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Facebook down

am i the only one to get this message :

Sorry, something went wrong.

We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.


since it's all over at Yayhooray...

I'm coming here, and making this my new home.

I think i'm going to like it here.


Mavericks upgrade?

I tried to upgrade and install Mavericks on my computer but got the message:

"Install Failed: OS X could not be installed on your computer. OS X can't be installed on the disk because a recovery system can't be created. Visit…... to learn more".

I read that page, but don't understand. I have an external drive with time machine. What could be wrong?


Sending large files 2gb+

Quick question, I need to send three files with a total size of 6.4gb zipped or 2.35GB each. The files are huge panoramas and can't be reduced in size. I've been trying to send them via ftp but get different error message regardless of uploading them to mine or the clients ftp. The client is in Europe and needed the files this morning already. I know Dropbox have a 2gb limit and so does yousendit. Any other files transfer services I should try?


Android Smartwatch…

What do you think, would you wear one?


site hubs for artists

Creating a site for a friend of mine who is hoping for a hub like this that's not as big as carg0.

know of any other?


design & content (theory)... help!

a friend of mine is an (indipendent) publisher and he is giving a series of lectures on how to make a book from start to finished product.
Having some books designed for him, he asked me if I could help out with the design section.
He specifically asked for some further readings for his students on the relationship between design and content and how one affects the other. Could be complete books, chunks of text or just simple quotes.
I’m a bit lost here, ideally I would recommend him some classic texts by classic designers but right now nothing comes to mind... can you help?


A Better Way to Fail Fast

I think we've started using the term "fail fast" as an excuse to give up.


Motion Logo

Any advise on how to think about logo design when designing for motion?


Time Machine?

I have an external just for backing up my desktop computer on time machine.

I assume y'all do this too. Do you keep the drive plugged in at all times or do you just plug in every week or so?

I don't anticipate a crash, but it could always happen.


One Square Foot

We've started a new e-commerce site. Custom mounted prints online.


Globetrotting photo whore

I remember reading, recently, about a guy who was attempting to travel around the world by bartering his photographs/y for accommodation/plane tickets ... was it here? Anyone know what I'm talking about?


Kendall Jones…

What are your thoughts on her?

I think she's a new marketing figure of the NRA & Co (I think so of Dan Bilzerian too!)


Safari Develop>User Agent

Are any of these user agent settings at all reliable or useful?


Emailing Web Page?

When you email a web page, do you embed the page in the email, or do you just send the link?


Artzi Fartzi Blog

InhaleMag - curated by famous studio Carioca. Content is king...


Skateboard Cop…

“I think I’m the only one in the world who actually patrols with a skateboard,” Officer Joel Zwicky said. “Wanted to break that down and show people that skateboarders aren’t just punk kids causing trouble, they are all kinds of people in the community, and they’re even your police force.”


Villavicencio's new work

a little fresh update


godaddy iframe kills responsive!!

g'day! does anyone know if there is anyway of getting round this?

i have a client who has their domains and hosting with godaddy... they also have one hosting package that all of the domains point to (or rather are forwarded to)
so, the main domain that is associated with the hosting is fine and has no problem in acting in a responsive way as intended... but the forwarded domains don't - i believe that it is caused by the iframe that godaddy uses to mask the domain/s...

is there any custom css that works with the iframe and would allow all domains to act in a responsive manner?

can i do it via the godaddy c-panel? or by adding some css? or is it just a no-go?

grateful for any pointers amigos and amigas ;-)


Design loving Marketing Guru with an entrepreneurial spirit

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