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For those who ride

A thread to share the love.

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Recommend a Font

I'm looking for a handwritten or brush font not necessarily script. I might need to just draw it from scratch but was hoping for a few suggestions.


Half Pixel

I'm trying to nudge a path thats sitting midway between pixels. I have pixel grid off, and I just started using CC from earlier versions and can't figure out how to get it from jumping from one half px to another half. any help would be appreciated


Organizing Gigs

Mostly freelance stuff, but how do you guys manage projects and prospects? I'd like to have something I could sync from my powerbook to iPhone. Any suggestions or advice?


Link to Dribbble account...

I'm applying for a gig, and one of their requests is a link to my dribbble account... amongst other things like LinkedIn.

I don't really use dribbble, and apparently you need an invite to upload content.

Should I take that request seriously or just post a link to my personal portfolio?


Responds with "."

After an emotional back and forth texting session with ex girlfriend, she decides its all me thats in the wrong... gets angry and says to leave her alone.

I kinda just decided to take the higher ground... say some nice things, give her some words of encouragement, so as not to leave it on a bad note, and I ended it telling her that'd I'd respect her wishes and leave her be.

Her response... .
A dot. A fucking period.


Crits please on this logo

It's for an iPhone app.
Targeting 18-24 demo

It's meant to be fun... you'll be able to post a pic and leave a caption to a live stream of users and get instant feedback. Because its realtime you can then chat with those people.

Does this look age appropriate? Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Recommend a font

I'm hitting a creative wall a little here.
I'm looking for a fun, consumer friendly font... possibly rounded. Any suggestions from you brilliant qbn'rs?

much appreciated


Any recommendations?

I'm looking for a little inspiration.
Examples of good/clean layouts for content heavy webpages that contain lots of rows of data and some pie charts.

Trying to bring some life to the boring and keep it easy on the eyes.


Long weekend in Paris

Any recommendations for Hotels or accommodations?



Why is it such shit?
I can never find any thread I'm looking for.


Sandy Relief Concert

This was the lamest pile of celebrity garbage.

Forced comedy from unfunny people (Thanks Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller).

Forced sympathy (Kristen Stewart. you're kind words mean so much).

And a bunch of old dudes "rocking it out" and destroying every cool memory they created in their prime.

I wish I lost my power again, watching that wreck.


Reasonable flat rate for a logo/brand

I designed a logo for a client, just some freelance work.

It's more than just the mark... i designed a brand story for them. They're a startup and have high hopes for their business and concept. (i guess everyone does)

I'm not sure what to charge exactly...
was thinking of $1000-$1500




Thats my company.
We need to hire an Android Developer. It would be a lead position.

It's legit... we were just written up in TC.…

Lemme know if your interested or know of someone looking.

I can give you more details. Just ask.


Can this be fixed?

Came back from work to find a tree limb smashed my truck. Can a roof be realigned to fit a new windshield? (Insurance won't cover it). Door actually opens and closes fine just completely buckled


Android Developers... wanna a job?

Any android developers in New York area looking for work? My company is hiring and very motivated. We were just written up in TC.…

Hit me up. I can give you more details.


Do you need a visa to travel to US from UK?

I traveled from US to UK last week, my friend wants to travel from UK to US, what rules apply for that?


London... recommendations?

Getting out of NYC for a week.

Going there next week, first time. I'll be staying in Soho.

Places of interest? Clubs/bars? Restaurants? Must sees and hidden gems?

Any tips would be great.
(other than bring an umbrella)


Getting photos from Mac to iPhone

Is syncing to your comp the only way, i hope not cause my iPhone is all up to date and the mac is way outta date. Why is this so difficult?


Moonrise Kingdom…


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