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Too close to a rip

Working on a logo for a music/technology project. Is this too much of a rip of JMB’s beethoven poster, or could it be considered homage?


Are all advertising companies disorganised and inefficient?

or just the one I work for... ugh.


JPG Hacking…

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about specific hacks to the code to cause specific effects.


PDF folio crit

ok here it goes:…


Goatse as Industrial Sabotage



Printed / pdf portfolio

Hey guys and gals,

Not sure if this has been discussed before (I think it has, but can't find the thread), but I'm trying to put together a new portfolio .pdf and was looking for some inspiration. Nothing crazy, but looking for clean, dynamic, flexible layouts to showcase the variety of formats of work I do.



QBN sticker in Mile End

Montreal. On St. Viateur. who are you?


which came first:




pretty blatant rip one way or the other. How do people get away with this sh*t?


Cheap accomodations in London

Do they exist? I'll be swinging by in the beginning of October for two or three nights. Any ideas?


Marching ants problem

I'm using photoshop cs4 on a mac, and a few days ago my marquee selections stopped being displayed as "marching ants" but as a solid black line:

Anyone seen this before or know how to fix it?


Facebook connect campaigns

Wondering if anyone's seen any interesting applications using Facebook connect, aside from http://www.prototype-experience.… and…

I'm having my arm twisted to use the technology, which i admit could be fun, but right now its an example of the technology being placed before the concept...


Montreal Web freelancers???

Hey all, any freelance web art directors/designers looking for work? We're in need some manpower over here for a big contract! Hit me up...



Other graphic design forums/blogs

I enjoy qbn very much, but what else is there out there?


diagonal nav fashion site?

anyone remember seeing it on here? It was pretty sweet...


Site with slow motion flower bg

Anyone remeber a studio site with a full-screen bg of a flower opening?


Party in Montreal on Friday

Shameless self-promotion, but it's for a good cause.

Any QBNers in Montreal? If so, I'm throwing a big party at Sala Rossa Friday night to raise funds for the printing of the next issue of our publishing project. It would be great to have you there.

Full details here:…



Expozine Montreal

Shameless promo, but it's worth it! For those of you in the 514 (450/438), come on out for Expozine 2011! Biggest zine fair in North America, Saturday and Sunday at St-Dominique and St-Joseph.


Imaging Apartheid

I know this is a heated topic, but a very important one too, so I wanted to reach out to any designers/artists on QBN that are concerned with the situation in Palestine. I'm not trying to start a debate/flame war (on here), I just wanted to let you know of a project that I've been working on for a while.

We're now accepting submissions of poster art for an international exhibition addressing the issue of Israeli Apartheid. Visit the site here for the call for submissions, submit your work and spread the word:


For those of you in Montreal

This Saturday I'm launching the 10th issue of our mag at Lab Synthese. Its gearing up to be a pretty kick ass party.


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