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Splash pages?

Why were splash pages ever a thing?

I remember sites that had their logo, then you click that and it goes to the main site or more annoyingly opens the main site in a new window.

Was this trying to make it more like a book? No one makes them anymore and looking back its like it was never a good idea.


Celebrating an un-design legend

note on the RAF roundel. Functional graphics crossed over into pop culture


Is AliExpress secure?

Has anyone purchased anything from ?
Is it secure & relaible ??


Responsive slideshow?

What's the best simple Jquery one?

Looking for something that displays one image at a time and loads slides lazy.


Great rides


QBN App devs

post your work (apps & info) here.
could be a really useful thread later when sum us dudes need app devs :)
+ im looking for an app a qbn'r made in the past, maybe ill finally find it now.


Ripped or Not?…


“Connecting the dots”

I have true passion for design. And it all started with the web. To be honest, with (Macromedia by then) Flash®.


the end of the petrodollar

Russia and China finally signed the deal of the century this maybe a big blow to the petro$$$,

if you don't know what I'm babbling about, read the article and google the gas deal,
also prepare to see some real anti china/russia propaganda like you've never seen before,…


Collaborative Tools

I've got a few people that I'm working with that are not in my same time zone, so Skype hasn't been the best choice for collaboration.

Which task and/or project management tools have you used online?

I'm looking for something that's easy to manage, virtually free and online because I think the SEO guy is on a PC.


HELP! What font is this?

HELP! What font is this (both UPTOWN and Place)?


Dan Bilzerian



CLAUDIA SCHULZ hat collection photographed by Trevor Brady


Take-out tip?

Why is it that every pizza place or quick lunch spot has a "tip" line on the receipt if you pay with a CC.

Does anyone ever tip when they just pick up food?


Any more like this

Lets start making the web explorative & trippy again.



Camera + Audio-In

Looking for suggestions of cameras that can shoot HD video and have an Audio-In jack.

At the moment I shoot YouTube videos on my Nex5N but have to record audio into computer then match up the two in Premier afterwards which obviously adds time to the process.

Not looking for anything expensive.
Suggestion could even be a camera years old I could pick up ebay.


Time lapse camera

I need a simple, good time lapse camera for a couple of workshop-built projects coming up - have seen these puppies but no idea if they are any use or I should be looking at something else?…
Floor is yours gents and gentle-ladies....


Brand Guidelines Template

Anyone have any decent brand guideline templates?

Thanks in advance :)


Folio updates

Like it says


"Responsive" web?

According to wiki, the term 'responsive' was coined in 2010 for web and 2013 was the "year of responsive design.

I get most monitors were the same size 10 years ago, but is it really that new? People always have opened their browsers at different sizes. It seems like it should have been implemented in like 2006.


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