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Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day…

I been minin' these threads for forty years, aint found enough gold to fill a dern thimble!


Relocation to Miami

I'm thinking about it, as a senior Art Director, in an Ad Agency. Can you get a good job without having a friend in the scene? anyone here working there?


Justin Beiber of the day

because fuck it


Event logos

Music events, food events, contests, etc. Post'em if you got'em please. Thanks!


web design trends 2014

So what do you think will trend in 2014?

We're already seeing a lot of 1 page parallax style sites

Will there be a return to illustration or will flat continue?



Hello, I've updated my 'playground' section on website with couple of new drawings.


Inner Blues



Goaler game

Real world cup football game, multiplayer & turn based Football Game App for iOS, Android, Facebook.



I started thinking about how missunderstood breakpoints in responsive web design may harm universality, and I ended writing this.


Squarespace Logo isn't a threat...

Sqaurespace have just launched a new Logo service. Designers are up in arms...


I'm 40!

Woo-hoooo! Four decades: done, and done. That's all.


Learning php

What are the best resources online?

There are many websites, but which are the good ones?


Freelance Designer Needed NYC

I’m in need of a freelance designer on-site in lower Manhattan for at least 1 month (potentially going full time) starting in early February.

Essential duties and responsibilities.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Design and implement attractive and effective promotional content including print collateral, website pages, social media, email and other general organizational information and content
• Work cross-departmentally on multiple publications.
• Prepare design files for production.
• Adhere to production schedules, budgets and deadlines.
• Actively stay abreast of current design and technology trends.

Your qualifications.
• You have a BA/BFA/MFA in arts or design.
• You have 3-5 years of design experience.
• You are fluent in latest Adobe Creative Suite
• You have excellent communication, organizational and problem solving skills, and thorough attention to detail.
• You have basic web programming skills (HTML/CSS), an understanding of web standards and responsive web design, and a respect for user experience design.


Kim Dotcom's album


Name that site

Does anyone remember the site where you scrolled down and an object built itself or came together? Or maybe it deconstructed itself. Basically a css transition effect.

Anyone got a link?



.io vs .dev domains

hi, Im web developer ready to publish my personal web site, .io is used a lot for that, but we can compare .io with the new .dev domains? I wait? or is better .io

by the way .dev domains date to lunch? prices?…

any suggetion? thanks




nice looking 2014 wall calender...

anyone got a pretty one they could recommend that's for sale online?



X-Particles C4D Thread

summering myself in it right now. Anyone working with this? any tips good tuts?


Bootstrap Question

Using Bootstrap 3 for a project, it's great but certain things bug me, like tiny check boxes or other form elements that are not so great for touch screens.

How do you handle these? I did some research but couldn't find anything that deals specifically with form items.


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