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U.S. Taco

Taco Bell To Launch 1st Upscale ‘U.S. Taco’ Location In Huntington Beach…


RIP Net Neutrality…


QBN New York Drinks

Going to be in New York next weekend for the month of May (residency at Pianos Thursdays 8th, 15th, 22, 29th - holla). Anyone down for QBN drinks in May except me?


Life Insurance?

Question for those of you who are married. Do you and spouse have life insurance separate from whatever your employer offers?

Right now, I'm on Cobra insurance from the company I last worked at, while I'm currently freelancing. I don't have the life insurance, disability, etc. insurance I had when I worked for that company.

My wife apparently doesn't have life insurance either through her company, or if she does it's a really minimal amount.

So I've been bringing up the topic and stressing that we need to have policies outside an employer so that they're ours and last beyond a job, and that we can get into one while we're still under 40 and they're cheaper. She seems to think we don't need them and that investments or savings would cover stuff way off in the future should something happen to one of us.

I hear a lot of people say that they have them once they have children, which I think she could get behind. But I think she's being a little naive, and I'm just trying to think of a way to convince her.

So... question is: do you have them? Do you have them but not have kids? Do you have them on your own outside an employer?


.eps Files?

Are they still relevant?

When do you email someone a .eps instead of an .ai or .pdf?

What about when you embed a vector logo into an Indesign file, what format is best if it matters?


Design/Tech podcasts

Do you listen to any? anything good to share?…


Does LinkedIn work?

Fresh drop from our blog, questioning whether LinkedIn is good for business


Blinge TV

Been staying up on the AMC, HBO and Showtime series. But I've been doing more digging to find more stuff -- Hulu & Netflix have some good ones these days, Booth at the End, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. There are some pretty good British series are some new, some old. Misfits, Orphan Black, Black Mirror, Luther...

Dystopian, Scifi and crime thrillers are my three favorite genres in that order. Any good suggestions for series to melt my brain with?


Bus outline / template

I'm designing a bus wrap for a client and looking for an outline of a Prevost Mirage XL2.

Anybody have a file? Or even a place to buy a good template? Couldn't find much online.


Infinite Zoom Art

I love this kind of stuff, very trippy.

I saw a video like this way back which zoomed into (I think) famous painting and was also creepy, anyone know this?


Whats the solution?

Kelsey received money for her birthday. She spent 2/7 of the money on make-up. She donated half Of what was left to charity. She had $17.50 left. How much did Kelsey receive for her birthday?


Amazon Phone

hmm. not sure what to think.

That's just an enclosure around the device itself preventing prying eyes (like our own) from seeing the actual design.…


What happens to old designers?

I'm young now... but what about when im 45 - 55?
Do agencies still hire old designers? All I see is young people.

What will happen to us?!?!


< this doesn't do what it used to

it just doesn't.


Wordpress Video Plugin

Anyone seen a nice video gallery plugin out there?
Preferable one that scrolls thumbs under it, and plays most current.


flexible office spaces

Was looking at NeueHouse in NY, and love the concept.

Is there anything similar in London?


Font license?

Do you have to buy a license for every client?

Say you used one font for the identity of one client, then you want to use it for a publishing project for another client. Do people actually license fonts?


Social Media Wall Inspiration

Any well designed "Social Media Wall"that you have found interesting and or inspiring? Anything like: websites, video walls, etc... that display streaming slideshows, videos, Instagram photos, Twitter feeds, etc... that have a sophisticated (UI) user interface?

Example providers of this service:

Visual example:…


A Better CMS

If you we're to build your own CMS, how would you want to be able to edit the content?


Pharrell Williams


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