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Iran version @richkidsofteh…


Russia World Cup 2018


Embroidery Software

I need to create and edit some .dst .emd files for embroidery. By any chance do you know the best software to do that?

Thanks in advance


Demonoid is back!!!


El Salvador 1 - Hungary 10

Sorry spanish only,


Cultures and Organizations, Software of the Mind

How your country ranks:…

Based in the research of this book:,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU15_.jpg


Paypal new logo


PSB Pauline Marois

This xenophobe PM of quebec needs a better photoshop work...


book design quote

Any of you guys know the estimate to design the cover, page layout and promo campaign web in pri t. Thanks.


deep shit

- Start Freelance last year
- Got one big client.
- A lot of fun, a lot of projects
- Stupid mistakes, I didn't use a milestone approval schedule, project contracts, and rely in internal staff to get stuff done... it was all part of a hand shake ageement.
- After finishing the website a week late, mostly because the lack of content and no feedbacks they say dont need me anymore.
- IT takes over all my accounts and gives feedback about the site not compatible with 300 browsers like gecko
- I am getting married next month
- I am in another continent visiting my gf family
- Not allow to use last year and a half projects in portfolio

New challenges ahead!


3d shapes help!

Hi I need to convert this file…
into a 3d max file or Keyshot the shapes have to be 2cm thick


P.D. to the one who solve it send me an address to send a iphone or ipad pouch




Hi Guys,

Any idea what font this logo is?


Bonne Saint-Jean!


WTF Genuine Bold

Hi Guys do you have any idea the name of the font in this logo:

I cant find a hi resolution image to trace it...



PSB help

Hey guys, I got this email
"I was wondering if you could photoshop this pic of me??? If you have time and if you are able to, would u be able to erase the hand that is in front of me? Some guy randomly but his hand in front of me and as u can see he has a drink in his hand .... so dumb lol."

and I really cant do it now, so if any of you guys can help me out, I will send a bundle of activeden, and action files to the one to solve it.
(or a d3monoid invite)




I start asking for a review of an agreement I had with a client and then the client freaked up. I got a load of new work different from the established schedules and deadlines, I just want to review the with him this afternoon and he answer back with a warning of cancel the job...

Any experience how to deal with this?


Someone from Venezuela?

Hey Chamos,
How bad is the new law to censor the media?

I really hate this bastard


Jonze - The Suburbs



Multiuser Sketch Pad

do this website works in the ipad?


vuvuzela filter

Vuvuzela removal

"We’re hearing complaints everywhere about the noisemakers called Vuvuzelas during the world cup. Whether you are a fan of the sport or not, you can appreciate when a fellow hacker gets annoyed and start hacking. [Tube] has created a software filter that manages to remove the sound of the Vuvuzela from the videos. He shares the process of how it was all created, using Logic Express and a Mac mini "…


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