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font recommendation

been asked for something inbetween nimbus/courier and times

so something half slab and serif maybe ?
something nice tho.


News corporations

Are the largest purveyors of libel, slander and defamation of the human race.

When will they be held accountable for intrusively broadcasting their twisted garbage into the homes of billions of mostly otherwise unbias childrens minds?


live stream radio station

Any recommendations for live streaming a radio show to a website?
May also need a studio webcam as well.
New client and I have no experience of this at all.
Anyone ever done anything similar?


Strima typeface

I'm happy to announce my new typeface Strima, a geometric sans with over 1000 glyphs.


Tip on $17?

If you get a haircut that costs $17, how much do you tip? $3 too little?


iOS app that chime every hours..

I'm looking for an iOS app wich you can set chime at specific time...

I want my iPhone to make sound, a single sound. Not something i need to manually stop like an alarm.

I want it to 'beep' every work hour from monday to friday.

I was using Alarmed, but since iOS8 update, it doest' work anymore, dunno why.

Anyone know any app that can do that? Often, reminder or to do app can do this, but i cant find one.


genius bar advice


I installed an SSD in my sisters MacbookPro last year, and all's been smooth and buttery since. up until last week, now it won't start. pressing the power button makes the sleep light flash a few times. according to apple, this is a power failure (

She took it to the apple store and the "genius" told her the ssd might be "too powerful" for her older computer (it's about 6 years old)

Is this possible? seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about and is trying to discourage people from upgrading themselves.


123 Catch

This seems pretty cool. Anyone used it?


9/11 Style




Anyone else on there?


Air BnB: NYC

Do any of you (or know anyone) who Air BnB's a room in their own apartment?

I'd love to find out more about the experience...




Tried to add this to the Public Choice but the fucking thing wouldnt accept my jpgs.

SICK set of calligraphy work by Montreal designer Christian Belanger.…


iPhone 6S

Waaaaaah they broke it!!!!

White version.

Taller screen looks like museum audio wand etc.

(just getting ready)


Who is most powerful on earth?

Is it an individual, or group?

I mean, who REALLY 'runs shit' if Obama and so forth are just the puppets, who really pulls the strings?


Hack of the day

Any major hacking activity on large corps, or little hacks that help us in daily life go here :)


iPhone 8



iphone 7

Just getting the thread ready... lol.

Ill start with a game of guessing release date. God I hate this shit. It is a phone lol.


People who enjoy the company of other people of the same sex :/


iStockPhoto Pricing...

Whats up with them raising their prices like 3-5x higher... brutal if you were only ever using photos for web shit and never needed high res stuff. What a joke...


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