluo.


need a 'remove white' plugin

anyone have a plugin or know of one thats like this…

but works for photoshop CC?

have been looking for a while now, but can't seem to find something that works for 64bit CC etc...

kinda driving me crazy at this point...could really use it....


Munich Creative Agencies

I'm moving to Munich at the end of the year and looking for international agencies working in the city but who work in English.

Any ideas?


Cooties poster by Jay Shaw 

Jay Shaw did the poster for our first feature film, Cooties. This is the Sundance Film Festival Poster for the films premiere.


Flickr problem?

I opt-in for the new layout of Flickr a couples of months ago and since a couple weeks, when i click a picture to see it bigger it loads in low res... you know, like a small picture but scaled up..

Do you have the same problem?


Ink bleed

Has anyone tried making some ink bleed images like this?

Interested if anyone has tips, on ink types, shooting techniques etc.


Facebook Animated Gifs

How is this happening?…


styled face through the decades

Morning! Hoping that someone can tell me where to find something similar to the following - a set of photos of the same person male or female styled to different decades - is there such a thing on the net?

What I mean is, say, a girl's face that in one pic she is made up in a 1940s style - next pic, same position of the face but made up in 1950's style/make up/hair etc... Then 1960's 1970's and so on...

does anyone know where I could find something along those lines - or in that neck of the woods?

fingers crossed and here's hoping! ;-)


HELP! (lens related)

I have $500 to spend on a lens.

Trying to decide between two used lenses, both good sellers and both in perfect shape.

Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L IS - $500
Canon 70-200mm f/4.0L non IS - $500

Both are offered to me for the same price.

As of right now my main purpose is Portraits, Surf Photography (from pier) and Zoo (i got a year pass for xmas)

both good glass but which will I love more. Is a midrange zoom a waste of time on my cropped 70D?

Will I miss IS while shooting handheld with the 70-200?

first world problems I tell you...


Making Animated Gifs

So, I want to start making more Gifs, but I can never get them as sharp as others I've seen around.

Here's one of mine:

And one from someone else:

Ideally, for them to play on Tumblr, you need to make them under 1mb. So the main idea is keep them shorter than 5secs maybe?

But still, mine after saving for web in photoshop they get super compressed, are there better tools to save them?


Nice work on winter olympics


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